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James Carlisle is literally a one man army for though he is only one, in a matter of moments he can create duplicates of himself and swarm his enemies.



  • James Carlisle

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – allows James to produce duplicates of himself made out of a stone-like material. On occasions he has managed to produce ten or more copies and the Agency remains unaware of his full potential. Each copy functions rather like a robot with basic programming so they carry out a set of instructions given at “birth”. Providing he maintains a telepathic link the copies continue their orders and at any time he can update the “programming.” Note: Copies automatically turn to dust after he ceases to use his Alpha ability.


  • The more copies James produces the bigger the mental load. Any break in concentration results in the connection being lost and a copy simply stops functioning until the link is re-established. This effect can be exploited by forcing James to act defensively and produce many copies. Not only will he not be able to control them but the over use of his Alpha ability will exhaust him.
  • He prefers to acts as an overseer so is poor fighter and thus if an opponent can get close enough to engage him directly he can be readily defeated.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Muscle for hire.
  • Mercenary
  • Assault and battery


Able to produce temporary stone copies of himself, Carlisle market himself as a one man army. As a freelance hired help for the highest bidder he likes to work alone. In the past he joined in with other criminal teams but arrogance in regards to his own abilities meant anyone else could not work with him.

In the beginning after his Alpha abilities activated he considered the life of a hero. However having be born into poverty and seeing his parents struggle to bring up the family, he decided that his gift was a means to make his fortune. As heroes do not charge for their services he began his Alpha Superior “career” by becoming a one man protection racket. This paid well but in time the enemies of the people he was protecting grew irritated. Several disastrous attempts were made on his life and when the organised crime groups could not eliminate him they instead tried a different tactic and had him work for them. Though he was not keen on becoming a criminal the monetary rewards were too big a temptation and the rest was history.