Steve Coops

Luzerran Hunters


Race Identity:

  • Luzerran

Known Individuals

  • Calachen
  • Alvanu


  • Biped, Taller than humans appear to stand on their toes. Ankle rotated downwards steeply like rear legs on a dog.
  • Only ever seen in the black “leather” hunter garb.
  • Not as technologically advanced as others. Tend to purchase tech or “win” it on their hunts.


  • Incredibly strong
  • Agile fighters and capable of using many weapons.
  • Thick skin and adaptive biology means they rarely need the equivalent of space suits worn by other races.
  • Nitrogen breathers
  • So good are they as bounty hunters, the Eopua frequently hire them for eradicating isolated threats.

Interaction with Humans and Other Races:

  • Highly aggressive if challenged and do not like “outsiders” in their territory.
  • Will attack anyone that gets in the way of achieving their specific goal whilst on the hunt.


  • One time warrior, now hunter based society, governed by the most revered and respected hunters.
  • Live for the thrill of the hunt. After coming under the protection of the Eopua the race was stopped from warring with their neighbours. They adapted and instead started hiring out their services to others as bounty hunters in order to keep honing their skills.
  • Believe in a code of honour. If saved by another they consider their lives “belong” to whomever saved them (known as a retainer) . Can only be freed from a life dept by two means, death or if released from the obligation by their retainer.
  • On their home world in the past they frequently hunted a lesser race known as the Jamicst. Under Eopua protection this was banned and the Jamicst were place in “nature reserves”. However some Luzerran tribes have been known to poach Jamicst from the reserves and take them to isolated planets or moons in order to engage in illegal “traditional” hunting.


Only two are known too have visited Earth, the male Calachen and the female Alvanu. They were the pair that Vanguard freed from the Myzx prison. As per their customs they owe a “life debt” to the team. This is despite the fact they have been told on several occasions that the debt has been paid.

Considered allies of Vanguard they have assisted the team on more that one occasion. The pair have even been hire to capture dangerous aliens on Earth. Though the Eopua has tried to prevent any outside races visiting Earth to avoid messing with the great “experiment”, as Calachen and Alvanu are known to Vanguard and in the Eopua’s opinion, humans in general, the damage has technically been done. This means that they and they alone are the only members of their race with unrestricted access to the planet, but only on assignment.

Consequently the two have also become known to CLEA. Though they are a proud people and avoid assistance, after working performing missions in which CLEA and other heroes of Earth are also engaged in, rather than trying to compete with them they have begrudge accepted help. Often though it still ends up more of a competition since the Luzerran would prefer to show off their hunting prowess.

Despite the fact that members of their race engage in the illegal game hunting of Jamicst, both Calachen and Alvanu are strictly against the blood sport and have been known to take on bounties for their own people involved in such activities. This has made them hated by some of their own people but their success rate makes them feared far more which is why they are rarely challenged by their own people.

Though the pair, like Luzerran in general do not generally work well with other races they will work together in a fashion and Alvanu and Calachen are part of community of Hunters. As a group they share information on each other’s targets but will not directly hunt another’s bounty unless a specific request has been made.