Steve Coops

Nighthawk and Scorpion Blue



Team Identities:

  • Nighthawk – Cindy Laughton
  • Scorpion Blue – Saanvi Malakar

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Enhanced

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Armoured Suit (both) capable of dealing with small calibre and energy weapons
  • Biomechanical wings (Cindy) – give her the ability of flight
  • Cybenetic forearms (Cindy) – give her superhuman strength.
  • Biomechanical “Sting” (Saanvi) – capable of striking and delivering either a disabling shock or knockout injections
  • Clawed Gloves – (Saanvi) Capable of devastating slashes close up


  • Can be disabled at close range with EM based weapons

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Working for a criminal group – Enigma Solutions


Cindy and Saanvi were both extremely talented inventors/engineers, who were duped into working for Dr Blacksmith aka Melissa Henshall. They knew of Melissa from her reputation for creating fantastic technologies and being two women who never managed to hit the big time, they were delighted when they both got jobs with Enigma Solutions. They knew the company belonged to Melissa, and they were aware it was having a few legal problems but what the did not know when begin working for her was that Enigma Solutions no longer existed as a legal trading company having been shut down by CLEA.

By now Melissa had chosen to compete with the Knight’s Forge and supply weapons and tech to anyone that would by it, namely the criminal community. However in the early days of the reinvented company, Melissa chose to maintain a front that everything was legit, that way she could hire the best people, such as Cindy and Saanvi.

Blackmailed by Blacksmith

For nearly a year, the pair and several others were unaware that their work was being sold to criminals. Whenever they asked too many questions Melissa just made the excuse it was a secret military project. The truth though was revealed when they saw the item being used by a criminal on the news. Those who had worked on the equipment demanded an explanation and Melissa told them the truth. They were not sure what to be more shocked over, the fact that a criminal was using their designs or the fact that their “boss” had basically told them they were working for an illegal operation. It was now, that Melissa hit everyone with a sting in her tail. If they went to the police, she would ensure the police would learn that they were the ones creating illegal arms.

Knowing that they would be locked up for a very long time, most of the engineers felt they hand no choice but to carry on. However Cindy and Saanvi had different ideas. Whilst co-operating with Melissa’s projects the covertly stole items and with them created a pair of armoured suits. Due to the fact that they could not steal two of everything, though the suits appeared similar they have nothing exactly in common.

Sufficed to say when they got the suits operation they gave Melissa a surprise. By now she was operating as Dr Blacksmith. She heard the alarms in one of her labs and came to investigate. Seeing the winged suit and the scorpion suit and their occupants she suggested they came to some sort of arrangement. Saanvi and Cindy had the same thought. They trashed the place.

After they fled, Melissa made their information known to the police and CLEA, although the latter was suspicious of how valuable intel just happened to “appear”. Though they were fugitives the pair fought to clear their names and they chose to do this by destroying any active Enigma Solutions tech they had created. In taking down numerous criminals CLEA decided to meet with the pair “off the record” rather than continue to hunt them down.

It was here that they were able to explain their side of the story. Though it was not a court of law, CLEA accepted the explanation and chose to stand down the priority. However with Melissa’s evidence they could not do any more unless they handed themselves in. Cindy and Saanvi though stated that they could not do that as they do not believe they will get a fair hearing, until Dr Blacksmith is caught and tried.

Nighthawk’s injury

This created further problems when the pair crossed paths with The Claremont Cartel. During a running battle with the cartel’s muscle, Cindy received life altering injuries courtesy of Killer Saw who managed to damage her forearms severely. The resulting energy discharge from her suit was enough to knock over Killer Saw and create an EM pulse which briefly shut down three blocks.

The energy flare actually ended up saving her life for it attracted the attention of the Repository Satellite that was being manned by Mono. Focussing cameras on the area she could see the aftermath of the battle.  Suspecting that Nighthawk might not survive she alerted the others at the Harmony Island resort.

TTR was despatched and brought the pair to the resort and Dr Psy did his best to save Cindy’s arms but they were beyond saving and had to be removed at the elbows. Whilst this might have deterred her from heroic duties, it only made Cindy more determined to fight against criminals. Using her engineering genius she actually designed a pair of replacement forearms which were them fabricated by the Knight’s Forge.

The pair are currently still wanted by many law enforcement agencies who are only aware of their “criminal” past. Most heroes know the truth but despite this they choose to work in the shadows to eradicate the “problems” they inadvertently helped to create whilst working for Enigma Solutions.

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