Steve Coops



Controller of:


  • Salacia/Captain Salacia – Felicia Brooker

CLEA Classification:

  • Skilled human.

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Excellent maritime anti-shipping maritime tactics
  • Commander of submarine
  • Skilled in close quarters combat


  • Unlike the Marauders under her command she does not wear the advanced body armour. She is therefore vulnerable to projective weapons.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Piracy
  • Theft
  • Kidnapping
  • Smuggling


Little is truly known about Felicia Brooker. Even her “real” name might be an alias because most of the data regarding her has been redacted, even to the CLEA chiefs. From the little information that has been pieced together, she was once a highly trained Government Agent. Her commander sent her on a top secret mission to steal a prototype submarine being developed by an arms dealer. She was told the mission was so highly classified that she would need to find her own team and not report in until the job was done.

Felicia recruited the best from her spy contacts and successfully stole the submarine. On the way back she became suspicious at the number of “friendly” warships that seemed to be looking for her. Rather than hand over the boat she hid it and returned to HQ. Her commanding officer asked where the “asset” was but when he seemed a bit too keen for answers she refused to tell him. He then made a call and a few moments later, armed troops burst into the room and she was arrested for treason.

At her trial she discovered that she had in fact stolen the submarine from “her own side”.   Her commanding officer gave evidence against her. She now suspected him of being a double agent but without evidence she had nothing. The only thing she did have was the submarine and she refused to give its location, so that she had a bargaining chip.

Imprisoned for life, she spent two years incarcerated before managing to escape. Felicia then went looking for her old commanding officer. With nothing to lose she threatened to kill him unless he told her everything. It was then she learned he was part of a much bigger conspiracy but before he could divulge any more he fell victim to a sniper’s bullet.

Now wanted for a murder she did not commit, Felicia fled. Her old team had waited for her and they used the submarine to escape the authorities. Since they were only “guilty” of carrying out her orders, she offered them the opportunity to leave her to her fate but they remained loyal.

Wanting to clear her name she used the submarine attack shipping. She hijacked the craft but released the crew, choosing to keep the ships as “security”, a means to force the British Government into reinvestigating her case. They refused until they went after a third ship. Though they captured their quarry it was not before the Royal Navy had been alerted of her presence and they were forced to sink a naval frigate.

The first actual loss of a ship finally prompted a response. Though the government did not negotiate with terrorists there was a fear that other ships might be sunk so an investigation was started and a code message sent to Felicia in the hopes she would not attack other ships. By the time it was over the internal investigation had discovered the conspiracy and the relevant members got the justice they deserved. Felicia was given a pardon for the unsanctioned mission and found innocent of killing her superior officer. However as she had committed piracy in international waters, she had to answer for those crimes.

Feeling unable to trust those in charge to give her a fair hearing she decided to remain free. Having won a pardon only to be found guilty of another crime was something of an anti-climax. If the people had done what was asked at the trial no ship would ever have been lost for she would never had to have made any rash decisions. Since the powers that be were not prepared to make exceptions she chose freedom.

Always fearing that they would never open the case, Felicia had made long term survival plans. With a powerful submarine at her disposal and a skilled assault team, she had established contacts with the sort of people that could make use of those services. Turning her back on her country meant as far as she was concerned she did not have one. The sea therefore became her home.

Since she was “the queen of the seas” she renamed herself Salacia after the Consort of Nepturne and started a career in piracy. Generally ships were unsellable since unlike cars which could be stolen and resold with an new identity, that was not easily done with surface craft. The same could not be said for their cargoes. At first she acted opportunistically but eventually took hired jobs of stealing to order. Some criminal groups and businesses even paid her to sink ships on their behalf. As submarine was also very good for smuggling and it was when she used a passage close to Terror Island that she encountered a Species Beta Octopus trapped in fishing nets.

A powerful psychic she freed it and in return it volunteered to join her. She named it Mr Limb who would in turn help her when she encountered the huge Species Beta whale “Deep Blue”. After trying to seize control over the crew with its parasites, My Limb helped establish communications.

After reasoning with Deep Blue who has his own grudge against the people of the land Felicia would form a temporary alliance with the whale, agreeing to help each other out when the they were in trouble.