Steve Coops

Claremont Cartel

Despite having been destroyed several times, like a phoenix from the flames Doug Claremont’s crime empire keeps coming back and each time it does it seems to get stronger.


Organisation Classification:

  • Organised Crime Operation

Organisation Leader (s)

Organisation Activities:

  • Extortion
  • Illegal Gambling
  • Money Laundering
  • Prostitution
  • Smuggling/Distribution and sale of controlled substances

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • Crime Boss Doug Claremont is highly irrational and when angry prone to make tactical errors.

Known Assets:


The Claremont Cartel takes its name from its leader, Doug Claremont. Though he runs legitimate nightclubs he subsidises the income with illegal activities. such a drug dealing an prostitution as well as illegal gambling.

The current Cartel was originally the South Europa Cartel (SEC). Back then Doug was a legitimate business owner. The Cartel targetted him because his brother owed them money. He refused to pay for his brothers debts so the gang raped and murdered his daughter. Doug responded by killing his brother for not paying his own debts and then arranged a meeting with the Cartel’s leaders. He told them he was paying up but in reality had darker plans and massacred them. Rather than cleaning up his own night club businesses which he new were a hot spot for drug dealers, Doug absorbed the South Europa Cartel’s empire and made it his own and this the Claremont Cartel was born. During this time he turned on one of his own bodyguards, Nathan Clarke and tried to have him killed.

Expanding on the SEC’s activities Doug improved the supply lines of drugs by employing children to move merchandise using the sewer systems. When the kids grew too big he found alternative uses for them. Boys would either work in his clubs or become enforcers whilst girls would be used as prostitutes.

Nathan would return to have his vengeance and succeeded in killing off the cartel almost single handedly by wreaking all its legitimate business operations. Doug could never recover due to Black Shadow, his biggest competition limiting what he could do. However when Zodiac took them down and a power vacuum took place in the criminal underworld he rebuilt the Cartel from nothing.

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