Steve Coops

Vindicators of Legend

L-R: Ann, Mortag and Luke



Team Identities:

  • Ann Camberbirch
  • Luke Camberbirch
  • Mortag

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior (Luke/Ann)
  • Alien/Magic Wielder (Mortag)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Ann has the means to “see” other realities
  • Alpha ability – Luke has the means to teleport to places through a visual reference
  • Mortag has magical abilities controlled via special crystals which produce different effects.


  • Luke’s teleporting acts with an anchor linked to his point of origin. After 48hrs he is pulled back to this anchor point.
  • Mortag’s enemies have access to the same crystals as him making them powerful.
  • When they visit the other realms the trio have to rely on themselves.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The Vindicators of Legend are a unique trio who travel to various “realities” to deal with a race known as the Sesarzid

Mortag’s people the Mestral are a race of interdimensional explorers. They have the means to use magic via crystals which give them great power. The same crystals allowed them to open portals to other realities. During one of their expeditions they discovered an Earth that was seemingly uninhabited but was in fact being home to a non-corporeal race known as the Sesarzid.

The Sesarzid had the means to place their consciousness in a living host and take control of that person. In the parallel universe they came from they thrived on mental energies directed at them. This “mental” energy allowed them in turn to create magic and control the people they used as hosts. In the home universe of the Sesarzid the race had caused many problems by going to various worlds and setting themselves up as royalty and even gods.

On their equivalent of Earth they had arrived via an alien host, who was exploring a primitive people. After departing the alien body they had taken human hosts and though they at first got along. However despite them only being few in number they had ended up fighting amongst themselves which had led the people into a cataclysmic war. That in turn had destroyed the planet and left them without any hosts. Since they needed a host to move to other worlds they had basically imprisoned themselves. That was until the Mestral opened a portal.

Seeing an opportunity to escape the Sesarzid took the Mestral explorers as hosts and returned to the Mestral’s version of Earth. The Mestral bodies though were not fully compatible with the Sesarzid and their infiltration was soon exposed before they could do any damage. Needing to escape and find better hosts the surviving Sesarzid stole many of the magic crystals the Mestral used, and opened up portals to different versions of Earth inhabited with humans, a host they knew worked for them. Rather than choosing to stay on the same world, having learned of their desire for power they each decided to split up in small groups and rule a world each.

The Mestral responded by fixing the problem they had created. They send agents to many worlds to report back on their findings in regards to Sesarzid activity. Using this intel, the Mestral were able to assemble small strike teams to destroy the Sesarzid and restore each reality to normal. In each case, with their magic only three of four Mestral were needed to eradicate the threats on each world.

When eight worlds remained the Sesarzid got clever and managed to find a way of blocking interdimensional portals. Though it meant that they could not leave it also meant the Mestral could not interfere with their ambitions for power. Having spent so much time and effort in dealing with the Sesarzid the Mestral rulers decided that eight worlds out of an entire multiverse was a small price to pay and chose to let the Sesarzid keep the eight worlds. To make sure that they Sesarzid could not cause any trouble the Mestral placed a magical barrier around the eight dimensions meaning that they if the Sesarzid tried to re-enable portal travel then it would not work.

Though most Mestral accepted that eight worlds needed to be sacrificed for the greater good, Mortag was not one of them. He was one of those chosen to be a “Reality Agent” and he knew that on each of the eight worlds there would be one like him, only they would be trapped. He felt a kinship towards them and a desire to not only bring his brethren home but also to finish the job that had been started with the Sesarzid.

Whilst he would effectively be going rogue he did not care and despite the odds of fighting alone he would not be dissuaded by the mission that he had chosen for himself. The only problem for him was that he had no means to get past the barriers set up to prevent movement between realities. He therefore moved around the multiverse looking for someone what might provide help and on our Earth he found it.

At first Mortag considered “Rift” to be someone that could help him but after studying the way his Alpha abilities worked he realised that though Rift could jump to other realities he would not be able to bypass the magical barriers. After that disappointment he nearly gave in until he found a pair of siblings that he believed could actually make it past the barriers but only if he could combine their abilities.

Luke and Ann had not had a good beginning. Their father had left before they were born and they were later taken into care as toddlers after their mother got into drugs and alcohol. At the time of Mortag’s visit, Ann Camberbirch was in a mental institution. She was diagnosed with having delusions brought about through hallucinations. Ever since she was nine years old she had told people she could see fantastical worlds. At first that was thought to be mere childhood make believe but through her teens she kept telling people of her “worlds”.  What nobody failed to realise was that she was an Alpha Superior who had made the transition at an early age and gifted her with the means to “see” other realities.

Her older brother Luke was devoted to her. He was also an Alpha Superior and he had the means to picture a place in his minds eye and teleport himself there. His ability though would snap him back to his point of origin any time he chose, or automatically after two days. After what had happened to his sister, he chose not to tell his foster parents about his gift and instead used it to visit her. He considered taking her from the facility but knew that the authorities would never stop hunting for Ann.

Having found Luke and Ann, Mortag realised that if he could get Luke to “see” Ann’s vision then he would be able to jump realities and bypass the magic. Getting Ann out of the institution and reuniting her with her brother though was not going to be easy as he needed everything to seem normal.

The novel solution he came up with was to use his magic to “influence” Ann and Luke’s foster parents into releasing Ann back into their care. Once that was done he then posed as a regular care worker. That allowed him to infiltrate the family circle. He needed to be able to befriend both Luke and Ann before revealing who and what he was and therefore had to play the long. In time he was able to get the institution to give her Ann a full bill of health.

By now Ann had reached adulthood according to the law so the final stage in his plan was to get her to move in with her brother. Luke had already moved out as soon as he came of age as he had never forgiven their foster parents for sending Ann to the institution in the first place. However Ann was far more hesitant of leaving home. For years she had been made to feel insecure and need either her foster parents or nurses etc. Using a new guise Mortag now became a “friend” to Luke and was able to manipulate him into the idea of Ann moving in with him.

Once brother and sister were together, Mortag finally revealed who he was. Though they thought their “friend” was a little crazy, he revealed the series of magical guises to prove he was telling the truth. Now that they believed him, Luke was angry at being used, but Ann felt a little different because Mortag had brought them together and without him she would have still been in a mental institution.

Whilst there was a trust issue, thanks to Ann’s intervention Luke agreed to help Mortag.

In time they would visit each realm and try to put a stop to the tyranny of Sesarzid. Thanks to Mortag’s crystals he is able to give them fighting abilities and clothing suitable for the era. However the limitation to Luke’s abilities has meant that the work will not be done quickly.

Over time Ann and Luke decided to give each of the realms they visit a name rather than the strange numeric sequence refers to them. As such they know the eight world as:

  • Wild West
  • Caribbean Pirate
  • Medieval
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Steampunk
  • Dieselpunk
  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Asia

On each of the realms the trio has been they had encountered many similarities. These included the fact that the Sesarzid have set themselves up in position of power. As well as this they had “enthralled” humans to serve them, transforming many into soldiers/troops to ensure obedience of others outside their influence. To further instill fear in people the Sesarzid have taken to using Mestral “Transformation” crystal to turn ordinary people into monster and force them to do their bidding. Disturbingly in each of the realms the Sesarzid located and captured the Mestral Agent and kept him or her prisoner so they can take pleasure in seeing that person suffer. At the same time the Sesarzid have taken the crystals belonging to their captives to further bolster their power.

All however is not one side for the trio have helped helped either find or establish resistance movements. Through them the trio were able to free all the Mestral captives but since Luke is only linked to Ann and Mortag they cannot be brought back with them. The only way Mortag could seem them staying free was by duplicating what the Sesarzid had done and use a transformation crystal on them to transform them into great beasts of legend. As Mortag used his own crystal to do this the transformation cannot be undone by a Sesarzid using another transformation crystal. However it also means that the Mestral is stuck in a new form until the trio are able to return. Whilst that is a risk, it does afford those that oppose the Sesarzid rule a powerful ally and to continue the fight when the trio are not around to assist.