Steve Coops




  • Charles Henderson

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – allows Charge to shape shift into prehistoric creatures. So far the following forms have been seen although this may not be a complete list;-


  • Though at first he was unaware of his changes at first and had no memory he now retains memory and to a certain extent control although he likens this to steering a car than direct access to his creature form.
  • Whilst he is able to “choose” which form his change will take often he will inadvertently transform into a creature that matches his emotions. Aggression sees him become predatory dinosaurs whilst when he’s on the defensive he will often become an armoured dinosaur.
  • He has been known to lose all control of his creature form.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Before he discovered he was an Alpha Superior Charles had been working as a security guard for the Pacifica natural history museum during a time when some new exhibits were being shipped in. The warehouse used for storage became a scene of carnage when Alpha Strike retreated there during a confrontation with the Phoenix Alliance.
During the ensuing battle Alpha Strike managed to grab “Boost” and coerced her into augmenting their Alpha abilities. Aware that her own allies would mount a rescue she did as asked in order to buy them some time and to cause as much disruption as possible she pushed the abilities of Animorph and Bulldozer to the limit which caused their respective abilities to mutate uncontrollably.
Unbeknownst to her, some of the energy Boost expelled “leaked” into some of the crates close to Animorph and Bulldozer and this “energy” took with it copies of their mutated abilities.

The Phoenix Alliance managed to rescue Boost and with Alpha Strike’s plans in ruins the criminal group fled. The warehouse was then left for the various services to clean up the mess and seeing as some of the crates were destined for the museum the curator sent a small security team to assess and damage. When Charles came across a large crate that were described as fossils on the paperwork he would not help but notice a strange blue energy ball dancing over the crate.
The instant he touched it he complete the catalyst and had his Alpha Superior status jumpstarted. Instantly he gained the size shifting abilities of Bulldozer combined with the shape shifting abilities of Animorph, and the fossils provided him with the template.

Like every other Alpha Superior that gained their “powers” unnaturally, Charles’s Alpha abilities were unstable and erratic. His first full transformation occurred two days later and he had no idea of what had happened when he found himself waking up in the street completely naked. Even stranger was a rumour a large monster had been seen in the area but since a drunk reported it the police had ignored the report.

He lost several more days over the period of a few months until he awoke in the company of the Phoenix Alliance. It was them that filled in the missing blanks and for the first time he learned about his ability to change into a dinosaur form.
Accepting an offer of help they studied him under a variety of conditions and learned that he would spontaneously transform when under stress or when his mind perceived a threat or danger. The actual emotional response such reactions produced then determined what animal form he became.
Anger and aggression usually “created” predatory dinosaur forms whilst a dangerous environmental might result in one of the armoured herbivore forms. Once transformed his mental reasoning would also change to that of instinct. Depending on what he had changed into that was potentially dangerous for any innocent bystander.
Only after being exposed to a barrage of tests the Phoenix Alliance were able to give Charles some mental condition training which gave him some modicum of control over his animal guise. The training allowed him to dampen down some of the instinctive drives and influence the “creatures” decision making but that was the best they could do for him.
In time the training allowed him to retain some memory and what happened but in many cases he preferred not to “see” what had happened. The only thing he was thankful of was that somehow the part of him that remained inside his changed form prevented him killing people, even in his predatory guises. The Knight’s Forge also stepped into help and gave him an implant that could trigger his transformation and when he did this he was often able to choose which guise he took. However the device could not prevent an emotional transformation. Despite the overall lack of control the Phoenix Alliance considered him more of an asset than a liability.

As a crime fighter Charles spend quite some time with the group and was happy for quite some time until other groups and authorities perceived him as a threat. The military wanted to capture him and use him as a weapon, the police considered him a danger to everyone and there was whole host of other people that wanted to use him or kill him. Only CLEA decided to adopt a neutral response.
Though the Alliance had gained enough political clout to hold off the attentions of the military in America and Canada, Charles believing the excitement regarding his presence on the team served as an unwanted distraction and would prevent the group working effectively.
Charles therefore elected to become a reserve member and lower his profile and thus avoid both attracting trouble as well as causing it. Upon leaving the group he began travelling. Never staying long enough for his “enemies” to find him was the key to survival but despite this he could not escape the compulsion to help people when he had the opportunity which is why instead of disappearing into oblivion the hero known as Jurassic has been seen reported many times along with his menagerie of transformations. Where and when he will appear next in the world CLEA dares not speculate.