Steve Coops




  • Gwyneth Owen

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  •  Alpha ability –  allows her to generate massive amounts of electricity. These can be released as a small series of discharges or one massive burst.
  • Alpha ability – can acts as conduit by extracting power from anywhere close by as opposed to her body “naturally” generate it which prevents her getting fatigued.
  • Alpha ability – when extracting electricity she can disable equipment she is stealing power from.


  • Since failure of the law was responsible for turning her criminal into the first place, any appearance of a uniform immediately causes her to act aggressively and unpredictably.
  • When acting as a conduit she becomes unaware she when she is overusing her Alpha ability and has been known to collapse/fall unconscious. She is more aware of the problem when generating electricity since her body will simply stop charging instinctively.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Muscle for hire
  • Robbery
  • Electronic sabotage


Instead of choosing a life of crime Gwyneth Evans was pushed into it. An admin officer for a retail company, when her alpha abilities activated for the first time she caused minor damage in one of the company’s offices. The sudden unexpected production of a bolt of electricity from her hand though did not go unnoticed but surprisingly her boss, Ben Goodman seemed very understanding even when it appeared her “gift” was involuntary. Every time her stress levels increased she would cause a spark to jump a few feet.

Feeling her gift was rather useless for the role of a hero but at the same time a danger to others in the workplace, Gwyneth was even more surprised when her boss suggested she remain. He decided that perhaps she went somewhere where she could not hurt others then it did not matter and so sent her to one of the company warehouses. He even gave her a promotion. In hindsight Gwyneth should have realised something was going on but was so preoccupied with her “spark” problem she did not think properly.

What she did not know was the company was in severe debt and up until the point she discovered she had Alpha abilities  her boss has been planning on committing insurance fraud. He figured if one of the warehouses burned down then the payout would clear his creditors and get the company back on its feet again. However he was well aware that insurance fraud was tricky to pull off when it came to arson as the investigators had foiled attempt by other companies in the past. Then when Gwyneth displayed her unusual talents he considered if the warehouse was attacked by an Alpha Criminal then there would be no need for an investigation. To this end he had covert CCTV recorded her many “accidents” before sending her to the warehouse.

Once installed as its manager he made sure there were plenty of shipment of flammable material and contacted her daily to increase her stress levels. Gwyneth then became a walking time bomb and the pressure was kept up until one day the desired effect was reached and she discharged a spark which created a fire.

Once this happened Goodman contacted the police and told them an Alpha Criminal had blackmailed him and set fire to a warehouse as leverage. With his collected footage he talked a very good story an being a well respected business man they had no reason to suspect he was lying. With a mountain of circumstantial evidence against her Gwyneth was arrested and being an Alpha Superior charged with blackmail she received a twenty year sentence.

On the way to a specialist Alpha prison Gwyneth reviewed her situation and realised she had been stitched up good and proper by Goodman. Aware he had many contacts some of which were in the justice system Gwyneth felt any chance of an appeal would be a waste of time and the more she thought the angrier she got. As this happened she felt something building up inside her. Unlike any other time when she had inadvertently caused a spark this time there was something different. In an instant she drained all the power in the transport and critically the power supplying her Alpha suppression collar (which had not been modified for this type of ability) and then she cut loose launching huge bolts of electricity in all different directions.

After making her escape and knowing that she would never clear her name Gwyneth had one thing on her mind and that was to get even. Rather than simply killing Goodman she wanted him to suffer and as his company was now doing well she was going to take it apart piece by piece.

This was how Gwyneth became known as Powercell and whilst she is obsessed with destroying Goodman those actions do not keep her fed and clothed so she has taken to providing her “skills” to other criminals that will pay her fees.