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Biohazard – Bacteria Z Criminals

Creeper, Thorn, Biowarrior, Stinger and Spore

Creeper, Thorn, Biowarrior, Stinger and Spore

The leader of Biohazard considers himself fighting against those that defile nature but every law enforcement agency regards them as terrorists. It took some time for CLEA intelligence to piece together the unusual “look” of the team which was eventually discovered to be caused by Zachary Doyle’s exposure to Bacteria Z, the “alien” bacteria that travelled to Earth on the comet that was responsible for creating Alpha humans.

In the case of Doyle the Bacteria allowed his human body to absorb traits of insect and plant life, which he then “spread” to his “soldiers”. Intel has revealed that the biomatter allows him to “control” the others in order to get them to do his bidding. Though Doyle is the key they are all considered highly dangerous since their skin protrusions contain venom that makes human minds susceptible to suggestion until the poison is broken down or otherwise neutralised.


Group Identities:

  • Zachary Doyle – Biowarrior (leader)
  • Prisha Kapoor – Thorn
  • Eleanor Green – Stinger
  • Jacob Benette – Creeper
  • Toma Uchida – Spore

CLEA Classification:

  • Species Beta Hybrid (Entire Group)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Each member of the group is given the unique classification of an human/animal/plant hybrid since each one of them contains all three elements to a greater or lesser degree. The exoskeleton on the exterior of each team member seems to be very resiliant to damage and can withstand small arms fire. Two types of toxin are produced by the group. The type prevalent on the skin can enthral “normal” humans and make them act as slaves whilst the venom that can be sprayed or secreted produces acid burns.
  • Doyle is the least weaponised of the group but since all the biomaterial responds to his thoughts none of the others can deny his wishes and if they try he can assume complete control and reduce them to little more than an automaton that follows his every command. Any proxies under their control then automatically becomes under his control. Doyle’s skin is also highly toxic on contact.
  • Kapoor, has the most concentrated skin toxin of the group. When she chooses to “infect” others she can maintain control over proxies for days. Her spikes can cut through light body armour so has to be engaged at range.
  • Green’s strength lies in her ability to fly. She is also equipped with long retractable arm spikes that can be used as a slashing/stabbing weapon when she dives at her target.
  • Benette is equipped with a bio weapon on his right arm that can fire spike projectiles laced with mind control venom, which can cause severe physical trauma even if they do not “infect” the victim. Alternately the same weapon can produce a jet of acid spray.
  • Uchida, also has a similar type of weapon to Benette. However whilst Benette can eject mind control venom he cannot. Instead Uchida’s twin shoulder “cannons” can hurl acid globules a considerable distance which explode and burn on impact. He can also “ignite” the globules before the leave the cannon and thus throw fireballs. Whilst Benette’s weapon is “precision” Uchida’s weapons are less accurate but can devastate a far wider area.


  • In order for the team to gain control of a proxy at the moment skin contact is made they have to “will” themselves to invade the mind of another. A lack of concentration or a victim breaking free before the process is complete prevents them becoming “infected”.
  • Doyle is the key figure behind the group and if he is disabled the others can gain some free will of their own.
  • Mind control venom can be broken down by the human body but takes time for the process to act. Alternately artificial anti-venom can be used.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Assault
  • Assault and Battery
  • Terrorism
  • Wilful destruction of property
  • Attempted Homicide
  • Kidnapping and False imprisonment


Originally the name “Greenhand” was not a reference to Richard Simmons but a small campaign group. Zachary Doyle created the name “Greenhand” for use on his website highlighting environmental issues. Using a little bit of hacking he exposed suspect industrial practices that were damaging to nature all over the world and not just his native Australia. One person with a website though did not get that noticed and people with money in power were easily able to shut him down. However whenever his website reappeared, Zachary began to notice one person that seemed very supportive of his cause, Richard Simmons.
After Zachary agreed to meet him Richard proposed a way in which Greenhand could be taken to the next level. Though the idea of performing extreme acts did not sit well with Zachary, Richard claimed to have many contacts so it would be easy to avoid the worst trouble. Thinking Richard was simply talking bravado and had no “real” contacts he agreed with the idea.

At first the pair started small, getting involved with protests and minor attempts at vandalising animal experimentation laboratories, all the while trying to gain supporters to their cause. Not many environmentalists though wanted to get involved with any “bioterror” organisations so the pair had to rely on each other.
Whilst Richard wanted to simply “hire” people to help them with their ideas, Zachary suggested patience. As far as he was concerned Greenhand would only work with people who were willingly supportive of the cause, not paid thugs. In that respect he was right for though it took quite a while, using his natural charisma and fantastic ability to grab people’s attention with his speeches, Zachary managed to recruit, Prisha Kapoor, Eleanor Green, Jacob Bennett and Toma Uchida. Since Zachary had been the driving force behind Greenhand, he naturally took charge. Having assembled a small group they then travelled around the world, breaking into labs and causing mayhem. Despite leaving “calling cards” the group did not get noticed by the media so began employing noticeably violent methods including firebombing companies known to use animals for research or industries that they classed as “defiling” mother Earth.

Whilst Richard seemed at home with the extreme measures, Zachary started to get concerned that the group were becoming better known for their destructive ways rather than the message they were getting across. Violence was not his way and he was also becoming aware how Richard was manipulating the others behind his back and making them want the extreme methods. As he began to feel his control slipping away, Zachary even started to suspect that Richard was not as dedicated to the cause as he pretended. He was sure that Richard was actually getting paid by rival companies to go after their “targets”. Though Zacahry had no proof he always found it suspicious that Richard had the means to fly everyone around Europe so that Greenhand could perform its acts of sabotage and yet he did not have a penny to his name. Admitedly Richard had “contacts” but as far as Zachary was concerned, “contacts” did not hand out wads of cash without good reason.

Zachary’s ill feeling and animosity began to grow and he was about to propose that Richard ought to be removed from the group, but before he got the chance Richard announced to the group that he had received word from a contact about a bio experimentation lab being set up in Spain.
Though he did not really want to be a part of another violent act, Richard convinced the group that if he was to leave then he wanted to do one last act that he would be remembered for by exiting in style by sending a special message from Greenhand to the world by blowing up the lab. Zachary argued against the plan but the others outvoted him.

Breaking into the lab in the middle of the night, Richard acted as lookout whilst the others including Zachary planted bombs. Once the charges were set the group split up in order to find evidence of the experiments taking place. This was so that they could upload the data and expose the despicable experiments on the Greenhand website and send a warning to other companies that they would receive the same fate if they continued to violate nature.

The first few labs had nothing that the general public would find “disturbing” so Zachary headed deeper inside until he managed to gain entry into a highly secure area. As he was obtaining photographs Richard noticed that an armed security patrol was comings. At the same time he had a thought in his head how he might seize control of Greenhand and remove the person in his way. Richard therefore contacted Prisha, Eleanor, Jacob and Toma on the radio and once he saw they were clear he deliberately detonated the bombs.

Believing Zachary was dead the group decided they should break up. Richard though convinced them that they had to make Zachary’s act of sacrifice mean something by continuing. After a good deal of persuasion he won the others over and since he had been seen to be a strong leader they decided to put him in charge. Richard of course neglected to inform them that he had deliberately set the bombs of early.

Zachary though was not dead. In fact when the bombs went off he had made it to a top secret research area of the facility and what he did not know was the lab had managed to obtain a living sample of Bacteria Z, a living sample that the comet had brought to Earth and had been responsible for the creation of Alphas. The heat and fire of the explosion acted as a catalyst combining the bacteria with mixture of animal and plant life samples that were in the lab and merging them with Zachary.

He survived the blast but had been transformed into a something barely recognisable as human for he had insect and plant parts now growing out of his body via a huge outer shell of alien bio material. Hating what he had become he hid in the forest for months. He tried to remove the material but since he was now a human hybrid lifeform the bacteria could not leave without killing itself and if he did remove it he would also die. The material therefore responded to this “threat” by trying to “please” Zachary. It tapped into his subconscious and began manipulating his thoughts so he would not try killing them both.
In time Zachary came to accept what he was and that was then he found he could manipulate the biomaterial to resemble different sorts of strange insect and plant parts. He even found he could “grow” appendages that were razor sharp. Other type of appendage that resembled flower heads allowed him shoot projectiles or spray acid and those “modifications” allowed him to survive in the wilds.

Though he had found a way to survive he most wanted to return to the human race but since that was not possible Zachary figured he would have to spend the rest of his life like a hermit, hiding from humanity. A twist of fate though one day saw a hunter come across his remote hideout. Upon seeing Zachary’s hideous form the hunter ran for his life. As soon as the hunter saw Zachary he panicked and ran. Zacharys feared the man would report seeing a “strange creature” and return with friends to kill him so he had no option but to give chase. Though he’d used his bioweapon pods to hunt for food, he’d never used them on a human before. Using all his skills the hunter avoided all the incoming shots but his dodging allowed Zachary to close. All Zachary wanted to do was convince the man to forget what he’d seen but the hunter was so frightened when Zachary grabbed hold of him that the pair ended up in a physical confrontation.

At some point in the fight the hunter received a gash by brushing against Zachary’s bio armour and received an injection of venom at which point he fell to the ground. Zacharys was convinced he’d killed the hunter and instantly began thinking how he was going to dispose of the body, but when he looked down the man seemed to be alright albeit he was in some sort of trance.
Zachary set about explaining he needed to be left alone. The hunter seemed to listen but quickly got on Zacharys nerves when he kept repeating every line that he’d been told. That was when Zachary realised that the venom in his bioskin had the effect of making humans susceptible to suggestion. Curious, Zachary wondered how long the effect lasted and so tied the man up. Just as he suspected, within hours the venom wore off and the man regained his own will, only now he could not escape. Zachary dosed him again and kept repeating it. He learned that despite having the means to control his victim the man seemed to remember everything that had happened to him for the instant the poison wore off the hunter tried to escape.
The “experiment” carried on into the night, and Zachary made the mistake of falling asleep. The sound of running footsteps alerted him to the fact. The hunter had escaped so Zachary gave chase. This time when he caught up, he tried to inject the venom but as he grabbed the man and held onto him he had a single thought in his head, “You are mine”. That was when something else happened and some of the bioskin mass left his body and began flowing around the hunter.
The hunter screamed and tore at his own flesh trying to rid himself of the invading entity. Zacharys tried injecting venom to take control of the man but pure his control could not counter natural human instinct. The hunter died there and then trying to rip the skin off his body, at which point without a living host the bioskin material returned to Zacharys.
Though he had inadvertently killed someone Zachary had seen a chance to become more normal than the monster he resembled. The biomaterial sensed this thought so in an effort to keep the host happy it blocked out any feelings of remorse, so Zachary did not even bother to think about what he had done.
All that he was thinking of now was the fact that if he could find other hosts he could be free of the bioskin and that meant he needed to experiment further. That he figured would not be too much of a problem because people would come looking for the missing man and so he had access to fresh victims.

Manipulated by the biomaterial which fed his twisted desires to return to normal, Zachary’s mind became void of any feelings of compassion for the people that came across his path and over a couple of days he managed to kill a further three people until he perfected the process.
By the time he had finished his experiment he had learned that he could separate the mass over four others but never return to his original “human form”. He also discovered that he could sculpt the material to whatever shape he wanted providing it ended up in either a plant or insect like form. To stop his victims killing themselves during the process he restrained them so they could not pull the bioskin off them.

Once the process was complete, Zachary found he could still partially manipulate the skin material on the other “hosts” by psychic means where it covered their faces. This worked almost as easily as if it were still attached on his own body. Using this ability Zachary learned that if the material extended over the eyes of his victim he could hear their thoughts and control them like slaves.
He then learned he could cause the material to erupt around the mouth area and silence them. Further experimentation followed whereupon he realised he could modify how much control he had over his proxies. Leaving their eyes uncovered but covering their mouths meant the victims were in control of their minds but could not do anything other than mumble. Some tried to escape and others tried to attack him whilst he conducted the trial but the instant they tried to do something he did not want them to do he simply “sent” the message to the biomaterial covering their heads and it grew over their eyes. At that point they had no choice but to stop what they were trying to do and comply with his wishes.

Having control of his victims gave him a sense of power he never felt before and since any remaining semblance of humanity had been eroded by the bacteria altering his thoughts, Zachary decided he was going to continue the work he started with Greenhand. Despite having four slaves, Zachary still had a need to take revenge on those that had abandoned him at the lab so he attempted to withdraw the bioskin but having bonded to the four victims for so long the resulting process killed them.

That however did not bother him in the slightest because he had the need to complete his work and using the “traitors” as his slaves appealed to his thoughts than concern for the four people he had just killed. Travelling by foot to avoid his monstrous form being seen and when it was ensuring the witness received a dose of venom to allow him to get away he eventually managed to make it south to a port and stowed away on a ship. Since the Greenhand group had been formed in Australia, that was his destination.

Once in Australia, Zachary discovered that Greenhand had gone and Richard was using the name as his personal alter ego. Despite the fact that the others no longer appeared to support Richard, Zachary would not be happy without his revenge.  Dark thoughts fuelled his actions and without a normal conscience nothing was going to stop him, least of all himself

The first he found was Eleanor and he took great pleasure in transforming her. Unlike his early victims, once he had captured and restrained her, he decided to progress slowly. He covered her face so that he could elect to “control” her and then over the next few weeks tortured her by slowly adding more biomaterial in order to alter her body to resemble that of a hideous dragonfly like creature. Most of the time he simply had her mouth covered so she was fully aware of the horror happening to her but could not voice her fear. Once complete he then added the final insult by telling her that she could never return to normal.

This same process he repeated on the others until one by one he had Prisha, Jacob and Toma under his control. Even with the four ex-Greenhand members as his slaves his anger still had not gone. He still wanted Richards but since the new “Greenhand” was quite elusive he decided that he would take down his nemesis slowly and instead concentrate on his “mission”.

That was when the world came to know “Biohazard” as the media named them. Attacking various installations “guilty” of defiling nature, the group became almost as notorious as Greenhand. They also quickly became recognised as a problem by almost every law enforcement agency worldwide.

It was when the clashes began between the authorities and Biohazard began that Zachary (now known as Biowarrior) noticed that his “soldiers” possessed the same capabilities as him, namely if anyone came in contact with their venom they became susceptible to mind control. Since Zachary controlled the soldiers, in effect he could have them control their “slaves”. This he used to create mayhem by using members of the general public as unwitting helpers knowing that no law enforcement agency would attack its own people.

CLEA has also noticed that recently the “soldiers” rarely seem these days to be under the full control of Zachary since their eyes are rarely covered. Scientists believe that the bioskin material might have subtly altered their thought patterns to make them more compliant in regards to their “master.”