Steve Coops

League of Blood


Organisation Classification:

  • Renegade Vampire Group

Organisation Leaders:

Organisation Activities:

  • Assault
  • Attempted Murder
  • Kidnapping and false imprisonment

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • Hunted by vigilantes and the vampire houses

Known Assets:

  • Renegade vampires and vampires that had been expelled or chosen to leave their own houses


The League of Blood was formed by Natasha Orlov. She had been an Elder with the House of Orlov Coven but her husband did not enjoy sharing power and so he fabricated evidence to make it look like she had betrayed the vampire race. Sentenced to death, she survived in part due to the fact that she had friends within the Coven.

Angry at being treated in this manner, she decided that is Elders could break the rules and change them as and when it suited then they were no longer acting in the best interest of their race. Therefore it was time for all the Elders to be taken from their privileged position, particularly those that clone new bodies for themselves.

Unable to do the work alone she decided to form the League of Blood and set out to recruit the renegade vampires with similar views. In time she found Viktor, Serwa and Kabir. All had been cast out of their Houses and all had become “public enemy number one” as far as the Elders were concerned.

With them acting as leaders, they were able to attract other renegades and built a small army at which point they started targeting assets belonging to each of the Houses. Anything that disrupted their operations was worthy of attacking. Without the Houses to support them those with the League of Blood had no supply of food which meant they had to attack ordinary people. Such actions would draw attention to vampire society and so all the Houses were unanimous in the decision that the League of Blood needed to be crushed.

Despite years of effort on the part of the Houses they have yet to succeed in eradicating the rogue organisation. Likewise the League of Blood has failed to accomplish what it set out to do. This led Natasha to leave it and join the Circle who she believed had the means to take down the Houses and break the stalemate.

One unusual aspect of the League is the fact that the members use their “old” family names. Normally Vampires take on the house name as their “family” name so when a vampire joins the League he or she reverts their name back to what they were once known as.


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