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Green Goddess



  • Green Goddess – Janet Yorke

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Converts heat energy to light and strength. Also capable of levitation and flight


  • Once her powers went active for the first time they remained permanent. Without a heat source her powers drain body heat so to avoid risking her life she has “artificially” heat herself for several hours a day in a specialised incubator.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Though aware at a young age that she was an Alpha, Janet never believed she would progress to become an Alpha Superior. When she was twenty-two fate had other ideas. Despite the fact she had the warning signs, itchy skin and her eyes becoming sensitive to light, she chose to go with a group of friends on holiday. Just four days in on the holiday her powers would activate for the first time.

Whilst in a sun lounger at the beach, she heard the cry for help from a drowning woman. The sudden burst of adrenaline was the trigger that finally completed Janet’s transition from Alpha Inferior to Alpha Superior. She went to sit up on the sun lounger only now she found herself floating ten feet above it. Though it did not take a genius to work out she had gained Alpha abilities, unfortunately for Janet she did not know exactly what the nature of her”gift” was. Normally newbie Alpha Superiors experimented to learn what their abilities were and how to use them, but with a life in peril there was simply no time.

Using all her concentration, Janet “thought” about trying to make it back to the ground and against the odds, her idea worked and she found her feet touching sand. Now working on her original instinctive thoughts, she headed straight for the ocean in the direction of the cries. Janet now found she was running a lot quicker than normal, no doubt another part of her abilities she had just discovered. As she hit the water she cut into it like shock wave, generating a massive wake as she moved. The water that touched her body turned to steam but she did not pay any attention to that. Finally she reached the casualty in the nick of time and dragged her back to the shore. At the moment she collapsed.

The next time her eyes opened she found herself in the company of strangers, who were in fact members of the Phoenix Alliance. From them she learned that two weeks had passed and in that time she had nearly died twice.

Gary Wynter aka G-Wiz explained that following her collapse on the beach she had been taken to a hospital. Despite their best efforts her body temperature had started to collapse and nothing seemed to be able to stop it. Since eye witness reports suggested that she was an Alpha Superior, the hospital had contacted CLEA as in the doctor’s opinion they had the greatest experience in dealing with Alphas. The CLEA agents that arrived also had no idea what to do with Janet and that was when the call was made to the Phoenix Alliance for it was widely known by CLEA agents that the Alliance did have actual experience in helping “unusual” Alphas.

The Phoenix Alliance had then taken Janet from the hospital but finding out how to stabilise her body temperature had not been an easy road, and Gary admitted that she had twice gone critically cold. The breakthrough had come when Miss Fusion had come to have a look at their new “guest”. The radiation that she emitted had then stabilised Janet temporarily which gave Gary the key to fixing the patient, namely radiation. It still took him a couple of days to isolate the component needed to fix Janet and that component was heat.

Janet was confused as to why she had this problem. Though she admitted that she did not know much about Alpha Superiors what little she did, she knew that the answer should be to simply not use her powers. Gary though explained that in the case of some Alpha’s, including her, once the powers became active for the first time they remained “turned on”. Miss Fusion was another example of this phenomenon. To try and find all the answers, Gary asked if she would stay a while longer.

Though Janet would have preferred to simply get back to her life, she knew deep down that her old life was over and so agreed to stay. Then over the course of several days Janet became the guinea pig in many experiment. During this time she started to make friends with other members of the Alliance and they helped her to learn how to master her superhuman abilities.

The hardest part to master has to mentally control the heat moving to her hands. In rescuing the woman on the beach, Janet had learned that she had gave her massive burns whilst dragging her back to shore. Once she knew this had happened she felt that she could be dangerous to be around until heat scans had revealed that with the right mental disciplines she could regulate heat emission on any part of her body.

By the time she had got to grips with that aspect of her abilities, Gary finally had all the answers he needed. He then told Janet of his findings and that was she needed to absorb intense heat for a few hours each day to keep her body functioning properly and that time would increase the more she actively used her abilities. Now that she had the information, how she continued with her life was now up to her.

Gary offered her a place to stay at the mansion and a position on the team, but Janet really wanted to return home to Europa. Though she had made new friends, she had been getting homesick. This felt really odd for her, since she knew that everything had changed and had accepted her old life was gone. Gary though accepted her decision and made her a counter offer to make her a reserve member of the Alliance.Having never really having any aspirations of becoming a “hero” she thanked him but said she wanted to try to see if she could live her life with some sort of normality. Though she had made her choice she still had to stay at the mansion another week as Gary was trying to build an incubator to supply her daily “heat” needs.

Upon returning home, Janet tried to maintain some sort of normality. Her friends certainly knew of her amazing gift so she swore them to secrecy. Luckily for her the stories of the beach incident had not caught world wide media attention so apart from her immediate circle of friends nobody could link her to the rescue story.

As days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, Janet found herself finding in increasingly harder not to be tempted to use her Alpha Abilities to deal with trouble. She finally lost focus on that when she saw a child nearly get run down and indistinctly ran into the road at high speed and got the boy to safety. From then on it was like a drug and soon she found herself dealing with petty criminals. Using only her speed to keep her identity a secret was a problem along with the fact that when she actively used her abilities she tended to burn her clothes.

Frustrate by this she returned to the Phoenix Alliance to see if they could help with this “problem”. Gary and the others seemed pleased to see her, and he admitted he thought she might be back and had second guessed what she was looking for. To this end her had built her a special suit that contained a thermal barrier layer. Worn under normal clothing even if she used her abilities she would not burn them. Since she had once told him her favourite colour was green Gary had chosen that for her. Now wanting to become a hero she accepted the position of a reserve member of the Alliance before returning home.

It would not be long before the media spotted Janet’s heroic activities and before she could drop the code name that she fancied calling herself, the press had already named her the “Green Goddess”.

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