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L-r- Carpace, Eyeless,Lamprey/Antenna,Exile,Liger,Green Queen, Snakehead/Skimmer, Hawker



Group Identities:

  • Lamprey – race Unknown
  • Eyeless – race Unknown
  • Carpace – Race Unknown
  • Exile – Though to be from a race closely related to the Eopua
  • Hawker – Race Unknown
  • Snakegirl – Believed to be a human/alien hybrid
  • Antenna – Race Unknown
  • Skimmer – Believed to be a human with genes taken from “Hawker”
  • Green Queen – Race Unknown
  • Liger – Race Unknown

CLEA Classification:

  • Alien (All except Skimmer)
  • Alien Human Hybrid (Skimmer)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Lamprey’s unusual mouth is believed to enable him to bore holes in almost any material. Data suggests his native species is predatory and his instincts are geared for hunting.
  • Eyeless – is completely blind and uses sonics and EM fields to move around. Another predatory species, geared towards hunting in complete darkness.
  • Carpace – is a hunting alien with a tough outer skin that is impervious to even armour piercing rounds. Highly athletic and fast.
  • Exile – is believed to be a race closely related to the Eopua. Data suggests he might be a scientist and most of the others in the group were at one time his “samples” before Citadel captured them all. Known to have telepathic abilities which he uses to communicate with the others.
  • Hawker – Insectoid biped alien. Capable of flight but vulnerable to medium weapons fire. Uses a special type of blaster that seems to be keyed to his physiology.
  • Snakegirl – Best data suggests she is the result of an experiment that combined the DNA of a human female with that of a reptilian alien. Human intelligence and primal instincts make her deadly at close quarters.
  • Antenna – Alien with an advanced sensory system. Perhaps a prey species that evolved to counter threats on her world. Antenna on her head are thought to be her main means of detecting approaching danger but is also known to have acute hearing, sense of smell and eyesight.
  • Skimmer – Human female that is believed Citadel modified with alien DNA taken from Hawker. Original identify unknown. She seems to be the only member of the group capable of “taking” to humans but does not appear to be the leader. Has flight abilities similar to Hawker.
  • Green Queen – Biped alien plant. Can communicate and manipulate plantlife.
  • Liger – humanoid cat alien. Agile and fast and very cunning. Excels at ambush hunting.


  • Eyeless, Liger and Green Queen seem to avoid intense sources of heat or fire.
  • Hawker’s reactions appear to slow when he is cold
  • Exile appears to avoid confrontations and so is the most vulnerable member of the group.
  • Antenna, Skimmer, Snakehead and Exile are vulnerable to most bladed weapons and small arms.
  • Carpace, Eyeless and Lamprey are so focussed on hunting they can be tricked into making tactical mistakes.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • ?


Very little in known of the group CLEA codenamed Outcasts other than they all escaped during the raid which saw a CLEA strike team rescue Aava from a Citadel facility. Though Reuvant had a great repository of information he had been unable to identify any of the races that make up the group.

Whilst it is believed that Exile is/was a scientist and collected various samples to study, not unlike Citadel, how they arrived on Earth is another matter in the first place. Reuvant has suggested that perhaps Exile came from far outside the galaxy and was lured to Earth by Citadel. Faking alien signals was after all one of the traits Citadel used to capture extra-terrestrial life forms.

Though they were at one time captive of Exile when they all escaped it seemed quite unusual why the chose to keep him in their group. The hypothesis is that they need his intelligence to survive and should he not be useful then the more animalistic in the group would simply consume him.

The groups motives seem to be survival based. Unlike typical criminals who want money and power, New Earth simply want to be left alone. When in conflict with humans, Skimmer has repeatedly made that same statement. However since people are often afraid of what they don’t understand they rarely leave the Outcasts alone.

Afraid of humans after their capture by Citadel, hostile reactions sees the group lash out. They have even been known to kill if threatened. CLEA’s advice when dealing with the Outcasts is to avoid provoking them. Ideally they would want them captured and taken to a secure facility but that would mean containing the whole group because in the past individuals have been captured only for the others to rescue them a wreak havoc in the process.

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