Steve Coops

Salacias Marauders


Organisation Classification:

  • Professional Smugglers/Maritime Theft

Organisation Leader(s):

Organisation Activities:

  • Piracy
  • Taking of ships and cargoes
  • Destruction of ships
  • Kidnap

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • The group has to remain continously mobile. Should their transport become damaged then there are very few ports that will allow them to make repairs.

Known Assets:


Salacia Marauders are a group of international pirates. Their leader, Felicia Brooker was originally an agent for the British Government was hired to steal a prototype submarine and created a team for the purpose only to discover on her return that her supervisor was a double agent.

At her trial her superior provided fabricated evidence and she was found guilty of performing an unsanctioned mission. Unable to prove her that he was a traitor she was wrongfully sentenced to life in prison. She had one bargaining, chip for she never revealed where the submarine was hidden. Two years into her sentence she escaped and used the sub to hijack shipping to force the British Government into reopening her case. During one of her attempt to capture a ship she ended up having to sink a British frigate.

Eventually the conspiracy that put her behind bars was exposed and she was found not guilty of her original sentence. However she was now guilty for piracy and still wanted. Knowing that she would never receive a fair trial, Felicia decided to take to piracy full time.

Working with her original team, at first they stole cargo on an opportunistic basis and then they started taking jobs to plunder specific cargoes. This then progressed to being paid to sink or capture specific ships. A submarine was also highly useful for smuggling.

Wanted by many nations, by now she had named herself “Salacia” as she was “queen of the seas”.  As she and her assault team gained notoriety the pressed dubbed them “The Marauders” and so the group became “Salacia’s Marauders”.

During one smuggling operation they came close to Terror Island and encountered a Species Beta Octopus trapped in a fishing net. A powerful psychic and extremely intelligent, though it could not “speak” in human language, it could via the mind.

Grateful for being saved, it decided to stay with the Marauders. Salacia named him “Mr Limb”. He would be instrumental from saving the crew from an attack by the whale Species Beta “Deep Blue” who tried to seize control of the crew.

Using Mr Limb, Salacia managed to break control and parleyed with Deep Blue and suggested they form an alliance rather than taking control of her crew. Realising that she had turned her back on society, Deep Blue agreed to the alliance. The arrangement was only part time but when working with the whale, the Marauders are supremely powerful.

Mr Limb has the means to get on a target ship and drop access ropes enabling them to take the vessel within minutes. With Deep Blue able to incapacitate the crew, the Salacia’s Marauders are the most dangerous maritime criminal group in the world. Even without him they are a force to be reckoned with.