Steve Coops

The Confused Alien

Holo Video Clip 001
The screen shifted from black to colour and the confused image of a human face, Ross Devane appeared.
“Hey is this thing working. I did as you asked but it does not seem to be doing anything.”
Another face, light grey, belonging to Ix, an member of the Acen race approached from behind and stared at the screen.
“Yes its working Rizz.”
“I keep telling you my name is Ross!”
“That’s what I said Rizz.”
Ross fumed and rubbed below his left ear. “Damn these translation implants. They can convert any speech pattern and yet they can’t do my name correctly.”
“There’s nothing wrong with the implants!” argued Ix.
“Then say my name as Ross. That’s R-O-S-S, Ross!”
“Rizz” said Ix
“Of forget it!”
“So what is it you are doing again?” asked Ix.
“I thought as I had a few hours to kill I’d finally get on to my project, the one I told you about.”

Ross Devane was the first human to join Galaxy Force and had encountered many problems in working with aliens, mainly related to culture clashes and trying to get to grips with completely alien technology. As such he had decided that should another human or humans ever get permission to join Galaxy Force, then he felt it was his duty to put together some notes so they avoided the same catastrophe’s he had.
It seemed odd for him to be doing this when most humans accepted the idea of Angels, Demons and Alpha humans. The average man even understood the fact there were cyborgs. However when it came to aliens they either believed they did not exist or they well all little green men from Mars. The real irony was a lot of aliens he had encountered referred to humans as ‘Big Pink Men from Sol 4.’

“Ok then so its on!” he said steadying himself in front of the camera.
“Yes…” said Ix getting irritated. “How it is it you can master our weapons yet fail to grasp this simple holographic camera?”
“A gun I get – you hold it at one end and aim the other end at something you don’t want to see and find something like a trigger and pull it. Then the thing you don’t want to see is normally no longer there. I think its a universal idea wherever you go. Now this camera on the other hand…so many buttons.”
Ross reached forwards and the screen went black.

Holo Video Clip 002
“Right I got this, now I’ll start again. Hello there fellow Earthlings.” Ross scratched his chin. “No that’s not right”
The screen went black again.

Holo Video Clip 003.
“Hello fellow humans, my name is Ross Devane, the first ever human to be admitted into Galaxy Force. I guess if you are watching this, then like me you are human and want to master some of the basics of integrating with aliens. First of all by now you will have been fitted with a translation implant.”
He tapped just below his left ear. “These are amazing pieces of technology. They convert any alien language to a structure we can understand. The other members of crew on you ship will have similar implants so they can understand humans. Now like all technology it’s not perfect. In my case the implant seems unable to translate my name properly hence the crew call be Rizz instead of Ross. Also in high stress situations it will often be unable to convert the expletives of your fellow crew members…”
“It converts expletives just fine!” interupted Ix.
“I thought you were going.”
“I was….and then I got interested in case you decide to mention me.”
“All right then, you can stay but don’t interupt as I’ll never get this done.” He paused. “Hey if the implant works with expletives how come last week Reptar said ‘Graan vild asdiat fleergil’?”
“That’s because its more of a regional dialect that the implant failed to understand. It has not direct conversion to human language hence it could not translate it. I think the nearest thing you humans have is ‘you dumb ass mother f-‘”
“That’s Okay I get the picture. Besides I think he likes me.”
“Just because a Bornur has not killed you it does not mean he likes you. That might be good to put in your guide. Also if he urinates on you its actually a sign of affection.”
“Now you just making it up!”
The screen turned to black.

Holo Video Clip 003A
“Hello, its me, Ross again. Now let’s take a brief look at alien customs. When you first get assigned to your ship be very careful. Whislt the Galaxy Force ships are very clinical on the interior and a little stark, be very careful what you bring from home if you want to brighten up your quarters. I was not aware that new crew members are expected to bring something to eat. Something like a shared meal to bond everyone together.
Well I felt a little greenery was needed from my apartment so I brought a pot plant. And the crew actually thought it was a snack!”
“It was tasty,” said Ix.
“You ate the pot!”
“Very crunchy.”
“If you visit Earth and go to a garden centre, god help them!”
The screen turned to black.

Holo Video Clip 003B
“Back again. I might get this done whilst Ix has gone for a snack. Maybe she’s eating one of the ship bulkheads, who knows? Anyone where was I? Ah yes, alien customs. A quick tip, when meeting a member of the Grulverage, a race which look a bit like large blue blobs, don’t hold out you hand as a gesture. To them its an insult. I nearly got disintegrated before Ozias cleared up the misunderstanding. Actually breaking wind around them is considered a compliment, unless its over 50db and then it’s an insult and the whole disintegration problem comes back.”
“Oh you’re doing that alien guide thing,” said Lyisse approaching Ross from behind. A member of the Cid race, Ross considered her the nearest alien to humans albeit she had twin sets of brow ridges.
“I’m trying to do it.”
“Sorry do you want me to go away and come back later.”
“Oh what the hell…who not invite everyone!”
Screen turns to black.

Holo Video Clip 004
As the screen changed from black, Ross is sat facing the camera and just behind him are all the other members of the crew, also staring at the camera.
“Yeah, forgot to mention,” said Ross, “aliens don’t do sarcasm!”
Screen turns black.

Some day’s he had to pinch himself

first human in Galaxy force

only human on an alien ship

Much to learn including culture

Clinical interior. Needs a little greenery

Clean up Crew



Primary Role:

  • Search and Rescue

Mission Types:

  • Rescue
  • Recovery
  • Clean up operations

Team Identities:

  • Eidolon – Althea Ocampo
  • Medic – Hana Ninomiya
  • Carjack – Anita Lankenau
  • Slowmo – Brent Parkinson
  • Bore – Piers Houghton
  • Douse – Shemar Hyatt

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Eidolon has the means to project an astral version of herself (or others by touch). In this form she can more through solid mass but not interact with it. Useful for finding victims and keeping them calm.
  • Alpha ability – Medic has the means to lock on to the mind of another person and stabilise  injuries and create healing as well as  provide pain relief.
  • Alpha ability – Carjack can “enlarge” solid objects, useful for shoring up debris or lifting it altogether.
  • Alpha ability – Slowmo can generate an energy field where anything within it operates on a different time frame. This allows the team to work in an unstable environment or even a collapse taking place.
  • Alpha ability – Bore can generate an energy wave from his hands and arms that can cut through rock, metal and most other solid objects. Working with Carjack allows tunnels to be made.
  • Alpha ability – Douse’s body can release a chemical which acts as a flame retardant

Tactical Weakness(s):

  • As they specialise in rescue activities they are not equipped to deal with hostile situations and need support if under fire.
  • Medic’s healing ability draws energy from her own body. Whilst healing a patient her health starts to deteriorate
  • Slowmo’s ability ends up accelerating time back to normal when he drops his powers. As such the whatever time he has slowed “catches” up to normal time.


The Clean Up crew are a special team of Alpha humans that offered their services to CLEA for use in disasters and rescue situations. Though their abilities can be quite powerful, none of the team had any desires to become a hero. In fact their various backgrounds had links to rescue services in their countries of origin.

The six members of the group met on line and ending up discussing the idea that working together they could be extremely useful in emergency situations. Unlike other teams that form and have a powerful backer none of the six had access to vast reserves of cash. However they did realise the CLEA had all the resources in place, including transport and so presented the idea to the South Asian CLEA chief Huojin Sun. He liked the proposal but could not initiate their idea by himself.

The nature of their work meant they had to be fairly autonomous and be able to go to any disaster in any part of the world. Huojin therefore needed the agreement of the other CLEA Chiefs so that a global resource network could be put in place to get them where they needed to go. From these talks came the Emergency Express Protocol, a rapid response system that could get the team easily to any location.

Though technically the Clean Up crew use CLEA resources, they do not fight crime making them one of the more unique units.



Airsault and Battler



Team Identities:

  • Airsault – Kyoko Hirose
  • Battler – Johan Madsen

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Enhanced

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Powered armour increases strength and protects from many types of weapons.
  • Airsault’s armour is lighter and has lower protection rating but has a “boost” unit in her boots to enable her to jump great distances.
  • Battler’s armour feature kinetic reflection technology. If struck by an enemy part of that energy is reflected back at the attacker. This means the harder you hit him the more blowback you get.


  • To defeat Battler, enemies need to use enough force to overload the kinetic armour.
  • Airsault is more vulnerable in a leap since she can be thrown of course resulting in a heavy or unforeseen impact.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Mercenary Work
  • Biggest weakness for the pairing is down to the fact, where the reality they came from they were better equipped than their opponents and were used to putting down rebellious people. This has made them somewhat arrogant as in our world their power was supreme. In our world they no longer have the support of an organisation or the state and their new enemies tend to fight back.


CLEA knows very little about this pair of armoured mercenaries other than they are another set of arrivals resulting from the Breach Day event. From the few brief encounters people have had with the pair, CLEA has been able to learn their identities albeit in our reality they mean little.

From the reality they came from the pair worked as their world’s equivalent of White Guardians but in this world CLEA was run by a totalitarian government and basically maintained martial law. Free will was unknown and most people fell foul of the “justice” system.

Since they cannot return to their world it would seem that they have chosen to sell their skills to thge highest bidder.

Panzer and Reflex



Team Identities:

  • Panzer – Kurt Schreiber
  • Reflex – Yunseo Boobon

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Augmented

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Kurt and Yunseo have military training
  • Yunseo has advanced alien powered armour and swords. The armour protects her from small-medium calibre rounds and is self repairing.
  • Kurt has high more “traditional” earth based body armour of custom design to suit his fighting style.


  • Does not have much support from the hero community due to shady past

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Mercenary work (Kurt)
  • Wanted after escaping  CLEA custody whilst serving his sentence  (Kurt)
  • Assault and criminal damage (Yunseo – whilst under the influence of Qex)


Kurt Schreiber was career military. He was an honourable,by the book soldier and achieved the rank of Major before he lost his entire unit investigating a suspected alien incursion. At the the time he was attached to a European task force, called the Extra Terrestrial Investigation Force or ETIF. This consisted of several units from different countries militaries and were dispatched to investigate possible alien activity and neutralise it if it proved hostile.

His unit was sent out after a radar had picked up possible activity. The military had been aware of alien visitations for many years and in many cases caution was employed as it was viewed best not to start a war with a powerful adversary. However if a unit did encounter hostile activity then they had permission to respond with deadly force.

What the Major and his people found that day was activity from Qex. Her ship was hiding deep in a German forest. She had been forced to relocate her lab after it had come under attack in Australia so when soldiers arrived via helicopter she assumed they would be hostile. Without warning the helicopter gun ships came under fire from Vreen drones and they were brought down very quickly. Before calling in reinforcements and getting them shot down the major decided to take any survivors who were still fit and able and perform a recon mission to find out the level of opposition.

The mission proved to be a mistake for on foot the Vreen drones with advanced weapons made light work of the recon party. The major survived but everyone else was killed, except Yunseo Boobon who the drones took away. Though he hated to leave someone behind, Kurt knew if he did not make it back to the wounded soldier then he would not be able to report what he had seen and that might lead a rescue team into an ambush with the alien forces.

The rescue helicopters came and took Kurt and the wounded. Upon debriefing Kurt told his superiors what he had seen and that they had taken a female soldier hostage. His superiors decided that rather than try and rescue a single soldier they would bomb the entire area.

The air strike proved a success and the alien craft appeared destroyed, but in reality Qex had moved it again. Kurt did not realised this until three years later, when some footage made it to the media of costumed adventurers fighting Vreen drones and in amongst it all was a new weapon, a swordswoman with advanced armour that was fighting for Qex. Kurt was only interested since it involved the same alien that had wiped out his team. However when a “hero” got a lucky shot and knocked the helmet off the swordswoman he had reason to be much more interested for it was Yunseo.

Having never been able to put the past behind him, Kurt had been forced to retire from military service as he was obsessed with going after the Vreen. The doctors said he had PTSD, but he called it guilt. Guilt for getting his men killed and guilt for leaving Yunseo behind. Though he believed her dead, killed in the air strike the news footage had proved otherwise.

He needed to find a way of locating the Vreen and so he took to mercenary work. Being a soldier was the only thing he knew and as he needed cash to travel, being a merc was a natural choice. After numerous missions he  had money but was no closer to finding his alien nemesis. Then he ended up taking part in a high risk job and getting arrested by CLEA.

Imprisoned for his mercenary work he never expected to get out until he was visited by an agent. The man claimed to be from CLEA (but in reality Citadel) said that he had heard of his military past and the encounter with the Vreen and wanted to know everything. Kurt queried whether Qex had been located but the agent would not tell him anything so Kurt remained quiet. In reality Citadel had no idea where the alien was. The deadlock was broken when the “agent” was able to use his contacts to find out the likely whereabouts of the rogue extraterrestrial and stated that “CLEA” had found Qex’s lab. Far from giving the agent information, and highly suspicious as something “smelled off” Kurt decided to make a deal, namely that he would reveal what he knew in return for being given the opportunity to lead a squad of men to investigate.

There followed much negotiation but in the end Kurt was told he could be part of the team but once the mission was over he had to serve a new special military unit. This he accepted.

After being given some of the equipment he requested Kurt was assigned to a team of mercenaries. Though everything went as normal on the final high speed drive to the ships location, Kurt detonated charges to flip all the vehicles. He then fled the area before they recovered.

Kurt found the ship and  as expected he encountered Vreen drones. This time he was better prepared . Whole teams of heroes had failed to make it inside the ship but that was not his goal. He wanted to draw the swords woman out.

Eventually he got his wish and she was both strong and powerful. Against her swords he knew he stood little chance especially as bullets bounced of her armour. Kurt was gambling on the fact that he thought Yunseo had been brainwashed and so at every opportunity he tried speaking to her hoping the reach the real person and not the fascade that Qex had created. For quite some time they fought and eventually he seemed to get through. It was only a brief moment but she seemed to stop, like she was confused. That was all he needed. He closed in fast and  thrust a knockout dart in the area where the helmet met the neck area and the armour was weak. Yunseo fell down.

With so many drones around, Kurt decided it was time to go and threw the unconscious Yunseo over his shoulder and made his escape in the opposite direction to the approaching Spearhead team. By the time they arrived, he was gone.

After quite some time on foot, Kurt found an abandoned shack. Inside it he found rope and tied Yunseo up. As expected when she was awake she was back under Qex’s control but without her armour she presented no threat.

For two days he played mental games with Yunseo, trying to wear the false personality down. A couple of times it came close to tricking him, before finally the real Yunseo had come back. It Kurt had felt guilty about his past mistakes then Yunseo as far worse for she remembered everything she had done in the service of Qex.

Since neither could change the past and both had done things that painted them in a villainous light, the only way to proceed was forwards. As Qex had given her a “weapon” Yunseo felt that she should use that weapon against its creator and any other alien that they came across. Though the man sent from Citadel had intended to recruit Kurt in the first place, ironically though things had not gone to plan he had in fact ended up fulfilling their intentions.

For quite some time they tracked and tried to put a stop to Qex but that proved more frustrating. All this took money so the pair resorted to setting themselves as mercenaries  to pay for their  equipment and information. This was when CLEA had no choice but to consider them criminals.

Star Patrol



Key Assets:


Star Patrol is the collective name of the crew who operate the spaceship “Antares”, a warship originally designed for the planetary defence of Earth, albeit not our Earth but one from another reality, the ship itself having “appeared” following the Breach Day event.

Following its appearance ESA mounted a mission to investigate the mysterious object and the crew of the Hawking, found the ship in a decaying orbit. The crew of the expedition were under orders to either destroy the ship or try and boost it to a stable orbit.

Once on board the team found its systems had been disabled and upon restoring them, the ship reactivated its advanced jump drive and transported them and the ship outside of our galaxy. Unable to reactivate the same drive the crew were able to return to Earth using another FTL drive, but the journey took them three years.

Upon arrival various governments argued between themselves who would take control of such a powerful weapon. The crew of the Hawking though believed that after the things they had witnessed on their journey, the ship should not fall under the control of any one government.

In they end CLEA broke the deadlock. They had experience with galactic matters thanks to the likes of Galaxy Force and Vanguard. Though not wanting to get involved with world politics since the agency was neutral they presented a compromise that suited both the Hawking crew and the world governments.

Since the ship was heavily under staffed, CLEA decided to send up a team of specialist to assist the existing crew.As an agency CLEA employed many people other than ones that were seen in the public eye. These included data and tech analysts, researchers and the agency even had a science wing. All these were needed to deal with an ever expanding variety of threats.

Sufficed to say, when it came to asking for volunteers, the chance to work in space was over subscribed and it took some time to whittle down the numbers. Thinking that that cool heads might be needed those people that had joined the agency from military backgrounds were discarded first. CLEA chiefs feared that such people might feel less inclined to work under the existing civilian crew.

As part of the “package” proposed the lucky applicants fell under the leadership of agents Mishra and Dadachanji, who were all but promoted to field commanders, albeit the Agency did not use such titles. The agency also supplied four new interceptor type craft to replace the one that were missing or had never been supplied to the Antares before it fell into the breach between universes.

The Agents helped co-ordinate defences with other space faring allies they knew of and organise the other CLEA personnel, but there was not very much for the crew to do since the Eopua were protecting the planet from most threats. Though the Eopua had never actually opened any form of dialogue with the people of Earth, CLEA knew about their presence as did most intergalactic visitors that risked travelling to Earth.

Since some races often got past the Eopua defences, CLEA wondered if it might be better to learn more about those threats more proactively as well as learning about other races. The agency figured that if in the grand design of things the Eopua wanted humans to replace them, then it was time for people to learn more especially if there was a threat such as the Myzx out there.

Though there was a human in Galaxy Force and a group of humans belong to Vanguard they had their own agenda and nothing specifically linked to Earth so having a ship working from Earth and exploring on behalf of CLEA seemed a good way of gaining valuable data. CLEA, though had to seek the permission of its main backers the UN. Up until then they had accepted CLEA controlling a ship to defend Earth, but CLEA now wanted to send that “defence” on an exploration mission. This proved to be a sticking point for months but eventually permission was given to create “Star Patrol”, Earth’s first “official” space exploration team.

As the crew of the Hawking had spent three years exploring the galaxy on their return journey, they naturally chose to remain, along with the CLEA personnel. Beverly Mendoza, the original mission commander on the ill fated Hawking mission was officially given the position as ship’s Captain a job she had already been doing albeit it was not recognised. The other Hawking team  members were then given the roles as command staff, due to their experience with the ship and its systems. Though not a military unit, CLEA was aware of the need to a distinct chain of command and was prepared to compromise so whilst the bridge officers were not CLEA everyone else was and fell under the leadership of the two agents.

However whilst the Hawking crew had experience of interacting with aliens and the ships systems, they had generally tried to avoid contact with extra terrestrials and had been rather lucky not to find trouble in their return journey.Though some suggested rethinking the usage of CLEA personnel from military backgrounds, it was deemed too risky. CLEA top brass feared that a misunderstanding with a trigger happy soldier and an alien could result in a threat of galactic proportions. Instead CLEA tackled the problem with a novel approach and chose to “employ” alien specialists, and the best people for that job were actual aliens. The agency therefore sent out requests to its various contacts in the vigilante community for alien allies to join the mission.

They were surprised at the response.

Elijah Fitton contacted his Zellarian friends. Though they had chosen to explore the galaxy in a bid to put a stop to the threat of slavers, they saw a greater potential of working with others and so they signed on despite the fact that humans would be in charge of missions.

The pair of Jamiscst refugees also chose to join the mission. Though they were “free” they always felt “alien” whilst being surrounded by humans. With the possibility of being with other races that were not human they felt they would be less alone.

Tigron and Oceline, the pair of Felanek that had visited Earth and were known to CLEA, Vanguard and Galaxy Force, also signed up. Having been removed from their closed society they could not go back home. They have a deep hatred for Quarrud Xiqrons, one of the races that the Star Patrol mission was going to look into which is what attracted them to joining.

The Luzerran hunters encountered by Vanguard also joined the group after learning that Star Patrol was investigating the Myzx. Still thinking they owe the humans of Vanguard a life debt the pair felt this was the best way to repay it, albeit they act more like loose cannons. Their initial presence with the Jamiscst also caused a lot of friction in the beginning since the former had suffered at the hands of the Luzerran people and they could not trust the later arrivals thinking they would be no different

Pulsar and Quasar were the last “humans” to join the mission before it left Earth. “Modified” and raised by rogue Eopua, after being returned to Earth they had tried their hand at being vigilante heroes but felt they were surplus to requirements and lacked purpose and hopes they could find meaning elsewhere.

During their ongoing mission they would later gain an extra terrestrial doctor in the form of Flervil and rescue a human slave, Dana Knowles who choose to become the Antares Engineer.




Team Identities:

  • Spring – Cian Murdock
  • Summer – Kuntala Chopra
  • Autumn – Glenroy Marley
  • Winter – Freyja Bjarnadotter

CLEA Classification:

  • Avatars

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Spring – Cian as the Avatar of spring can create new growth by shooting his crossbow. Wherever the bolts land he can spread greenery. He can also bring to life a recently deceased human/animal simply by touching them with his hands. His totem is the crossbow
  • Summer – Kuntala as the Avatar of Summer can generate both heat and light. If provoked that light can blind and the heat can burn. Her totem is a necklace
  • Autumn – Glenroy as the Avatar of Autumn can cause living things to wilt and die. By banging his staff on the ground he can withdraw the energy that helps sustain life. He is also capable of summoning winds and gales.
  • Winter – Freyja as the Avatar of Winter has the means to generate ice and snow. She can also control existing weather. Her totem is an old lantern


  • The Avatars have time based powers. e.g. Summer is at her strongest when she is in a place where the season of summer is taking place.
  • The Avatars can neutralise each others power. Spring Opposes Autumn and Summer Opposes Winter. Therefore it is rare for all four ever to meet for they would effectively make themselves powerless.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The Season Avatars are amongst the oldest of the Magical Avatars. Like every other Avatar they bond with their host, giving him or her an extended lifespan. As well as sometimes feeding on the lifeforce of the host in order to survive the host’s goals over time align with those of the avatar they are bonded to.

In the case of the seasonal avatars the hosts tend to act rather like a force of nature. Therefore “Spring” will generally start spreading life following the end of winter. Winter will bring frosts to lands that need cold and snow. Summer will bring scorching heat and light and Autumn ends the cycle started by spring and causes living things to die back.

Because each of the Avatar hosts is still human he or she can choose to use the power for other uses. Though less active than other “heroes” the Seasons have chosen to assist mankind in certain aspects. Often they will join forces when they themselves are under threat from powerful magical entities that desire to kill the host in order to steal the power..

Of the four current hosts for the Avatars, Summer is the “youngest” having been active for 50 years. Spring is next at 70 years whilst the Winter host has been active for nearly 120 years and finally the current Autumn host was identified as being 150 years old. Much to his chagrin, Cian Murdock who became the host for Spring is often sometimes referred to as being a leprechaun thanks to his Irish origin and green clothing. He also tend to be the most active for his life giving crossbow can actually turn a vampire human simply because a vampire is “dead” so in making it alive he reverses the curse.

Red Shift



Team Identities:

  • Red Shift 1 – Erin Wardle
  • Red Shift 2 – Miles Wardle
  • Hellfire – Sylvester Norris
  • Sirocco – Elaine Bassett

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Augmented (Erin and Miles)
  • Human/Alien hybrid (Norris and Bassett)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alien Hybrid – Norris and Bassett had alien DNA grafted to their bodies. As well as increased attributes and rapid healing they can breathe methane
  • Tech Augmented – Erin and Miles are equipped with advance armour which is equipped with wrist blasters and a targetting system controlled via the suit helmets


  • The alien tech worn by the Wardles is not easily repaired if damaged
  • Norris and Bassett have major difficulty breathing ordinary air.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The very existence of Red Shift as a group is all down to one person, Tony Rogers.

He worked (or still works – no intel) as a scientist for Citadel. After helping merge alien DNA with human DNA in the test subjects Sylvester Norris and Elaine Bassett he began to start doubting the groups ethics. Orginally he came to the group, sold on the ideals that they were trying to provide a means for humans to deal with possible extra terrestrial threats. Over time though he noticed a shift towards developing biological weapons, and reverse engineering technology.

Whilst he was told that such work was vital to give ordinary people a means to deal with alien invaders, he was suspicious as the group seemed to spend a good deal of time in selling the end result of their experiments. To reassure him and others like him that it was for the greater good it was explained to Tony that Citadel had to sell the occasional weapon as it was the only way to pay to continue their vital work. The one thing they could not explain was that if their work was so important why they had to use people in their experiments who had not volunteered.

After his most successful experiment which saw Elaine and Sylvester turned into a pair of super humans, Tony decided that he needed to get out. Before any plans were in place he heard rumours of another scientist that had thought the same and had vanished. It did not take a maths genius for Tony to work out that Citadel could not let anyone go who might talk to the authorities. That meant he had no choice.

However, every day he passed the cells where Elaine and Sylvestor were being held, he felt part of him die each time. He was well aware that they had not volunteered for the procedure and yet in the name of his scientific exploits he had gone ahead with the DNA graft. Though he had certainly made them stronger he had left both with a problem of breathing ordinary air. The original alien was a methane breather and somehow that had altered their lungs.

To add to his misery every time he observed them in their cells he noticed them watch back. Occasionally either one or both of them  would thump on the glass and hurl abuse at him until guards arrived and shocked them with stun sticks. Eventually the abuse he saw got too much for his conscience and he decided to find a way of getting them free. It took six weeks of meticulous planning to stage a fake break out and though he got the pair out of Citadel’s clutches they did not thank him. In truth he did not expect either.

Once free the pair to use their newfound abilities to wage a guerilla war on Citadel but despite their best efforts they did not really do much damage. Tony in the mean time decided to try the same from the inside, making amends for all that he had been a part of.

Several years passed and during this time he helped mess up a number of experiment. He also kept tabs on Sylvester and Elaine. That was easy as Citadel security kept monitoring their whereabouts as a means to limit the damage they could do.

The next time he would be forced to take more drastic action was when he was brought in to supervise an experiment with two teenage siblings. The were runaways on the streets of Atlantica and had fallen for the idea of safe and secure surroundings as well as regular meals in exchange to taking part in some “special” experiments.

Having younger bodies meant they were ideal to try out some alien armoured suit that had been “delivered”. The suits needed to interface directly with the host and since older minds were normally “set”, younger minds were already of use. As the experiments went on though, both Erin and Miles started to suspect they had walked into a monsters lair. Tony knew that there was only one of two outcomes for them if the experiment was a success. One of them was the teens would work as Citadel operatives and the other was that they would be eliminated if their loyalty was in question.

The vocal complaints expressed by the pair was enough to convince Tony that Erin and Miles did not have too long a life span left and so once again he found himself plotting a way to get someone out from Citadel. In this case he factored in stealing the suits and getting them to escape in them. After a few secret meetings he explained to the pair the dire situation they were in and told them of his plan.

On the day it came to put the plan in motion Erin and Miles followed everything exactly as they had been told. Despite this security got alerted earlier than expected forcing them to fight their way out. The armour came in very handy for that. Just as they were getting clear of the facility, Tony unexpectedly arrived and set off explosives to buy them more time. They never saw him again and assumed he was either caught in the explosion or by security.

Once clear the pair headed for where Tony had told them to seek out Elaine and Sylvester. At first the adult pair thought it was Citadel out to attack them but the misunderstanding was cleared up fairly quickly before anyone got seriously hurt. Erin and Miles told the other two that Tony had requested they look after them. Whilst annoyed that Tony, a person they still bore a grudge against had dared to get them to babysit a pair of teenagers they knew that by themselves, armour or no armour they would not be a match for Citadel’s might.

Though at first neither of them knew what to make of each other, over time they started to bond and formed a very unusual “family”. Whilst they still make an effort to disrupt Citadel whenver the opportunity arises, they have also expanded their vigilantism to tackle criminals who prey on the weak and helpless.

Street Sisters



Team Identities:

  • Uppercut – Marissa Henson
  • Tress – Kuniko Arai
  • Royal Flush – Nicole Webb

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Kuniko has the ability to animal her hair and use it as extra limbs
  • Alpha ability – Nicole can create a highly localised energy blast from her hands which she can use the throw small objects at high speed. Playing card are her favourite choice.
  • Alpha ability – Marissa has a means to amplify kinetic energy. The more force she puts into a punch or a kick the stronger the amplified force. The impact force remains ahead of her actual limbs so she does not get hurt when hitting a solid surface.
  • Cybernetic Spine – Kuniko is equipped with a cybernetic neck and spine to take the load off her actual spine which had started to deteriorate from the stresses of using her Alpha ability


  • Usual limitations associated with Alpha abilities
  • They can only do vigilante work in the spare time
  • Stronger together so vulnerable when alone.
  • EM pulse can disable Kuniko’s spine.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Petty theft (Kuniko)


Though perhaps not the most refined of vigilante groups the Street Sisters can certainly hold their own, mainly because of their unconventional methods.

The group started off with Nicole Webb who after gaining her Alpha abilities decided that she should use them for the good of others. Despite her skills she regularly ended up finding more trouble than she could handle and soon grew tired of the visits to hospital when she was only trying to do the right thing.

Eventually after growing frustrated, Nicole went online and tried to find others who might work with her as her “side kicks”. This proved equally frustrating for most of the people she chatted with were generally wannabes with no actual skills or talent. She figured if she teamed up with any of those then she would end up getting hurt by her own side rather than the criminals.

After months of trying to wade through the cranks and the weirdos online, he persistence paid off and she found Marissa Henson. Unlike all the other people she had made contact with, Marissa seemed so lacking in confidence and self doubt that she was completely the opposite. This seemed strange to Nicole as Marissa was an amateur boxer, the last person she felt would be nervous.

However Marissa made a confession and that was after her Alpha abilities activated she was unaware of the change and nearly killed her opponent in the ring. Since then she had been so afraid of her gift she had never boxed again and chosen to sever all social ties in case she had “another accident”. The online conversation with Nicole was the first time she had talked to anyone about her “gift”.

Though Marissa was very nervous, Nicole felt that she was someone that she could work with and managed to get her to meet with her in a bar. The pair talked and Nicole sprang her idea of a vigilante team, and then revealed she was the person known to the press as “Royal Flush”. Marissa though wanted none of it so Nicole persuaded her to let her be trained. Again Marissa did not want to become force into being a vigilante but the idea that she could control her gift did appeal to her.

The pair met several times over a few weeks. An abandoned warehouse served as a training facility since it meant Marissa was not worried about hurting anyone by accident. Working together Nicole managed to help Marissa overcome her fears but after all that, she still did not want to become a vigilante. They therefore parted company.

Fate would intervene on Marissa’s part when she saw an old lady being mugged in a back alley one night. The muggers spied Marissa and warned her off. Normally she would have fled without thinking but she reasoned that she had a special gift and could do something about the scum who felt they could pick on someone weaker than themselves and it made her quite angry. For the first time she no longer felt nervous about her gift and decided it was time to step up and be counted. Able to control her Alpha abilities she was able to give the two muggers a beating that they would never forget but she was able to prevent giving them life changing injuries.

After the old woman got her belongings back she thanked Marissa before disappearing into the night. Marissa now experienced a strange feeling of satisfaction. She had done good and knew she had done good. Now she wanted more and so she contacted Nicole.

Together they began nightly patrols around some of the “troublesome” neighbourhoods of New Tokyo. No longer being alone meant that Nicole rarely entered into a situation that was bigger than she could handle, for she had a partner.

In time the pair would end up meeting Kuniko Arai, a streetwise younger woman with a severe amount of overconfidence. Kuniko had an unusual ability in that she could animate her hair and use it like an extra limb. However whereas Nicole and Marissa were using their gifts for good, Kuniko had chosen to impress others and joined a local gang in order to show off.

They faced off and though Kuniko put up a good fight she could not take on two vigilantes at once. Nicole and Marissa though did not want to get Kuniko in trouble with the law so they decided to let her go after trying to make her realise the gang did not want her as a person, only what she could do with her gift.

It took her quite some time before Kuniko learned her lesson in being used by others. As soon as she refused to use her gift to help the gang, they threw her out. Nicole and Marissa came across her whilst on one of their regular patrols. Kuniko was just wandering the streets, alone and looking dejected. Though she had committed petty crime Marissa and Nicole could not help feel a little sorry for the younger woman. It was then that Nicole made a rash decision to invite her into “their” gang seeing as her old gang had thrown her out.

Though turning a partnership into a trio had some expected complications since Kuniko has a bad habit of acting before thinking which creates more trouble than it solves, they actually did manage to work together. The trio though would come into hardship when Kuniko started to experience severe pain. This was attributed to the fact that though her hair could do incredible things, her neck and back were “normal” and the stress on the joins was too much for her body to handle.

Unsure what to do Nicole reached out to the hero community and the Knight’s Forge responded. Having learned of their crime fighting they were only too happy to help. They “fixed” Kuniko by attaching a cybernetic spine to her existing one greatly increasing her neck and back’s load bearing capability. As well as this they supplied them with outfits more suited to vigilante work than the old clothing they were wearing. Lastly they gave Marissa a special wrist band that functioned the same as power dampening collars given to Alpha Superior prisoners. This meant she could return to her boxing without running the risk of her powers kicking in and hurting anyone accidentally. When she wore the band in the ring it was only her alone in charge, not her Alpha abilities.

Vindicators of Legend

L-R: Ann, Mortag and Luke



Team Identities:

  • Ann Camberbirch
  • Luke Camberbirch
  • Mortag

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior (Luke/Ann)
  • Alien/Magic Wielder (Mortag)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Ann has the means to “see” other realities
  • Alpha ability – Luke has the means to teleport to places through a visual reference
  • Mortag has magical abilities controlled via special crystals which produce different effects.


  • Luke’s teleporting acts with an anchor linked to his point of origin. After 48hrs he is pulled back to this anchor point.
  • Mortag’s enemies have access to the same crystals as him making them powerful.
  • When they visit the other realms the trio have to rely on themselves.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The Vindicators of Legend are a unique trio who travel to various “realities” to deal with a race known as the Sesarzid

Mortag’s people the Mestral are a race of interdimensional explorers. They have the means to use magic via crystals which give them great power. The same crystals allowed them to open portals to other realities. During one of their expeditions they discovered an Earth that was seemingly uninhabited but was in fact being home to a non-corporeal race known as the Sesarzid.

The Sesarzid had the means to place their consciousness in a living host and take control of that person. In the parallel universe they came from they thrived on mental energies directed at them. This “mental” energy allowed them in turn to create magic and control the people they used as hosts. In the home universe of the Sesarzid the race had caused many problems by going to various worlds and setting themselves up as royalty and even gods.

On their equivalent of Earth they had arrived via an alien host, who was exploring a primitive people. After departing the alien body they had taken human hosts and though they at first got along. However despite them only being few in number they had ended up fighting amongst themselves which had led the people into a cataclysmic war. That in turn had destroyed the planet and left them without any hosts. Since they needed a host to move to other worlds they had basically imprisoned themselves. That was until the Mestral opened a portal.

Seeing an opportunity to escape the Sesarzid took the Mestral explorers as hosts and returned to the Mestral’s version of Earth. The Mestral bodies though were not fully compatible with the Sesarzid and their infiltration was soon exposed before they could do any damage. Needing to escape and find better hosts the surviving Sesarzid stole many of the magic crystals the Mestral used, and opened up portals to different versions of Earth inhabited with humans, a host they knew worked for them. Rather than choosing to stay on the same world, having learned of their desire for power they each decided to split up in small groups and rule a world each.

The Mestral responded by fixing the problem they had created. They send agents to many worlds to report back on their findings in regards to Sesarzid activity. Using this intel, the Mestral were able to assemble small strike teams to destroy the Sesarzid and restore each reality to normal. In each case, with their magic only three of four Mestral were needed to eradicate the threats on each world.

When eight worlds remained the Sesarzid got clever and managed to find a way of blocking interdimensional portals. Though it meant that they could not leave it also meant the Mestral could not interfere with their ambitions for power. Having spent so much time and effort in dealing with the Sesarzid the Mestral rulers decided that eight worlds out of an entire multiverse was a small price to pay and chose to let the Sesarzid keep the eight worlds. To make sure that they Sesarzid could not cause any trouble the Mestral placed a magical barrier around the eight dimensions meaning that they if the Sesarzid tried to re-enable portal travel then it would not work.

Though most Mestral accepted that eight worlds needed to be sacrificed for the greater good, Mortag was not one of them. He was one of those chosen to be a “Reality Agent” and he knew that on each of the eight worlds there would be one like him, only they would be trapped. He felt a kinship towards them and a desire to not only bring his brethren home but also to finish the job that had been started with the Sesarzid.

Whilst he would effectively be going rogue he did not care and despite the odds of fighting alone he would not be dissuaded by the mission that he had chosen for himself. The only problem for him was that he had no means to get past the barriers set up to prevent movement between realities. He therefore moved around the multiverse looking for someone what might provide help and on our Earth he found it.

At first Mortag considered “Rift” to be someone that could help him but after studying the way his Alpha abilities worked he realised that though Rift could jump to other realities he would not be able to bypass the magical barriers. After that disappointment he nearly gave in until he found a pair of siblings that he believed could actually make it past the barriers but only if he could combine their abilities.

Luke and Ann had not had a good beginning. Their father had left before they were born and they were later taken into care as toddlers after their mother got into drugs and alcohol. At the time of Mortag’s visit, Ann Camberbirch was in a mental institution. She was diagnosed with having delusions brought about through hallucinations. Ever since she was nine years old she had told people she could see fantastical worlds. At first that was thought to be mere childhood make believe but through her teens she kept telling people of her “worlds”.  What nobody failed to realise was that she was an Alpha Superior who had made the transition at an early age and gifted her with the means to “see” other realities.

Her older brother Luke was devoted to her. He was also an Alpha Superior and he had the means to picture a place in his minds eye and teleport himself there. His ability though would snap him back to his point of origin any time he chose, or automatically after two days. After what had happened to his sister, he chose not to tell his foster parents about his gift and instead used it to visit her. He considered taking her from the facility but knew that the authorities would never stop hunting for Ann.

Having found Luke and Ann, Mortag realised that if he could get Luke to “see” Ann’s vision then he would be able to jump realities and bypass the magic. Getting Ann out of the institution and reuniting her with her brother though was not going to be easy as he needed everything to seem normal.

The novel solution he came up with was to use his magic to “influence” Ann and Luke’s foster parents into releasing Ann back into their care. Once that was done he then posed as a regular care worker. That allowed him to infiltrate the family circle. He needed to be able to befriend both Luke and Ann before revealing who and what he was and therefore had to play the long. In time he was able to get the institution to give her Ann a full bill of health.

By now Ann had reached adulthood according to the law so the final stage in his plan was to get her to move in with her brother. Luke had already moved out as soon as he came of age as he had never forgiven their foster parents for sending Ann to the institution in the first place. However Ann was far more hesitant of leaving home. For years she had been made to feel insecure and need either her foster parents or nurses etc. Using a new guise Mortag now became a “friend” to Luke and was able to manipulate him into the idea of Ann moving in with him.

Once brother and sister were together, Mortag finally revealed who he was. Though they thought their “friend” was a little crazy, he revealed the series of magical guises to prove he was telling the truth. Now that they believed him, Luke was angry at being used, but Ann felt a little different because Mortag had brought them together and without him she would have still been in a mental institution.

Whilst there was a trust issue, thanks to Ann’s intervention Luke agreed to help Mortag.

In time they would visit each realm and try to put a stop to the tyranny of Sesarzid. Thanks to Mortag’s crystals he is able to give them fighting abilities and clothing suitable for the era. However the limitation to Luke’s abilities has meant that the work will not be done quickly.

Over time Ann and Luke decided to give each of the realms they visit a name rather than the strange numeric sequence refers to them. As such they know the eight world as:

  • Wild West
  • Caribbean Pirate
  • Medieval
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Steampunk
  • Dieselpunk
  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Asia

On each of the realms the trio has been they had encountered many similarities. These included the fact that the Sesarzid have set themselves up in position of power. As well as this they had “enthralled” humans to serve them, transforming many into soldiers/troops to ensure obedience of others outside their influence. To further instill fear in people the Sesarzid have taken to using Mestral “Transformation” crystal to turn ordinary people into monster and force them to do their bidding. Disturbingly in each of the realms the Sesarzid located and captured the Mestral Agent and kept him or her prisoner so they can take pleasure in seeing that person suffer. At the same time the Sesarzid have taken the crystals belonging to their captives to further bolster their power.

All however is not one side for the trio have helped helped either find or establish resistance movements. Through them the trio were able to free all the Mestral captives but since Luke is only linked to Ann and Mortag they cannot be brought back with them. The only way Mortag could seem them staying free was by duplicating what the Sesarzid had done and use a transformation crystal on them to transform them into great beasts of legend. As Mortag used his own crystal to do this the transformation cannot be undone by a Sesarzid using another transformation crystal. However it also means that the Mestral is stuck in a new form until the trio are able to return. Whilst that is a risk, it does afford those that oppose the Sesarzid rule a powerful ally and to continue the fight when the trio are not around to assist.

Mothman and Swarm



Team Identities:

  • Mothman – Rainer Wessely
  • Swarm – Leah Stocker

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Augmented

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Mothman – skintight armoured suit with cape that allows gliding. Mask is equipped with visual enhancements enabling him to see in the dark, or IR signatures. Handguns can fire darts of Electric Shocks
  • Swarm – has light armoured suit with 4 wings capable of enabling flight. Blasters can be worn over the hands and wrists. Helmet has the means to “talk” to wasps and bees enabling her to bring in “allies” to battles.


  • Neither suit can provide protection above small calibre.
  • If cape or wings are “holed” they lose their flying/gliding capability

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Rainer and Leah are a good example of two people converging on the same goal from different directions, the one thing that links them being their hatred of Citadel.

Rainer originally worked for Citadel. He believed that their goals to learn about aliens an their tech in order to protect the planet was a noble cause. However when Citadel started to sell reverse engineered technology to outsiders the doubts started to creep in. The last straw for him came when he discovered that teenagers were being used as guinea pigs in experiments with alien biology and tech enhancements.

Knowing that if the higher ups in Citadel were prepared to treat human life as a commodity, he doubted that they would simply let a valuable scientist like him simply walk out of the door. He therefore knew that he needed to make his escape rather less conventionally. He did this by taking various bits of alien tech he could get his hands on. When asked by his superiors what he was doing he merely claimed he was doing his job, which was to get the tech working. Though it took him a long time he was able to build himself the Mothman suit .

For several weeks he tried the suit out and attacked various Citadel operatives until finally he faked some security footage to make it look like the Mothman had kidnapped him. That now left him free to escape and work as the Mothman in order to hurt Citadel and get them to stop their experiments on people. It was during his vigilante work that he met Leah.

Leah  was the sister of a Pacifica Police Department officer, Alice Stocker. After Leah had got her job at a journalist, Alice always used to joke that they could do with someone at the PPD because Leah could track a story back to its source. This skill would prove to be the key to solving the mystery of her sisters murder.

Whilst on a case Alice was killed in a seemingly random attack. The gunman was known to the police and it appeared to simply be a hate crime since when Alice and her partner tried to arrest him he just pulled out a gun and shot Alice. The other detective shot and killed him in return. With no other witnesses and Alice’s partner being the one to supply the evidence, after the investigation into the shootings the case was closed.

Leah though felt there was more to it than a gunman being shot in self defence. The shooting incident for instance conveniently happened in an area where there were no surveillance cameras. One thing  Leah did know was that Alice had a habit of keeping  copies of her case notes away from the police department so she took a trip to her sister’s lockup . Here Leah found masses of information, that pointed to the fact that Alice was doing a little side investigation of her own and that it looked like there was a case of corruption in the PPD.

Whilst sifting through the information Leah could almost hear her sister telling her to do what she did best and track the evidence back to its source. Wanting to get justice for Alice, meant Leah started to do just that despite the fact that the risks were high. Eventually she learned that certain high tech evidence that was being sent from, Alice’s police station had been going missing while en route to the secure lock up facility. These were the types of weapons and tech used in illegal arms deals. Alice had managed to find two sets of paperwork, one given to the van driver on leaving with the consignment and another identical set to be signed upon arrival, albeit the second set had items removed meaning they would never be logged in. From what Leah managed to work out was that Alice was trying to learn where the missing items had instead ended up, only before finding out she had been killed.

Leah continued her private investigation and located a secure warehouse. She broke in an found an entire arsenal of weapons that should have been in secure police storage. As she wandered round the lethal Aladdin’s cave she heard voices. Then a familiar one called out. It was her sister’s partner. He thanked her for exposing the fact Alice had kept evidence as that meant he could close out the loose ends.

Around this time the bullets started flying. Leah knew she was in trouble. She also knew that even if she surrendered she would not be let out alive. Then as bullet struck a strange sort of outfit and bounced off. It seemed like the high tech gear that a “superhero” might wear. With nothing to lose she started to put it on. The thing had wings on the back which she was not sure of the purpose but as soon as she put the helmet on the entire thing came alive. Though she had no skills the outfit served its purpose for it allowed her to escape.

She now knew that Alice’s partner was corrupt but not who he was working for. She was also aware was that he would not stop until she was dead. That meant nowhere was safe. Even worse was when she went to Alice’s lockup she found out that it had been torched. There was only one solution and that was to master the suit she had stolen and use it to fight back.

Using the suit she now turned vigilante to try and expose the corruption. Certainly, after she mastered the outfit, criminal low lifes would talk to her as they seemed quite scared of her. Eventually she learned that the suit she was wearing was a creation from Citadel. PPD got hold of it when a weapons sale was interrupted by undercover officers and the whole consignment was taken into evidence. This was when Citadel had corrupted key police personnel and paid them to get all their items back. Had Leah arrived a week later when the final “delivery” had been smuggled out of the police lockup then the warehouse would have been empty and Citadel would have collected the lot. Alice though had caused them to pause the operation.

Knowing what was going on and proving it though were two different things. Citadel having discovered their prized “suit” was on the lose decided to also try to eradicate the loose ends. This was when Leah crossed paths with Rainer.

Working together they exposed the corruption in the PPD and effectively neutralised Citadel’s means to retrieve their equipment. Leah of course knew she should return the suit but chose to keep it. After all nobody was likely to come forwards and say they wanted their illegal tech back.

Having worked with Rainer the pair decided to operate as a lose vigilante team. Rainer, with his experience of Citadel tech modified her suit and created the blasters. He reckoned that Citadel would know how to disable its own creations and so he felt it wise to alter it so they could not do that.