Steve Coops

Shut Down



  • Naomi Vaughn

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – When she touches another person she can disable the signals sent from the brain to the major muscles that control body movements.Effectively she traps a person in his or her own body.
    Whilst in that condition she is able to reposition her victims body much like a puppet by using her own brain to control the other person’s muscles but has to make physical contact to do this.
    Alternately she can give a person partial control of their body when a situation calls for such necessities.
    At any time she can use her touch to return her victim’s body to “normal”.


  • Like any other Alpha, Naomi’s interefence with a victim will wear off in time whether she chooses to restore “control” or not. How long the effect takes to wear off naturally can be anything from half an hour to several hours. This means she has to keep touching a person to maintain control and “reset” this timer.
  • She can be attacked with ease by anyone outside her physical reach.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Kidnapping
  • Hostage taking.
  • Robbery


Due to her ability to turn people into living statues, Naomi is exceptionally good at disabling people so they cannot escape or call for help. Whilst quite a powerful ability she still has to get close to her victims to physically touch them. For this reason she rarely works alone. Being part of a crew often limits her rewards when compared to solo Alpha Criminals but she is less arrogant than others and is very much a team player.
By far the most “famous” incident she was linked to was a robbery at Stevenson’s Bank in Atlantica’s financial district. Working with the the robber she disabled the security guards and the hostages. With them unable to do anything they were far easier to handle and monitor which is why the robbery was so successful. It is also believed she has been linked to several cases of high profile kidnappings. With Naomi of the “team” it is far easy to control kidnap victims since they are unable to escape.