Steve Coops

The Grey Man and Lazarus

Lazarus (left) – Grey Man (right)

This team is more a force of nature than a pair of vigilantes. A man who can’t die and a living legend who can resurrect the dead.


Team Identities:

  • Grey Man – Leonard Jenkins (Assumed from records)
  • Lazarus – Dion Gardner

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior (both)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – (Jenkins) Gives him the means to resurrect the dead but to restore a life means another life must be sacrificed. He can do this as the same time by acting as a conduit between living person and a dead one.
  • Alpha ability – (Jenkins) He can take a “life force” and seemingly store it for use later. This also seems to have some sort of rejuvenation effect on the Grey Man for he has maintained the same appearance for nearly fifty years.
  • Alpha Ability –  (Jenkins) if the Grey Man has “reserve life forces” he may can survive lethal force at which point he will have the means to counter attack.
  • Alpha Ability – (Gardner) Can return from the dead. Every time he is “killed” after his heart stops his body recovers until such time he reawakens.
  • Weapons – (Gardner) as a mercenary, Gardner is accustomed to using a wide selection of weapons ranging from blades to automatic assault rifles.


  • (Jenkins) Cannot resurrect and body that has been dead and begun to show signs of decomposing.
  • (Jenkins) He cannot resurrect anyone he has taken the “life force” from.
  • (Jenkins) Does not use weapons and rarely engages in physical confrontations.
  • (Jenkins) has a insatiable hunger for life force energy. In recent times his attempt to walk the path of light has seen him having to avoid using his gift leaving him conflicted which can be exploited.
  • (Gardner) In order to stabilise his body quickly after he awakens he needs a transfusion of blood from a donor. Can recover far more slowly via taking on fluids and sustenance but this leaves him vulnerable.
  • (Gardner) Due to his means of coming back to life, he tends to get sloppy in his work.
  • (Gardner) Cannot restore severed body parts – if anyone beheaded him it would be fatal

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • (Both) Homicide/Manslaughter
  • (Gardner) Assault/Aggravated Assault
  • (Gardner) Mercenary
  • (Gardner) Muscle for hire.


Grey Man

Despite several investigations by CLEA and other prominent law enforcement agencies not a lot is known about the “Grey Man”. The name comes from his usual attire of a grey suit which he has been seen wearing on every occasion he has “appeared” around the world.

Though no firm intelligence is known CLEA has assumed the man is an Alpha and that there is some element of truth regarding the rumours circulating, that state he has the means to reawaken the dead by sacrificing the life of a living person.

The stories all hint at the same fact that when the Grey Man makes contact with a dead body and living “sacrifice” he is seemingly able to transfer the “life force” between the two bodies. However his ability does not seem to allow him to reawaken somebody that has already been “sacrificed” nor can he reawaken a body that has too badly decomposed. Rumours also persist he is sometimes “paid” to bring back someone to life.

Other stories circulating hints that the Grey Man can kill in advance and use the stolen life force to reanimate others at a later time and further witness accounts point to the fact that the same life energy that can bring others back to life appear to sustain his own life. This is perhaps why he become something of an urban legend for the Grey Man has been seen for well over fifty years and has never changed his appearance or aged in that time.

Recently encounters with the Grey Man and hero groups suggest he is attempting to reform. He has shown willing to assist but in order to comply with his attempt to walk the line of “good” he will not use his gift unless it is absolutely necessary. To this end he formed an alliance working with Lazarus which enables him to “feed” without taking innocent lives, since Lazarus is able to survive death.


Dion Gardner aka Lazarus is an Alpha like none other for he seems unable to be killed, or rather unable to remain dead. For as long as CLEA has records on the man his chosen career is that of a ruthless mercenary. In fact CLEA had been interested in Dion before the organisation found out he was an Alpha Superior.
Intelligence gathered from people that had contact with Dion reveals that perhaps he was unaware he was an Alpha until his abilities triggered for the first time. The actual occurrence of this can only be based on pure speculation since it was believed his abilities must have kicked in when he “died” for the first time.
If this is true then the actual trigger event happened during a contract to kidnap the daughter of a government minister in the Far East country of Khirana. Like most mercenaries who had gone to Khirana during the civil war, Dion had chosen to perform jobs for the anti-government forces. The kidnap attempt was supposed to have been a means for the rebel forces to end the war sooner by obtaining leverage over the country’s leaders. However what Dion was unaware of was that the government had planted one of their own people in Dion’s mercenary group. As soon as the mission was in the final phases the inside man turned the tables and handed the other mercenaries over to government forces.

For the kidnap attempt Dion and the others were sentenced to death, a show trial to discourage other mercs for joining the rebel cause. However after being shot by firing squad, hours later Dion suddenly “woke” up on the slab in the morgue. He then attacked the worker. The commotion was soon overheard but when the armed troops arrived all they had was a mystery on their hands, a dead pathologist and a missing body. When a post mortem was performed on the man that had been killed they found all the blood had been drained from his body.

From that moment in time onwards whenever Dion appears to “die” and come back to life he often leaves behind another body, drained of blood but with no puncture wounds. CLEA scientists have theorised that as soon as he awakens Dion has to obtain fresh blood to stabilise his cells and he seems capable of drawing what he needs by absorbing it through his skin.

Being able to survive death has meant the Dion can take far more chances that the average merc which makes him extremely dangerous. Sometimes he is known to deliberately kill himself in a manner that avoids his body being recovered, that way when he next awakens he is free to find a victim to restore his body to full health.
Interestingly, though Dion can certainly survive death his body does not seem able to fully repair external evidence of old injuries, hence he is covered with scars and marks that remain permanent. Perhaps the strangest injury he has is at the edges of his mouth which is held together with permanent stitching after someone tried to garrotte cut his throat in a bid to prevent Dion coming back to life afterwards. Dion had managed to deflect the wire upwards where it cut into his mouth. His attacker might have succeeded if Dion had not jumped off the top of a building and took the assailant with him.

In recent times Dion seems to have had a change of moral. No longer a cold blooded merc, he seems to have allied himself with the Grey Man, feeding him the life force needed to survive.

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