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  • Odachi – Mei Xing Siu


  • N/A

CLEA Classification:

  • Avatar

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Mei Xing has the Avatar of war which allows her to handle any weapon and knows every known form of fighting. She also has the means to induce conflict in groups of people and is also protected from any known weapon.


  • Mei Xing’s Magic is at it greatest in conflict. Conversely this power can be greatly reduced by surrounding her with displays of non-aggression.
  • Certain types of Dark Magic can neutralise her power.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Whilst many Avatar Totems can be considered benign there are others that can cause great chaos and destruction. Despite the power of such magic in the right hands even the darkest of Avatar Totems can be tamed. This is true of the Totem in Mei Xing’s possession which is the living embodiment of war and conflict. In the hands of a war lord such an Avatar could be world changing but in her hands, being one with the Magic has enabled her to focus the power for positive outcomes.

Since leaving college, Mei Xing took a military career and rising up the ranks eventually ended up in one of the Chinese Special Forces units. She ended up claiming the Avatar when a mission went baldy wrong. Along with the rest of the unit, she had been sent to neutralise a suspected terrorist training camp. However command had underestimated the size of the resistance and the entire unit was captured.

One by one each member of the unit was tortured for information and when they refused to talk they were executed. Mei Xing was the last to be questioned. Beaten and tortured she also came close to being killed until the military sent in a drone to find out what had happened to the unit. Using the distraction to her advantage, Mei Xing made her escape and fled into the desert.

She knew she had to get back to civilisation but the terrorists were not going to make that easy which meant she had to go further into the wastelands to avoid them. Barely alive, she sighted what appeared to be an old settlement in the distance and headed towards it, thinking she might be able to find help.

Instead she found the ruins of a shrine. Disappointed she  decided that with shelter it might be as good a place as any to rest for a while. To tired to walk, she crawled around the floor area looking for an area that was well hidden but as she closed  on a dark spot the floor suddenly gave way.

After the crashing had stopped, Mei Xing found herself in a pit underneath the floor and there thrust into the ground in front of her was what appeared to be a Japanese Odachi sword. She had an interest in ancient weapons but why such a sword was in China was a puzzle. Since the terrorists could be looking for her and she had no weapons, even an old sword was useful.

Reaching forwards she grasped the handle and then felt a power inside her like nothing she had experienced. At the same time the sword appeared to spew a silver like metallic liquid which flowed around her body and transformed her torn clothing into an ancient looking armour and at the same time repairing her battered body. Despite the surreality of it all, instead of trying to understand what had happened, her primary thought was to head towards danger instead of away from it.

With her body repaired and filled with endless energy, Mei Xing marched towards the terrorist camp. She still did not have a weapon but did not feel any concern. Scouts saw her approach and tried to take her out but despite appearances of being old modern weapons could not penetrate the armour that protected her. As bullets had no effect they tried to physically challenge her and their fury only seemed to invigorate her until they no longer presented a challenge. That made her want to get to the camp even faster and within ten minutes she had decimated it.

After there was nobody left to oppose her she finally got control of her mind and was trying to work out what she had done and why she had done it. At first she thought that the torture had pushed her mentally over the edge and it was all a hallucination but her eyes could see bodies everywhere.

Scared and frightened she felt that if the rest of the team were found dead then it was best for her commanders to assume the same had happened to her, at least until she could find a rational explanation as to what was happening to her.

Once she started running though she could not stop. Though she tried to keep a low profile until she got answers Mei Xing found she was drawn to conflict and violence. In time magic users located her. Those that specialised in dark magic wanted her power for themselves whilst the users of light magic had been attracted by the combination of violence and magic. They had come as they thought that evil was afoot. When they discovered Mei Xing, for the first time she got the answers that she desperately needed for she found out she was a magical avitar of war and conflict.

Understanding what she was helped but trying to keep it under control seemed virtually impossible until it was suggested she seek sanctuary in a peaceful location. Visiting religious retreats finally helped her to gain clarity and its was through mental discipline she was able to gain control over the power that raged within.

Once that was done she could use it and she chose the name Odachi, after the previous housing for the Totem. Though an unbeatable fighting force for good, Mei Xing tries to avoid assisting other heroes for fear she can lose control. She therefore is a reluctant hero but a hero all the same and whenever she is not longer of assistance she heads for a peaceful location.

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