Steve Coops

Church of Tazael


Organisation Classification:

  • Religious Cult

Organisation Leader(s):

Organisation Activities:

  • Murder
  • Torture
  • Kidnapping

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • Has only a single leader
  • Rival Demons to Tazael might target them.

Known Assets:


Though there are believed to be many demonic cults, the Church of Tazael was the first one identified by CLEA. As well as worshipping the Demon Tazael the cult is believed to facilitate the capture of innocents to use in their rituals, turning them into killing machines known as Soul Hunters all with the purpose of claiming souls for the Demon.

Their activities are led by a single individual known as the Blood Abbot who presides over the ceremonies. The other members of the cult are known as the Blood Disciples. The men dress the same as him and are charged with protecting the church and its members.

The women dress similar to nuns, only twisted versions of them. As well as being an insult to followers of “Light” based religions, the look is deliberate for they are charged with capturing victims for use in their ceremonies. These are almost exclusively female so the cult uses the guises of nuns to sneak up on unsuspecting targets.At one time the cult used to abduct both women and men but it is believed that they switched to female only, experience having shown them that is was far easier for a few women to capture another than to try and take down a man. Before the victims realise they are not dealing with “normal” nuns they are incapacitated and brought back to their compound.

Victims are then forced to drink Tazael’s blood which corrupts their soul. After that they becoming willing to serve her. They are then presented with a special magical Totems fabricated by the Demon. These Totems protect the newly created Soul Hunter with dark magic which helps increase their physical attributes as well as heal injuries.

In chasing after victims, for a Soul Hunter to succeed in claiming a person’s soul for Tazael it has to be corrupted at the time of death. This is achieved by disabling a victim at which point the Soul Hunter will cut themselves and place their blood in an open wound.

“Infected” with a single drop of Tazael’s blood ensures that the Gatekeeper has no choice but to send the soul of a person to the Dark realm for Tazael to claim. It also means that Soul Hunters who get killed receive the same fate as their victims.

Since the Church is the once who force victims to drink the blood of the demoness and once aligned with her, the victim willingly accepts the Totem, technically Tazael has not directly influenced free will and thus is safe from recriminations.

At first the Totems given to Soul Hunters were little more than face masks and they wore normal clothing but as heroes started to deal with the Soul Hunters the Church decided to improve adding more sophisticated protection. The newest Soul Hunters are on a level par with some of the most advanced tech augmented heroes. Instead of just a mask their entire armoured outfits are a single totem and the incorporation of tech into the designs makes a stark contrast to the “traditional” designs worn by the other members of the Church.

Interestingly almost all magic totems are hard to destroy but not in the case of those given to the Church by Tazael. If they fall into the wrong hands they the dark magic is released and they turn to dust. This was not always the case and came about after two Soul Hunters found a way to beat Tazael by purifying their souls. They then chose to use their Totems to fight against her. From then on she made sure that this could never happen again.

Like the creation of Vampires, other high ranking Demons fear that the Church of Tazael’s actions are too close in their work to incur the wrath of the Light Realm and so on occasion have been known to interfere.