Steve Coops



Primary Role:

  • Magical specialists

Mission Types:

  • Investigate possible activity of magical beings
  • Deal with any magical

Team Identities:

  • Golem – Raphael Morin
  • Furnace – Jaylen Austin
  • Priest – Carter Wiseman
  • Helios – Carol Johansson
  • Dhampir – Evelyn Fuller

CLEA Classification:

  • Magic Wielders (Priest, Helios, Dhampir)
  • Magic Hybrid (Furnace)
  • Magic Avatar (Golem)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Forrest Avatar – Raphael has the means to transform into a stone golem.
  • Evelyn, Carter and Carol are skilled Light Magic Users
  • Carter has access to a set of magical weapons that can vanquish mystical entities
  • Carol and Evelyn are skilled in Dark Magic
  • Jaylen is a half/demon. As well as increased strength and able to use dark magic he can project fire and detect the presence of “evil”.
  • Evelyn has real weaponry that can be used to kill vampires. These include various knives, swords, shotgun and crossbow. Though not magical these items can be left close by and summoned to her by magic when she needs one. This allows her to fight fluidly and exchange weapons quickly.

Tactical Weakness(s):

  • Could be weak to conventional weapons
  • Weak to “opposite” magic apart from Carol and Evelyn who can use both
  • In switching weapons that are “summoned” Evelyn has to concentrate to focus her magic to perform the task which can provide and opening or not be able to be performed if her focus is affected such as through the pain cause by injury.


This team is one of several unofficial groups that have aligned themselves with CLEA for the common good of all. In the case of the Magical Investigation 5, they do this on account that most law enforcement agencies do not believe in magic. In fact very few in CLEA do not believe in it hence there is no official department.

Carter Wiseman known as “Priest” was an actual priest of a small American parish. A half demon arrived with the intention of assembling followers for his Demon father. The locals refused and so he created chaos. They people still refused to align themselves with his demands and so he killed many by burning the town to the ground. The local authorities put the incident down to an unexplained “natural” disaster but Wiseman knew different for the Church was the only place the flames could not touch. Wondering why his God had seemingly deserted him and his flock, Carter lost his faith for a time

With no town, he decided to hit the road only he had nowhere to go. He wanted revenge but had no idea how to go about it until he visited a small book shop in a town he was passing through. There he found a very old occult book and in it descriptions of Demons and how to vanquish them. The chances of him finding the book seemed remote at best and impossible at worst. What surprised him even more was that there was a reference to the land his church had been built on. A group of artefacts that were supposedly tainted in the blood of an an Angel were buried in an unmarked grave that had the potential to vanquish magical entities. Those same artefacts had prevented the Demon entering the church grounds. He took what he had learned as divine intervention and that his true vocation was to rid the world of the very types of evil that had killed his town.

Returning to the Church which had now started to fall into ruins, Carter located the unmarked grave from the book. Opening the coffin he found a crucifix and a carbine weapon combined with an axe. In latin was a verse that warned that the weapons knew neither good nor evil so the user had the responsibility to use them correctly and prevent them falling into the wrong hands.

As soon as he picked up the crucifix and held it out it ejected beams of light leading him to sources of darkness. It took Carter some time to understand and master the occult but once he got a grasp of how to use spells and incantations he became a hunter of evil magic. His primary weapon became the crucifix and if that failed to stop evil then the carbine would finish the job. It was during one of these “hunts” that he found Jaylen, and nearly killed him.

Jaylen Austin and his brother were half demons, children of a Demon mother and a human father. Whereas Isaiah embraced the Dark Magic, Jaylen resisted it. Normally half-demons were “created” for the purpose of collecting followers for their Demonic parent. Doing this was one way in which Demons could manipulate mortals indirectly and this not fall foul of the agreement. Isaiah and Jaylen chose not to do this but whereas Isaiah was more interest in using his Demonic gifts in a selfish desire for his own power, Jaylen despised the destiny that had been set out for him. He did not appreciate the idea of being “created” to simply serve a Demon and so he chose to use his Demonic gifts to oppose Demons and their supporters. Finding evil to eradicate by comparison was easy since he could “sense” the presence of Dark Magic and home in on it.

Every day was a struggle for Jaylen since it was very easy to be tempted by the negative aspects of the Dark Magic that flowed through his veins. Transforming into his half demon form to access that power fully meant it took a great amount of willpower to avoid losing control.

He was chasing down another half demon when he crossed paths with Carter. The priest tried to vanquish him since he could “see” that Jaylen was part Demon and it took some convincing to prove to Carter that they were in fact fighting for the same thing. Once Carter realised this the pair started to work together.

Helios had been active for some time before Jaylen and Carter came across her. A skilled sorceress she had a history of fighting evil magic and using her gifts to protect those vulnerable to it. Unfortunately over the years she got a little too complacent and that allowed for mistakes. The one that most affected her was when she failed to protect a group of people under her protection and they became victims of the evil Seductress.

Out of anger, Helios decided to create a magical creature, the Revenant by bringing back part of a dead soul and sending it out to hunt down evil. The Revenant though could not defeat the Witches Coalition but instead found other “evil” sources to hunt. What Helios failed to realise was that in her grief she had given her creation a simple command to adhere by and that was to hunt down evil. The problem was that the Revenant could not differentiate between different types of evil and so it went after anything from armed robbers to child shop lifters.

In a bid to stop the chaos, the Angel Joshua sent the Pentacle team to intercept the Revenant. This led the team to finding Helios. However she could not stop the Revenant without killing him again and this would not do. In fact she could not stop it even if she chose as it was immune to her magic. This was why witches had to be careful in creating an undead creature. Pentacle though solved the problem by rejoining the missing part of Revenant’s soul and making him whole and able to understand once more and a the same time freeing him of the obligation.

After this incident, Helios had seen how people could work together and support each other and so when she crossed paths with Carter and Jayden she offered her services. Working with others she felt was one way of avoiding letting her anger get the better of her, since there would be others to provide her with a conscience if her own failed her.

Dhampir was the next one to join the team after the trio encountered her whilst hunting vampires. At one time she had been a novice sister, Evelyn Fuller.  Being “Pure Hearts” (see vampires) the blood of the nuns was a worthy prize. Unlike “normal” humans the blood of a Pure Heart had far greater rejuvenating properties hence the desire for the vampires to “obtain” them. However as with all Pure Hearts, being devout members of a faith meant they channelled light magic (unknowingly) and that meant the vampires could not consume the blood unless their souls were corrupted first. The trick was to corrupt the victims soul and extract the blood quickly before the corruption caused the blood to lose its special qualities.

Having become aware of the work in the community performed by Evelyn and her sisters, they observed the minibus journeys to and from their house and were able to stage a traffic accident. When the group came out to help they were snatched by the waiting vampires. Being in a remote wooded area there were no witnesses. The vampires then started to torture their captives, psychologically and  mentally rather than physically in order to make them lose faith and break their will. That happened to most of the group and as soon as it did the vampires immediately fed. Evelyn though kept her faith right to the end. She however had been born with a medical condition which had given her a weak heart and the strain endured on her body and mind killed her.

She would however not stay dead for too long for the ancient Demon Kinen feared that the death of a Pure Heart might instigate a war with the Angels. In creating Vampires, the Demon Y’Creft had made many enemies in Demon Society due to the actions of vampires pushing the limits of the pact between Angels and Demons. He therefore travelled to the Spirit Realm and met with the Gatekeeper and invoked the Balance of Fate, in order to return Evelyn to the mortal realm. The Gatekeeper decided to honour the request and summoned Hades to locate her soul in the Spirit Realm. Before Hades had the chance to return Evelyn’s Soul to the mortal realm, Kinen decided he wanted to inflict damage on vampire society by giving Evelyn magical abilities. That would technically be interfering in the lives of a mortal (although technically she was dead at that moment). Kinen therefore decided to call down an Angel from the Light Realm. The Death Angel, Othniel answered that call and arrived in the Spirit Realm. Kinen then stated his intention to give Evelyn magical abilities. This did not sit well with Othniel or the Gatekeeper but that was the reaction that was expected so the Demon suggested that in a bid to maintain balance Othniel should also give Evelyn some of his magic. Othniel thought about it and agreed as he also considered that  vampires, as agents of the Demon Y’Creft had overstepped the line.

Hades was summoned to returned Evelyn to the mortal realm and restore her body to life. The gift of light and dark magic though could not be given to a soul so was transferred to his Bident. Hades though requested permission to act autonomously for he expected trouble upon return to the mortal realm. Having never injected magic into a soul in the mortal realm he had no idea of any problems and felt that if Kinen and Othniel’s goal was to be achieved then he would not be able to abandon Evelyn immediately. That meant there was a good chance of encountering resistance from the vampires that had sent Evelyn to the Spirit Realm. He knew that if he fought them then it could be considered a deliberate act of interference and could be altering the balance of dark and light.

The Gatekeeper also considered this but left the decision to Kinen and Othniel. They concluded that once Hades’ Bident had absorbed their gifts, his actions would be like that of a “normal” mortal in the mortal realm and free of breaking the pact between Angels and Demons, ironically a similar loophole which Y’Creft has employed in creating the vampire race.

As time acted differently in the spirit realm to the mortal realm, Evelyn’s soul was restored to her body moments after it had expired yet to her she has spent weeks or months in the Gatekeeper’s domain.  She was returned to the very metal cross the vampires had mounted her on whilst trying to break her. Hades then took aim and unleashed the power he had been given from Othniel and Kinen. Her body was healed and her clothing changed to resemble something more of a Holy warrior. However the magical surge stunned her and rendered her unconscious.

When she next awoke she was alone and well away from the complex which was now ablaze and unaware at what had transpired. A long time later she would learn the Hades had encountered resistance from the vampires as he had removed her body from the cross. He had fought the vampires but was getting overwhelmed by numbers. With their losses mounting the vampires called out for help from their master Y’Creft. Despite his power Hades was no match for a full demon and so had called in support from the other Olympians. Together they managed to send Y’Creft back to the Dark Realm and eliminate the vampires.

After that fateful night, Evelyn took some time to learn her new powers and by the time she was done she she was no longer a novice nun, but a magical warrior skilled in hunting vampires. She carried out these duties alone for two years before encountering Jayden, Carter and Carol and agreed to join them.

The last person to join the group was Raphael Morin. They found him working in the Canadian wilderness as a lumberjack. He had ended up bonding with an Avatar Totem and had become one of the very rare Guardian Avatars, a subgroup of Avatars that were charged only with protecting a particular place or object. His job was to protect the forests from those that would harm it, and to a lesser extent nature in general.

They had come to him, looking for a guide in the wilderness. The group did not tell him they had detected a source of evil magic and merely pretended to be tourists. He likewise did not tell them that he was a Guardian Avatar. When they found the source of the problem, a monstrous creature created with Dark Magic, the group were surprised at the fact he was not surprised. They told him to stand back but as the creature was damaging the forest his Avatar Totem activated and he transformed into a huge stone Golem.

With no need for them to hide their true identities the group joined in and together they vanquished the creature. Then after he had transformed back they asked him if he would join them as they could always use an extra pair of hands. Though Raphael was drawn to the forests due to his Totem, he agreed to go with them as he wanted to learn who or what had sent the creature and he could not do that if he stayed.

The group worked together for several years before realising that with all the magical threats around they lacked resources to get them around quickly enough. This was when they approached CLEA and offered themselves as help to deal with Magical Threats. Though most of the top brass did not believe in Magic a few were believers and agreed to finance the team and provide transport but for obvious reasons would not make their existence official for fear of embarrassing the agency.