Steve Coops



Organisation Classification:

  • Rogue Science Group

Organisation Leader(s):

Organisation Activities:

  • Kidnapping
  • Illegal human experimentation/alteration

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • Run by a lone individual
  • Vreen operatives cannot breathe Earth atmosphere.

Known Assets:


QED  or Qex Experiments and Drone is the CLEA codename given to the Vreen operative on Earth, Qex, and her associates. Since CLEA has no idea what she calls her group or even if it has a name the agency decided to “create” one as a designation for correlating intelligence into one file.

Whereas some lone aliens that have come to Earth are criminals simply choosing a place to hide out or continue their nefarious activities, Qex has more noble intentions. Her goal is to try and find a cure for a disease that is ravaging her people, the result of a bioweapon sent by the Y’Traal after the Vreen had defeated them in battle. Since the Vreen heard about a genetic experiment being conducted by the Eopua, they think humans might have hold the key to finding a cure.

There are similarities between Qex and Zorn in that they are both lone operatives and will think nothing of experimenting on humans to achieve their goals. However whereas Zorn has been made an outcast by his own people for his work on Earth, Qex very much has the backing of hers.

Since actually finding a cure on Earth was very much considered a slim chance of success and the mission was classed as dangerous when it came to sending people to Earth they elected to send one individual. With so few Vreen alive, the survival of their race was taken into account in every decision. Qex volunteered for the job but the Vreen would not leave her unprotected for on her ship she was accompanied by an army of drone warriors/helpers.

Cloned in labs these organisms had rudimentary knowledge, enough to carry out orders. They are akin to robots but since they are living entities they can “heal” minor damage. Total losses are even easily replaced for Qex’s ship is equipped with a “grow” chamber.

In time she came to realise that since neither the drones or herself can breathe Earth atmosphere, that made her operation vulnerable to any humans wishing to take aggressive action. She had hopes the drones would take care of any problems but discovered humans were more resourceful than she had imagined. To that end she decided to employ the services of humans to protect her and her work. Given a choice she knew the chances of getting any help would be remote at best but since her preliminary studies had shown her that Vreen tech could be used to “control” humans that was what she decided to do.

Like Zorn, Qex constantly moves her ship around so shutting down her operation is next to impossible. CLEA has even tried opening a dialogue with the alien but all attempts to make contact have been rebuffed because, like most Vreen she is suspicious of “aliens” offering help.