Steve Coops

Deep Blue




  • Deep Blue

CLEA Classification:

  • Species Beta Hybrid

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Deep Blue “grows” small parasites in the folds of its bony crest located on his head. Once these are ejected they can attach themselves to any mammal host which then comes under his control.
  • Deep Blue is also a powerful psychic without the parasites and is capable of reading peoples thoughts as well as communicating mind to mind.


  • Vulnerable to most weapons that operate underwater

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Deep Blue is one of the largest known Species Beta hybrids. From appearances he appears to have mutated from a whale the parasite adaptation is presumably a defence mechanism derived from exposure to Bacteria Z. CLEA knew there to be two of the species and apart from heading to feeding grounds around Antarctica in the winter the pair stayed in the waters around Terror Island.

Normally they exhibited no hostile tendencies but after Deep Blue’s mate strayed too far from Terror Island and was harpooned and killed by a whaler, he went on the offensive. Using his parasites he roamed the oceans and launched them at passing ships. Taking control of the crew he deliberately ran them aground and created mayhem in the shipping lanes.

To try and put a stop to the attacks, CLEA tried sending marine experts to Deep Blue in a bid to reason with him. The creature was not interested so that meant there was only one option left, to euthanise him. Before the orders came through though Deep Blue encountered the Salacia’s Marauders. Seeing an armed submarine as a useful weapon it attacked and tried to assume control of the crew. Salacia avoided the fate since she was had an alliance with another Species Beta with very powerful psychic abilities, Mr Limb. Through Mr Limb and the parasite she managed to reason with Deep Blue and they reached an agreement whereby they would help each other.

Salacia’s Marauders therefore prevented CLEA from killing Deep Blue. Since then Deep Blue has “worked” with the pirates but their alliance is not permanent and he has been frequently sighted alone. Considered dangerous, unless wearing protective clothing that can deal with the parasites it is best to give him a wide berth.