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Counter Thrust


Identity: Counter Thrust – Mayu Ishikawa
                     Chrome Blade (prev)

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Rapid Healing (Alpha ability)
  • Skilled with a sword and Sais


  • Prone to mistakes when dealing with Ragnarok and the Jotnar due to anger issues relating to past history

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Kidnapping, assault, extortion and battery. These were carried out as a proxy of Ragnarok and the records were expunged after being proved innocent of willing participation.


As a rookie hero Mayu Ishikawa decided to concentrate her efforts on less powerful criminal types in her home city of Pacifica. She knew her limitations so despite being good with bladed weapons and able to heal she decided to avoid opponents that were more equal in her power. Her biggest weakness though was a lack of experience and arrogance of youth.

Using the code name Chrome Blade she kept the streets of Pacifica free from the minor criminals that troubled “normal” every day people. Despite all her precautions she did not do any background research so was unaware that most of the gangs she was hitting, all worked  for the crime boss known as Ragnarok.

At that time Ragnarok’s crime empire had suffered a set back courtesy of Nathan Clarke (aka the Leveller). To deal with future problems of that nature he had started assembling a squad of powerful combatants (which later became known as the Jotnar). They would be destined to become his enforcers and bodyguards. The one thing that he had missing from the group was a powerful Alpha.

He did not see that as a problem as he had dealings with the Broker whose boss was able to turn ordinary people into Alpha’s, for a fee. Already he had acquired a person, Ruby Hamilton, who was  willing to be altered. Previously he had the Broker alter an unwilling volunteer (later known as Epione/Ellen Clarke) to turn her into a healer and then the price had been some rare metals. This time the Broker demanded biological samples from an Alpha Superior as the fee. Epione could not be used since she was a “creation” and not a source. That did not matter anyway since Nathan Clarke had stolen her anyway.

Unable to pay the fee meant for the time being Ruby would remain normal, and though she was a capable fighter she was not an Alpha. However with Chrome Blade now on the scene and becoming an annoyance Ragnarok saw an opportunity to fix two problems at the same time, namely payment to the Broker and getting rid of vigilante that was causing problems.

Playing on Mayu’s lack of experience, Ragnarok was able to lead her into a trap and capture her. Once fully secured he had Mayu taken to the Broker accompanied by Ruby. The Broker took the “merchandise” and Ruby to his boss, where the latter would be changed in the Alpha criminal known as “Plasma”.

Following her “conversion” Ruby was returned to Ragnarok. The Broker then made contact and explained that now the samples had been taken from Mayu he had no use for her. His suggestion was to use the same memory wiping procedure on Mayu as he had done on Epione and put in additional “programming” to make her a willing and loyal soldier. After a little time to think Ragnarok decided he  wanted something much more nasty for the troublesome hero and wanted her returned without any brainwashing.

Once back with him the crime boss used one of his charged object to turn her into a proxy, which he named “Scorch Edge”.  Ragnarok took great pleasure in doing this as he knew that once back with him and secured so she could not escape  he could release control and she would remember everything she had been forced to do. By doing this he wondered exactly how long it would take to break her.  Aware that if any other heroes realised he had Chrome Blade and want to release her from his control, he made sure that when “working” she wore an outfit that kept every part of her body hidden.

For a few years Mayu, Ruby and two others carried out their duties with great success. Far from being broken and willingly work for Ragnarok, Mayu was determined to one day be free if only to have her revenge. By then the group had started calling themselves the Jotnar. Just as Mayu had fallen foul due to arrogance, the other member of the Jotnar who could think for themselves started to consider themselves invincible.

Then one evening their work was “interfered” with the larger group of heroes, the Night Rangers. The Jotnar, overconfident, felt they would be able to defeat their foes since the Night Rangers, being heroes had to avoid civilian casualties and  collateral damage. Superior numbers of opponents did not seem to really hold much advantage when the could just threaten to harm innocents. Their tactics seemed to back up the hypothesis and for a while the battle was fairly even until the police arrived and started moving the bystanders to safety.

The tide of battle quickly turned and during one of the engagements the cowl worn by Scorch Edge was damaged, revealing Mayu’s face. The moment that happened the Jotnar retreated, but the secret was now out. Working on the logical assumption that Chrome Blade would not have willingly started working for Ragnarok, the Night Rangers sent word out to the hero community that Scorch Edge was a proxy.  Though instead of harming her it meant someone had to capture her instead which would be difficult, the hero community took care of it own.

The Phoenix Alliance were the ones to eventually full of the task after tracking down the Jotnar. Under Ragnarok’s control she had fought furiously once he realised they were trying to capture Mayu but despite the other members of Jotnar and his own efforts, the Alliance managed to isolated Mayu and secure her for the journey back to their base. Still under his control she fought them whilst they started removing her clothing but once the suit was gone and the charged item was no longer in contact with her, she was finally free.

Gary Wynter (G-Wiz) had a therapists brought in to try and help Mayu come to terms with the terrible things she had been forced to do against her will. Though she was able to  find some acceptance the only person that would not forgive her was herself.

Once she felt recovered enough Mayu decided she would return to Pacifica and try and work through her issues via fighting crime. She reinvented herself a third time and became Counter Thrust. Unlike when she was Chrome Blade she decided to keep her face partly covered. Rumours had been started that suggested she had willingly joined Ranarok’s ranks and she feared people might recognise her.

The next time she crossed paths with Ragnarok, Mayu wanted revenge. The team had a new Scorch Blade so Mayu decided to take her anger out on her. As they fought, the new Scorch Blade removed her cowl. She thought that was an odd tactic until Mayu noticed the new Scorch Blade wore her face. It was a clone. That distraction almost got her killed but before the new “her” could capitalise, police had swarmed into the area so the battle was abandoned.

Having seen that she had been cloned meant Mayu was more determined than ever to put an end to Ragnarok. It was bad enough being forced to work for him, but now he had someone with her face willingly committing crime.

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