Steve Coops

Charger and Moonlight


Team Identities:

  • Charger (humanoid Rhino male)
  • Moonlight (humanoid Wolf female)

CLEA Classification:

  • Human/Animal Hybrid (Charger)
  • Human/Animal Hybrid (Moonlight)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Charger has an extremely resilient hide which protects him from small arms fire. He has three times the strength, and four times the weight of an average human male which gives him incredible power. Like all Rhinos he also possesses a horn which he can use to gore or flip an enemy when charging, or he can simply use his body as a battering ram.
  • Moonlight has as enhanced senses of hearing and smell whilst her eyes have adapted to work best in dark spaces. She has superior strength than a human female similar in size and is highly agile. Her primary weapons are her claws although she will bite if forced.


  • Charger has limited agility so is vulnerable to quick moving opponents that can stay clear of his fists or anticipate his “charge” and get out of the way.
  • The smell of blood can cause such a distraction to Moonlight that she cannot fight effectively. Bright light can also be used to temporarily blind her.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Originally criminals with the rest of the Beast Warrior “family”, Moonlight and Charger decided on an alternative path. Out of the seven hybrids created by Dr Bryant and Dr Moore they were the only ones that challenged their parent’s will.

Whereas the rest of the Beast Warriors believed they would be persecuted for “what” they were and believed the world would never accept them and so chose to ally themselves with criminal gangs whom would protect them, Moonlight and Charger came to doubt that philosophy.
Like the rest of the hybrids they had human intelligence and so were able to reason. They knew that most ordinary people viewed those that helped crime gangs as little more than monsters in their own right and could not understand why their parents would try to underline the fact by having monsters act as monsters. If anything they believed they should stay hidden or perhaps try a different strategy and get society to accept them for what they were by proving they were not to be feared just because they were different.

Gabby and Dominic considered the idea of this was completely flawed but Moonlight and Charger would not let the matter drop. For weeks the pair pushed their suggestion and refused to support the others in criminal activities until matters finally came to a head. To teach them a lesson and prove how wrong they were and stop the disruption they were causing Gaby and Dominic demanded their errant children leave the family and make their own way in the world. They hoped that in time once Charger and Moonlight had learned how cruel the world was. They believed ordinary people would hunt them down and once that happened the pair would return home seeking forgiveness and be wiser as well.

Exiled the pair did find the majority of people feared them and for their own safety they only ventured out at night to steal food in order to survive. Then the pivotal event occurred on one night when the pair ventured into a seemingly abandoned street to grab some scraps from a large waste skip. In concentrating on what they were doing they did not spot an old lady approaching until it was too late to escape. She was trying to make her way home and to avoid scaring her the pair decided to hide under a pile of rubbish until she had gone. Using a small hole in the side of the skip Moonlight kept watch so that the pair could escape when the street was clear again.

Fate though intervened and a bunch of thugs entered the street at the opposite end. The gang’s leader eyed up the old lady and decided that she was relatively well dressed she so was worth mugging. Moonlight was watching the events play out and guessed what was coming. As the gang attacked Moonlight felt unable to allow the defenceless woman to deal with the cowardly attackers and without thinking things through in regards to the consequences of what might happen found herself leaping out of the skip and hurtling down the road.

Though he thought exposing themselves in public was dangerous Charger was unable to let his sister deal with the thugs alone. He considered Moonlight was more than a match for some hoodlums, but since they had dealt with trouble together since leaving the family he would not desert her now. Consequently he found himself chasing her down the road.
The sight of two monstrous beasts bearing down on them caused the gang to abandon what they were doing and flee empty handed. With the attackers gone the pair decided to make a hasty withdrawal themselves but the old lady called them back. Intrigued at her lack of fear the pair turned back. She was poor of sight which is why she had not been afraid but once they dared to come close to her and she was able to “see” their monstrous forms, she merely acted surprised but not frightened and so she did not scream as Moonlight and Charger anticipated.
Instead after recovering from the shock she chose to thank them. The surprise was now on them but the old woman explained during her long life she had seen a great deal of things and had learned that “evil” did not necessarily have an ugly face and likewise “good” did not necessarily equate to beauty. Her late husband who had been a priest had taught her that and she had never forgotten his insightful words.

Eyeing the pair up and down and then spotting the rotten foot scraps stuck to their bodies, the old woman worked out why the pair had been in the trash.  As one act of kindness deserved another she asked them to follow her so she could reward them with some proper food. The pair though refused to follow her into the open brightly lit streets so she told them to wait and returned an hour later with a small box of food. This she repeated over several nights and the kindness she had showed them bolstered the pair’s reasoning behind why they left their “family”.

Having gained some confidence by learning that not every human would regard them as monster the pair chose to do for others what they had done for the old woman and help others the same way. Realising it might be a long time before the general public would accept them they chose to hide their monstrous forms during the day and only venture out at night.

In time their various acts brought them into meeting other more “normal” looking heroes. Some chose to attack on first sight mistaking them for something sinister (or even the other Beast Warriors that were gaining a reputation) but other heroes were less gung-ho. In time their adventures took them to Atlantica and here they met the first heroes who they came to class as their friends, Impact and Prowler. Word quickly spread from then on and the rest of the hero community began to accept them as allies and not as enemies.

Inevitably their heroic nature would see them come into conflict with their own family but having been rejected for the choices they had made the pair feel they owe their family nothing and so have no qualms about opposing them. Perhaps the biggest sign that people would accept them came when CLEA offered to make them “special assets” since the pair new a great deal in regards to dealing with the Beast Warriors.