Steve Coops

Category: Species Beta Hybrid Criminals

Kacela and Barkley

  CLEA DATA FILE Partnership Identities: Kacela (CLEA codename – real name unknown) Barkley CLEA Classification: Kacela – Species Beta hybrid Barkley – Species Beta Special Skills and/or Abilities: Kacela seems has the means to turn her skin into something akin to a poison tree frog. The poison an be deadly upon contact. She seems …

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The Jotnar

The Jotnar are Ragnarok’s last line of defense, the serve as his bodyguards, lieutenants and enforcers. CLEA DATA FILE Asset of: Valhalla Group Identities: Dusk – Laurence Parker Plasma – Ruby Hamilton Scorch Edge II – Mayu Ishikawa (Clone) Paladin – Dmitry Klymenko Hunger -Todd Murray Fire Flight – Unknown identity CLEA Classification: Cyborg¬† – …

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Skullcap is one of the known Bacteria Z hybrids that have made it to civilisation. She is part human and part fungus and can shed her human form. She is also able to telepathically control a giant species of carnivorous plant. CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Tsui Li Na CLEA Classification: Species Beta Hybrid Special Skills …

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Webber is one of the more unusual Bacteria Z hybrids since it is believed that Chimera has experimented on the creature and in doing so given it human intelligence. Its sole purpose seems to be to survive and produce the next generation and it requires human blood to accomplish that. CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Webber …

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