Steve Coops

Red Tarantula


Asset of:


  • Red Tarantula – Ayaka Watanabe

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Enhanced

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Skilled with a blade
  • Advanced alien body armour provides exceptional protection


  • Ayaka is under the control of Qex. Breaking that control even temporarily can cause  confusion

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Kidnapping
  • Assault


Red Tarantula is currently the human bodyguard for Qex.  After Yasmin Malar (Tempest) escaped Qex was desperate to find a replacement. She eventually found vigilante hero in New Tokyo called the Red Tarantula that seemed to fit her needs. Though taking a “public” figure was high risk, Qex, decided to chance it and had her drones apprehend Ayaka. Taken by surprise the hero never had the chance to put up a fight.

Once brought back to Qex, Ayaka was fitted with a control implant that essentially bypassed some parts of the brain and the end result of this was she became compliant and loyal to the alien. Now under Qex’s control, Ayaka was then outfitted with alien body armour. Her hero garb was considered inferior for Qex and so was upgraded, along with her weapon. After this was done the old Red Tarantula was no more. Instead all that remained was a servant of Qex.

In the beginning when other heroes who knew Ayaka came after Qex they often assumed that Ayaka was present for the same reason. Consequently they were taken by surprise when she attacked them as opposed to joining them. Though that gave her some advantages early on it did not take long for word to spread that Red Tarantula was under the alien’s control.

In more recent times the major threat to Red Tarantula has come from Tempest, who is still seeking revenge from Qex.