Steve Coops

Clean up Crew



Primary Role:

  • Search and Rescue

Mission Types:

  • Rescue
  • Recovery
  • Clean up operations

Team Identities:

  • Eidolon – Althea Ocampo
  • Medic – Hana Ninomiya
  • Carjack – Anita Lankenau
  • Slowmo – Brent Parkinson
  • Bore – Piers Houghton
  • Douse – Shemar Hyatt

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Eidolon has the means to project an astral version of herself (or others by touch). In this form she can more through solid mass but not interact with it. Useful for finding victims and keeping them calm.
  • Alpha ability – Medic has the means to lock on to the mind of another person and stabilise  injuries and create healing as well as  provide pain relief.
  • Alpha ability – Carjack can “enlarge” solid objects, useful for shoring up debris or lifting it altogether.
  • Alpha ability – Slowmo can generate an energy field where anything within it operates on a different time frame. This allows the team to work in an unstable environment or even a collapse taking place.
  • Alpha ability – Bore can generate an energy wave from his hands and arms that can cut through rock, metal and most other solid objects. Working with Carjack allows tunnels to be made.
  • Alpha ability – Douse’s body can release a chemical which acts as a flame retardant

Tactical Weakness(s):

  • As they specialise in rescue activities they are not equipped to deal with hostile situations and need support if under fire.
  • Medic’s healing ability draws energy from her own body. Whilst healing a patient her health starts to deteriorate
  • Slowmo’s ability ends up accelerating time back to normal when he drops his powers. As such the whatever time he has slowed “catches” up to normal time.


The Clean Up crew are a special team of Alpha humans that offered their services to CLEA for use in disasters and rescue situations. Though their abilities can be quite powerful, none of the team had any desires to become a hero. In fact their various backgrounds had links to rescue services in their countries of origin.

The six members of the group met on line and ending up discussing the idea that working together they could be extremely useful in emergency situations. Unlike other teams that form and have a powerful backer none of the six had access to vast reserves of cash. However they did realise the CLEA had all the resources in place, including transport and so presented the idea to the South Asian CLEA chief Huojin Sun. He liked the proposal but could not initiate their idea by himself.

The nature of their work meant they had to be fairly autonomous and be able to go to any disaster in any part of the world. Huojin therefore needed the agreement of the other CLEA Chiefs so that a global resource network could be put in place to get them where they needed to go. From these talks came the Emergency Express Protocol, a rapid response system that could get the team easily to any location.

Though technically the Clean Up crew use CLEA resources, they do not fight crime making them one of the more unique units.