Steve Coops

Jade Emperor



  • Jade Emperor – Real Name Unknown

CLEA Classification:

  • Crime Boss – The Twelve
  • Skilled Warrior (Non-enhanced)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • In terms of sword handling the Jade Emperor is believed to have unsurpassed skills. Anyone trying to challenge him in a sword fight is considered to be signing their own death warrant.
  • The Jade Emperor’s body armour is made from an as yet unidentified material. It has been seen managing to deflect heavy calibre rounds.
  • The Jade Emperor’s swords are rumoured to be so sharp they can slice through every type of body armour.


  • Unknown – no details of him ever been defeated in combat
  • Projectiles – speculation only

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Homicide
  • Attempted homicide


The Jade Emperor is the leader of the assassins group known as the Twelve. The name is merely a title and historians believe has been used by both male and female warriors.

The current Jade Emperor is believed to be a man, given the shape and profile of his armour. However nobody has seen his face to verify it. This is because the only people to see his face are the other members of the Twelve and the few people he trusts. Rumours are that those who know of the Twelve say that ‘whomever gazes upon the Jade Emperor’s face’ will not live to remember it.  Total anonymity therefore make its difficult to know when a new Jade Emperor is in control, unless there is a change of sex, i.e male to female or female to male.

Though unproven, it is thought that the Jade Emperor can use his/her anonymity to an advantage by conduct business in the real world. This allows him or her to look for prospective members for the group without revealing who he is.

It is believed that the only way a new Jade Emperor can be appointed is by one of three ways and all involve the death of the outgoing leader.

  • Died in battle – theoretical as no proof is that it has happened down.
  • Succession – the current Jade Emperor appoints a new one from the ranks and stands down by taking his/her life. Another way in which succession is triggered is if the real world identity of the Jade Emperor is learned he/she has to stand down as they are vulnerable by no longer being anonymous
  • Challenge – Anyone can challenge for the position of the Jade Emperor. The must first earn the right by defeating Yin and Yang. Once that is done he/she has to kill the current Jade Emperor in sword combat.

The Jade Emperor’s main role is to decide whom of the Twelve has to carry out a contract. He/she has the option of performing the assassination personally ir not issuing the contract at all if it is considered dishonourable.

The secondary role of the Jade Emperor is to hand out punishment. This not only applies to member of the Twelve who have broken the rules but also clients who have tried to deceive the organisation. As with contracts the punishment is almost always a death sentence, although individuals are allowed to plead their cases if there is mitigating circumstances.