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Harmony Island Beach Resort

The Harmony Island Beach Resort an exclusive holiday destination designed to cater for heroes from around the world. The concept is based on an idea of Nina Dupont after a chance encounter with rich recluse Lance Mickelson whilst she was on holiday. She like many other heroes in the public eye had a hard time relaxing.

If their real identity was known then they would be hounded by the public and media alike. Most people like that were well funded but being “famous” meant that the idea of relaxation was a luxury that was hard to achieve. Conversely the types of heroes that  were lucky enough to  keep their real identities secret from the media, often had to fund their own crime fighting activities meaning they could not afford to take a break.

Nina had tried to get Lance to become a hero like her but he did not want to show himself in public, but after she taught him to embrace his unique “qualities” he considered another approach to serving the public by trying to give back to those that protected society

Since Lance had a Pacific island which was private and no longer used for anything other that hiding from the world, Nina suggested he turn it into a safe haven where “heroes” could visit and escape their enemies and the general public and get the break they deserved. Lance liked the idea and so used some of his considerable fortune to make it a reality.

Starting with a single island, the facility has been increased in size by the addition of several “artificial” satellite islands so guests have the option of mingling in groups or go somewhere more isolated for private activities or reflection.

The island also serves as base of operations for the Taniwha team of heroes who have dedicated their lives to protecting the oceans and a refuge for people who are hunted by the authorities who want to exploit their abilities. In fact a lot of the islands staff consists of these “refugees”.

Key  “Staff” Members

The beach patrol is a dedicated team of lifeguards that live at the resort. Though the guests are all “heroes” Lance and Nina felt it was important to give someone else to the responsibility of protecting them.

All other members of staff that cater for the guests are carefully scrutineered and hire from those that have served in the police or military. The long term plans will see these people retire on the island, a reward for their service to society.


Accommodation is provided in the form of apartments with single, double and groupings available and room service provided if wanted.

As well as the usual sports, bars and recreational activities also has a full medical centre which is capable of dealing with major injuries. Some guests are brought to the island in order to convalesce so staff are on hand to  deal with ongoing care.  Also the  facility  has the means to treat guests suffering from mental issues created by their crime fighting activities.

Visiting the Resort

Guests do not pay for anything. Lance’s philanthropy means that everything is free. It its his gift for services rendered. Having billions at his disposal enables him to fund the venture. However, unlike other resorts guests do not book a holiday. They have to be invited to come.


The resort’s security is extremely tight for necessary reasons. Not only would it be a perfect target for villains but media intrusion is also a high priority. From a guest’s POV all the security measures have to be transparent as one can hardly relax if armed guards are marching past every few minutes! Currently CLEA only knows that the island is protected and well defended but no details. This perhaps is the resorts attempt at having a perfect security screen.

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