Steve Coops


Brilliant Engineer turned criminal



  • Annicka Jansen

CLEA Classification:

  • Human Tech enhanced

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • As well as protecting her against weapons up to large calibre sizes her suit amplifies her strength thus making her more agile as well as faster and stronger than an ordinary human. At close range in one on one confrontations she should be considered highly dangerous.


  • Without her suit she is as vulnerable as an ordinary person.
    Whilst wearing the suit she can be forced into making tactical errors through provocation.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Mercenary
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Kidnapping
  • Assault/Aggravated Assault


Annicka Jansen aka a Maverick would have perhaps made a career as a revolutionary engineer if it was not for one thing, her family. Her father, Ruben Jansen and other generations had been in the military and her older brother Liam had chosen to follow in his father’s footsteps. However the prospects of military life did not appeal to Annicka. Whilst Liam had played at soldier whilst growing up, she had instead buried her head in books. Science was her passion and she self-taught herself many skills. Perhaps her biggest passion was in creating things, building something from junk she found. Naturally when her school years ended, instead of signing on at the military academy she instead headed for university to start a degree in engineering. That singular decision created a rift between father and daughter. The Jansen’s were a military family and her chosen path as a “civilian” was something on an insult to Ruben. At every given opportunity he would tell friends and neighbours that Annicka did not go into military service because she “couldn’t hack it,” or “wanted an easy life”. As the bad feelings festered Annicka chose to leave the family home than put up with her father acting like a bigot. They would still meet at important holidays and Ruben would always throw in the odd comment just to make her feel uncomfortable. Annicka though learned to ignore the snarky insults since she got along with her brother and mother so rather than respond she kept silent as a mean to keep the peace. Tragedy though struck the family when Liam was killed during a minor engagement on peace keeping duties. The funeral was difficult for them to get through as a family but the following Christmas, Ruben was particularly nasty. He viewed Liam as a hero and since she was a civilian she was nothing. Though she was quite well known as both an inventor and an engineer all her achievements did not matter. In fact he made it quite clear that he felt she dishonoured the family name. This time though Annicka did not keep quiet let loose with all the pent-up rage and aggression she had bottled up for years, before storming out of the house. This would be the last time the family ever had Christmas together. Following on in the New Year she returned to work and tried to put events behind her, but she was still angry. She wanted revenge and after a good deal of thought she came up with a plan that would both insult and embarrass her father. She would raid the barracks where both Liam and Ruben had served thus dirtying the family name. Since she had already “dishonoured” it in Ruben’s mind she felt that she should fulfil his statement. Getting into the base without getting killed would have presented something of a challenge if it was not for the fact that at the time she was working for a company that specialised in protective clothing for civilian (and ironically military applications). Many of the company’s products she had part designed and her boss had given her free reign to develop her own ideas. Though she was abusing the trust given to her, Annicka was so angry and driven she no longer cared about anything other than her goal. Consequently using her position she was able to obtain materials that allowed her to build a special, high grade form of armour that would repel most medium and some heavy firearms. Whilst working on other projects she built her “bullet proof” suit in secret and so as not to draw attention to what she was up to she took the components home for final assembly. It took ten painstaking months for her to finish the suit and then once it was ready she carried out the plan she had been waiting to perform since the previous Christmas. Showing a flair for the bravo she literally walked past the guards on the main gates of the barracks. Naturally they tried to stop her after warning and then when that failed they opened fire. The armour worked as expected in deflecting the bullets and since it amplified her physical movements she was easily able to overpower the guards, she had intended to simply incapacitate them out but her inner rage surfaced, and she brutally beat them up. Now having lost control of her emotions she began moving around the barracks looking for any “targets” that could satisfy her violent needs. Due to miscommunication and errors in following protocol it was nearly twenty minutes before the alarms were sounded and the barrack’s commander was aware of an intruder. Quickly personnel were mobilised to find the “suspect” but by this time Annicka had regained her sences and made her escape. However in a momentary lapse of sanity she felt the urge to take off her helmet and flash her face at the security cameras. She knew it would not take long to identify her thus ensuring there would be a stain on the family name and the intended humiliation for her father. By daybreak the military had handed the local authorities her picture and she was wanted on suspicion of being a terrorist. Annicka was forced to flee her home. She already knew that her career was over. About the only choice she had left was to turn herself in or go into hiding. She chose the latter and from then on life became a struggle since she had to keep switching identities and crappy jobs whenever anyone came too close to finding out who she really was. Having started down the dark path, Annicka no longer viewed her ruined life as what she had done. Instead she blamed everything on her father, unable to see past her hatred any more. She knew sooner or later someone would find her but it was not the military that eventually tracked her down but an organised crime group. Stories of the attack on the military base had got around and made her infamous in criminal circles. The people that found her offered her money as a mercenary and she surprised herself by accepting their terms. After doing the “job” for them, others would soon follow and eventually she became known as the feared mercenary “Maverick”.

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