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Gods of Avarice

Left-Right: Stardom, Discord, Ordain, Capital, Enthral and Rave



Group Identities:

  • Capital –  Daan Bakker
  • Rave  – Fitzroy MacFarlane
  • Ordain   – Agustin Ramos
  • Stardom – Nahla Alami
  • Enthral – Valeria Lozano
  • Discord – Ruolan Zhou

CLEA Classification:

  • Magic Totem Bearers

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Capital – Can get anyone to do as he wants by giving them luxury items or money. When using power himself he will generate a stream of gold coins which can be ejected like projectiles.
  • Rave – Intoxicates his victims causing them to break into violence. Using his own power on himself makes him a deadly weapon’s master.
  • Ordain – Gets into victims minds by offering them power over others.  This manifests in himself with super strength
  • Stardom – Can manipulate electronic media. Seduces people by making them “famous” electronically whether by TV or the internet. By similar process she can use the same gifts to  creates distractions which affect her enemies. Using her own power she is also capable of throwing highly charged plasma bolts
  • Enthral – Makes people fall in love with her. They will then do anything she asks. Using her own power she can  can attract or repel any object.
  • Discord – Can instantly take over any mind within range and force them to do her bidding. Using her own power she can shoot flames when she is angry


  • Magic can be defeated by Magic
  • Together the group is strong yet individually they can be beaten

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Murder
  • Attempter Murder
  • Damage to Property
  • Theft
  • Assault


For thousands of years the Demons and Angels had fought each other. In the Mortal Realm humans became used as pawns by both sides. With no end in sight the only thing both sides did acknowledge was that without mortals they would doom themselves. They therefore reached an agreement whereby neither side was supposed to directly interfere with mortal lives. Though a compromise it was the only way in which the outcome was fair to both Demons and Angels.

Before the truce, Angels visiting the mortal realm in their winged “true” form would cause humans to instinctively behave favourably towards them. This was not deliberate act but rather a side effect of how Light Magic worked in its purest form.However the Demons saw the behaviour of man and considered it was deliberate.

Since Demon hierarchy was based on strength and power they required followers and human souls to climb their rankings. Angels visiting the Mortal Realm prevented that so they had taken to enslaving humans and forcing them to follow them and steal their souls. This was how the war between them got started.

After both sides had made their agreement Angels could only use their “true” form in the mortal realm on brief occasions whilst Demons could not enslave mortals, thus both sides gave mortals free will. Though both side said they would abide by the accord that did not prevent them from trying to find creative ways around it.

Demons would do this by manipulating mortals to do their bidding with their deals. Because a mortal “chose” to take the deal they were acting with free will. Followers who chose to follow dark religions also gave Demons power but the Angels could do nothing if those people had not been coerced into worshipping Demons.

Angels for their part preferred to take the moral high ground and not interfere altogether. However if they felt that a Demon or his/her followers were bending the rules too far they would act. Normally this occurred when innocent lives were being hurt, and Angels would almost guarantee to act is followers of Light based religions were being deliberately targetted. Some Angels even decided to play Demons at their own game by disguising themselves as mortals and “guide” mortals away from darkness.

Inevitably the actions of both sides bending the rules would lead to minor conflicts or skirmishes between the Light and Dark realms. With the potential to ignite a war that neither side wants in more recent times both Demons and Angels have seen to policing their own races better resulting in the number of “events” becoming greatly reduced. In the past though things were very different and incident in Ancient Egypt had the potential to lead a situation the agreement was supposed to prevent.

It all began when a group of six Demons ventured to the mortal realm. They were at the bottom of the hierarchy and were frustrated at the agreement which prevented them progressing rapidly up the chain of power. Normally Demons were all rivals with each other but these six managed decided to work together. To not run afoul of the Agreement, they decided to mask their activities by casting a spell which effectively blocked both the Dark and Light realms from observing what they were doing.

Free to do as they pleased they returned to their old ways and began enslaving the people, forcing them to comply to their demands. By amassing followers quickly their combined power grew. Anyone that refused to obey lost his or her soul which in turn added to their power. For over a century the Demons got away with breaking the agreement until a group of Angels became curious as to why most of North Africa seemed to be “blind” to magical activity.

They queried this with the Archangels but nothing was done, so they challenged the Dark Realm as well. The Demon lords though “saw” nothing and refused to do any investigating so an angel travelled to the Mortal realm to find out. Once through the vale of Dark Magic the truth was revealed. As six Demons were in control the Angel recruited five others to help. Having already approached the Archangels and they had done nothing the group felt they needed to take action.

Since the veil hid magic, the Angels could use their true form. This allowed them to rally mortals into following them. The Demons soon discovered their power was being drained away as they started to their armies of followers. Before the situation turned dire the Demons decided to eradicate the Angels and their mortal allies.

Both sides clashed in a war that lasted thirty years but as the Demons lost power and the Angels amassed it they knew the end was coming. The Demons knew that they could not expect help from the Dark Realm since they had broken the Agreement and brought about their own fate. That meant they were aware that when the Angels caught up with them there was only one outcome, to be vanquished and face oblivion.

Defeated an angry the Demons were determined to have revenge on those that opposed them and found a solution which they thought would assure this would happen by leaving behind a legacy of evil. Knowing when the final battle came, the Angels would simply try to take them out first the Demons thought that their foes might not be paying attention elsewhere. Working with their loyal servants, the Dark Mages, the Demons “arranged” that at the moment of their demise they would release all their power which the wizards could then trap in magic totems along with a portion of their “essence”.

The plan worked well and the Angels were so focused on eradicating the Demons they failed to realise the presence of the Dark Mages who were able to slip away. With the battle over and the Demons gone, the dark magic veil lifted. Though peace was restored the presence of the Angels in their true form could be “seen” by both the Dark and Light Realms. To avert war the Archangels descended to punish their kin for interfering. With the Angels now occupied in avoiding their own deaths, the Dark Mages were free to try the Totems and with a Demon soul able to control them through the Totem, a new reign of darkness began.

The rogue Angels, tried to hide by using disguises but it wasn’t enough so having learned of the existence of the Dark Totems, asked the Archangels to transform them into Totems so they could continue the fight rather than simply being wiped from existence. Since Totems where neither Angels or Demons that did not break the agreement between their races so the Archangels complied. Technically they had “killed” the rogues  and in doing so had appeased the Dark Realms.

The human Totem bearers who claimed these new Totems fought their evil counterparts. The people thought both groups of people as gods. The “good” ones became known as the “Skygods” and over time would embroidered in the legends which would later form the basis of Egyptian Mythology. The “evil” Totem Bearers became the “Dark Gods”.

Eventually the Skygods and their armies managed to corner the Dark Gods and once the bearers were defeated the Totems were removed. Unable to be destroyed the Skygods had them scattered and buried where they would never be found.

Millennia passed before one of the Dark Totem was found during a test drilling to locate minerals. Like most active Totems this one could “call” to humans who were relatively close. In doing that the Totem claimed a first host but the host did not seem to be exactly what it was after so instead of assuming full control it just influenced the one who possessed it into doing its bidding.

It moved from host to host and all the while learned about the new world it was inhabiting. Along the way it learned how mankind had prioritised things like money and power over more simpler needs. The Demon soul inside it considered that this was how it was going to have revenge on mortal by using these desires to give people what they wanted but in such a way it would lead to their destruction.

Eventually the Totem found its way into the hands of a small time gang leader in America, Fitzroy MacFarlane. Though lacking outright power to take control of its new “owner” completely, MacFarlane’s lack of empathy to other people made him the ideal host. Using its active abilities the Totem was able to form a pact with MacFarlane with an offer of power, a deal which he accepted. Before being allowed to use that power to cause the chaos the Demon wanted, MacFarlane had to locate the other Dark Totems first.

With the means to create magic that intoxicates other humans and causes them to act violently by being free on inhibitions, MacFarlane became “Rave”.  When he located the second Totem he gave it to another member of his gang Nahla Alami. She would become “Stardom” and gain magic that was able to manipulate media. She could make people famous overnight and they would do anything in return.

From then on other Totems were given to the types of twisted people suited to their cause. Though trying to keep a low profile until all the Totems had been found, they could not escape the media despite Stardom’s ability to manipulate it.  By using modern trappings to literally “enslave” the followers  they  became known as the  Gods of Avarice

All the while the group were searching for the Totems the Gods of Avarice were confused as to where their old enemies, the Angels were. Though the humans possessing the Totems were still in control the Demons inside still had the means to influence them. They could also “talk” to their hosts and so the Totem Bearers were very much aware of all potential threats especially from the ones who had vanquished them. However the fact that the Angels had not made their presence felt gave them a false sense of security. This would ironically lead to complacency without which their enemies could have been dealt a serious blow.

The last Dark Totem eventually showed up at an Egyptian Artefact Tour. Still sealed in its original box that it had been buried in the Totem had not managed to exercise enough influence to claim a new host due the fact that at some time priests had located the box  and after realising what it was had placed magic incantations on the outside which nullified the Totem’s ability to “call”.

One of Rave’s contact had intended to rob the tour and mentioned the strange box. This matched the one his Totem had been placed in and he realised the last of his brethren had been found. Since he had great power and there was only security to worry about, Rave decided he did not need everyone to come along so he only took Stardom. Since they were the first it seemed strangely fitting for them to be there to claim the last Dark Totem.

What they did not bargain on was the fact that their old enemies had chosen to also become Totems. Khnum had been the first to awaken, a spell triggered by detecting the first of the Gods of Avarice returning to the world. Since then he had been busy trying to find the other “Angel” totems. In effect both sides had been in a race. Khnum had yet to locate any of them but on recognising a picture of the artefact in a brochure advertising the exhibition he felt that the Gods of Avarice would strike and so had assigned himself as security.

Alone, though powerful he might not have stood a chance but luckily Wadjet and Anubis had also seen the same brochure. Whilst Rave and Stardom thought they had been given a golden opportunity they were unaware that the same information in the public domain was leading to enemy forces converging to their location.

When they tried to take the box, Khnum, Wadjet and Anubis revealed themselves. Though outnumbered Rave and Stardom used the guests at the exhibition as pawns and in trying to protect the Gods of Avarice got away. The reveal on the new of the three Skygods helped the remainder find them so whilst Rave and Stardom had completed obtaining all the Demon Totems, in doing that they had helped the Skygods to meet.

From then on both sides have played a game of cat and mouse with the Gods of Avarice spreading chaos and harm whilst the Skygods have been there to stop them.

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