Steve Coops




Team Identities:

  • Spring – Cian Murdock
  • Summer – Kuntala Chopra
  • Autumn – Glenroy Marley
  • Winter – Freyja Bjarnadotter

CLEA Classification:

  • Avatars

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Spring – Cian as the Avatar of spring can create new growth by shooting his crossbow. Wherever the bolts land he can spread greenery. He is the only one of the Season Avatars that sports armour of some description. At the apex of his power cycles he can also bring to life a recently deceased human/plant/animal simply by touching them with his hands. His totem is the crossbow
  • Summer – Kuntala as the Avatar of Summer can generate both heat and light. If provoked that light can blind and the heat can burn. Her totem is a necklace
  • Autumn – Glenroy as the Avatar of Autumn can cause living things to wilt and die. By banging his staff on the ground he can withdraw the energy that helps sustain life. He is also capable of summoning winds and gales.
  • Winter – Freyja as the Avatar of Winter has the means to generate ice and snow. She can also control existing weather. Her totem is an old lantern


  • The Avatars have time based powers. e.g. Summer is at her strongest when she is in a place where the season of summer is taking place.
  • The Avatars can neutralise each others power. Spring Opposes Autumn and Summer Opposes Winter. Therefore it is rare for all four ever to meet for they would effectively make themselves powerless.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The Season Avatars can be traced back to one of the Totems used by the “Olympian Gods”. It recent times it was learned that the “gods” were mere mortals, given mystical totems from the Light Realm to fight of demonic threats. IAfter their users though abused that power ten of the totems were cast between realms by the Angel Joshu but two of the “gods” had already exhiled themselves having grown tired of the infighting. The pair used the names “Poseidon” and “Demeter”. The totems remained in the mortal realms as Joshua was unable to find them.

The source of the Totems used by the Season Avatars are beleived to have originated from the “Sickle of Demeter”. Because its magic was based on the natural world over time it absorbed more and more energy which transformed it from an Active Totem to an Avatar Totem. There is little knowledge, only speculation that at some time the Sickle was discovered. (In what “form” it was found is unknown since Avatars have the means to change their guise over time). Whenever and wherever is was found it was perhaps realised by those that studied magic that its power was of some concern. Over one person to control the seasons could have been viewed as potential for disaster and since Avatars cannot be destroyed the threat was minimised by “splitting” its power into four new Avatar Totems, One for each season.

Like every other Avatar they bond with their host, giving him or her an extended lifespan. As well as sometimes feeding on the lifeforce of the host in order to survive the host’s goals over time align with those of the avatar they are bonded to.

In the case of the seasonal avatars the hosts tend to act rather like a force of nature. Therefore “Spring” will generally start spreading life following the end of winter. Winter will bring frosts to lands that need cold and snow. Summer will bring scorching heat and light and Autumn ends the cycle started by spring and causes living things to die back.

Because each of the Avatar hosts is still human he or she can choose to use the power for other uses. Though less active than other “heroes” the Seasons have chosen to assist mankind in certain aspects. Often they will join forces when they themselves are under threat from powerful magical entities that desire to kill the host in order to steal the power..

Of the four current hosts for the Avatars, Summer is the “youngest” having been active for 50 years. Spring is next at 70 years whilst the Winter host has been active for nearly 120 years and finally the current Autumn host was identified as being 150 years old. Much to his chagrin, Cian Murdock who became the host for Spring is often sometimes referred to as being a leprechaun thanks to his Irish origin and green clothing. He also tend to be the most active for his life giving crossbow has the means to “give life” and can actually turn a vampire human simply because a vampire is “dead” so in making it alive he reverses the curse.