Steve Coops




  • Mono – Harin Gan


CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Enhanced

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Implanted knowledge of advanced technology through an embedded extra terrestrial biological implant.
  • Enhanced strength.
  • Custodian of the “Repository” Satellite


  • Cannot breathe “normal” Earth atmosphere for longer than 20 minutes

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


At one time Harin was a career military pilot. Her “career” changed when she was testing an experimental sub-orbital aircraft. As they left the upper atmosphere the aircraft developed an unforeseen problem. Harin reported she was trying to stabilise the aircraft and then it vanished. Mission control thought both pilot and aircraft were lost, until three days later it reappeared on a descent trajectory.

Harin reported that the problem seemed to have corrected itself but could not understand the strange responses she was getting. It was only after she had landed did she learn that she had been missing for three days. During the debrief her superiors wanted to know what happened but she had no memory. Then they got called out by the doctor. She could tell something was amiss by the raised voices. When her superiors returned they told her that the doctor had found an anomaly in her medical tests. Obviously she wanted to know what it was but they refused to tell her.

Over the course of the next few days she was questioned repeatedly and went through a whole barrage of medical tests. At every opportunity she was asked what happened during her missing three days, but she kept telling them the same story she had first told them. The aircraft got into a problem and then it corrected itself and she had landed it.  What she did not tell them though was when she slept she kept getting flashes of images and a voice repeating itself saying “the knowledge is not for them, protect it.” Though she did not know what exactly she was happening she the message felt “important” to her.

A few days later she learned she was going to get transferred to another location only instead of the military the people seemed more like “government types”. Harin did not like this at all and the message kept getting stronger “the knowledge is not for them, protect it.” Thinking she was just going to be another “one of those people that vanished”, she decided to escape.

Whilst heading in the convoy she managed to pick the locks on the cuffs and then broke free, and jumped out of the back of the van. The armed escort turned round and gave chase as she headed into a nearby forest. Though she had military training which she thought would serve her well with any armed guards, Harin found she was able to avoid capture through the use of  engineering and practical science skills she never had before.

At first it was setting simple traps. Then once she got hold of equipment from the people that got caught in her traps, Harin  found she was able to start modifying it, in ways she never imagined. Whilst that helped her escape immediate danger she would be pursued relentlessly for three years. She assumed they wanted whatever knowledge she was protecting , even though she did not know what it was.

In her time on the run, Harin found that she could start putting together some fairly sophisticated items of equipment from ordinary objects, all of which kept her from getting caught. Over time she still got the occasional image flashes relating to her “missing time” but could not hold them in her mind. By now the voice that had been telling her to protect the knowledge had added “find me” to its repertoire but just as she did not know what she was protecting she had no idea what or whom she was supposed to find.

Harin’s running days finally ended when Network (Cayla Staunton) found her. The pair had similar histories in that they were chased by government agencies so Cayla recognised the trouble Harin was in and did not need to do much data collection to reach the conclusion that help was needed.

TTR was dispatched to find her and whilst Harin was good at protecting herself by engineering her way out of situations she had nothing to defeat his abilities, not in the time he could get to her at any rate. Nowhere left to run, Harin felt both defeated and relieved at the same time as she could finally stop and rest eve though it meant being captured.

She was therefore surprised when TTR offered her a place of refuge at the Harmony Island Beach Resort instead of contacting government agents. Whilst the offer seemed too good to be true, even if it was a lie she was out of options. Clearly there was no way to defeat the man so if he did work for the government there was little she could do to stop him taking her to them. Though expecting the worse, after taking her hand she found herself at tropical paradise a moment later.

Once there she was properly introduced to TTR, Network, Lance and Nina.Finally able to not need to keep watching her back, after settling in she actually slept for two days. After that Lance gave her the option to choose what she wanted to do next. Having an actual choice was something that felt alien to her since for three years she had only been reacting to situations. Rather than make her rush into a decision the resort “staff” decided to allow her time to learn to live normally again.

By the time she was ready to talk about her past, Network and TTR approached her with an idea of how to solve the greatest mystery of her life, the voice in her head and where she had been during her missing three days in space. Harin was amazed that they even knew of her lost time, but Network explained that there was not a government computer or database she could not get into in any country unless it was completely isolated.

Though Harin remembered nothing from her missing three days, TTR was able to use his magical skills to build a time line. From that he was able to find a location, albeit it was in space that was unusual. All that remained was for her to decide if she really wanted answers or not.

Harin chose to find out and having made a firm bond with Cayla asked her if she would not mind coming along. After all three touched hands a moment later they found themselves on an alien space station orbiting the Earth. The voice that she normally heard in her head now sounded out of the very walls. It stated that it was surprised that she had managed to make it back and even more surprised she had brought others. It then told her that as she had passed the “tests” she had the option of claiming her “reward”. Confused as to what the voice was suggesting, Harin demanded answers. The voice then explained that it was an artificial intelligence called the “Repository” and contained all the amassed knowledge of the Trilax.

Several hundred years earlier the Trilax had encountered an aggressive race known as the Myzx. Being a peaceful people they had tried to bargain with the invaders rather than face conflict. The Myzx though took that as a weakness and with a people that would not fight back they were defeated very quickly. Rather than allowing their technology and knowledge to be used by the Myzx they had destroyed it, after downloading much of their knowledge into the repository.

With their race effectively dead, the few free Trilax that remained had elected to turn this knowledge over to a race that would oppose the Myzx and stop the tyranny. After launching the Repository began searching the stars for a race of that potential. Eventually it learned that the Myzx expansion had been halted by the Eopua and for a time considered them as a possible recipient for its data.

However in studying the Eopua from afar the Repository learned that the race shared something in common with the Trilax. Both were dying. Handing over its data to the Eopua for them to die out would be a waste but the Repository learned that the Eopua had foreseen their demise and had selected a replacement known as “humans”.

It had then travelled to Earth to learn more about humans. Using cloaked technology it had got past the Eopua undetected and positioned itself in orbit. Compared to the Eopua the humans were far less advanced so it was well hidden, both visually and by Earth technology. The primitive humans though were a problem for the Repository for advanced knowledge in a “simple” race could lead to destruction. It therefore decided to wait until humans were ready to receive its gift.

That plan was cut short when Harin made her test flight and her aircraft got into trouble. Possessing core values of the Trilax meant that the Repository could not sit idly by and let a life be lost. It therefore brought her aboard unconscious. With direct access to a human the Repository then studied her and learned a great deal about human physiology. Though it still believed that humans were primitive it decided to see if they were in fact ready.

If wrong it would have failed in its mission so it chose to test humanity through Harin. It then downloaded a small amount of its data in her head along with the messages telling her to protect the data and to come and find it. Along with this it “trained” her in engineering an practical science. The Repository considered that if humans accessed the information it had imparted in her mind then they would have failed the test and it would have to find another race.After that had been done it had released her and her aircraft and sent it in a fight profile that would counteract the potential catastrophic fault.

Now she was back and as the data had not been accessed she had passed the test.Harin now told the Repository that she could not have handed knowledge over even if she wanted to, but it explained that current Earth technology could have down loaded it from her mind. Having read her thought patterns it believed that her superiors had been trying to do such a thing but she had escaped before they had the chance.

Whilst technically she had not knowingly been aware of the contents of the data and protected it specifically, the Repository believed she could be trusted. Though humans were still not ready for most of its knowledge through scanning Harin’s mind when she had arrived with TTR and Network, it had also learned of her connection to the Harmony Island Beach Resort and offered engineering knowledge that it believed would have benefit to her and the others.

It was now that the Repository told her that in giving her more data it would need to adapt her physiology since the human body was not capable of absorbing large amounts of information. The “test” had only been a mere sampler hence no changes had been made. This was not without a risk. As well as being warned that it would be intensely painful there were no guarantees that the process would not kill her.

The risk seemed to much for TTR and Network and they tried to persuade her to turn the Repository down. However after three years on the run, Harin, felt that in going through with the process was the only way in which the wasted years made any sense. The decision made, TTR and Network said they would stand by her which was a great comfort.

A door now opened to another chamber and Harin saw a strange like frame apparatus. The Repository told her to lie on it which she did and then straps appeared and securely clamped her to it. This was slightly concerning but the AI told her that once the process began she would try and escape and leaving the machine mid process would definitely kill her. After telling her that another device moved in position and clamped to her head. A whirring noise sounded as the machine came to life.

Seeing Harin scream and writhe in agony as the hardest thing TTR and Network had to watch. At one point TTR considered teleporting Harin out of the equipment but remembered the Repository’s warning. Finally after a few minutes Harin was released and she fell on the floor. Weak and gasping in pain TTR and Network had to help her to her feet. The Repository told the pair that Harin needed rest.

TTR brought all three of them back to the island and took her to the infirmary for observation. The next day, Harin was up and about. Though she looked the same her physiology changes were evident. As well as being stronger she had found that she was having trouble breathing “normal” air for anything longer than twenty minutes. She asked Doctor Psy to temporarily put her on oxygen and then used the engineering knowledge she had been gifted with to come up with a design for a mask that would help her breathe normally.

With what she had been given, Harin now knew what she could do with it. Having been unsure of the future before she wanted to put her new skills to use in helping people and making improvements to the resort to benefit others. Anytime there was an engineering problem to be solved, Harin was the one they asked for there was no point in asking anyone else. Even college professors were not in the same league as her.

The Repository though is more than just a database for it has become a vital tool in keeping watch for threats that might affect ordinary people. Harin often returns to the satellite to perform intelligence gathering scans, sweeping the Earth’s surface for new threats or looking beyond the solar system ensures the Island is prepared to deal with anything. Such data is often “leaked” to the hero community.

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