Steve Coops

Soul Hunters


Asset of:

Group Identities:

  • Various

CLEA Classification:

  • Totem Bearers

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Highly skilled warriors


  • Light based magic can defeat a soul hunter

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Assault
  • Murder
  • Attempted Murder


Soul Hunters are the creation of the Church of Tazael. Each one of them is originally and innocent victim that is then forced to serve the demoness. Captured by the Blood Disciples and taken back to the Church. Sometimes they are incarcerated for a while before a Soul Hunter ceremony can take place.

Once it does each victim is then forced to drink the blood of Tazael which has been modified by the Blood Abbott’s dark magic. Most will try to resist which is why they are restrained in such a way so they are unable to stop the inevitable. All it takes is a few drops and then any resistance quickly fades and the victim’s only desire is to serve. Very strong willed people can still retain their original personality but it becomes trapped inside their own mind and everything they witness appears as a dream to them. Male and Female Soul Hunters were used in the past but male ones proved to be too prone to performing erratic acts that they often brought unwanted attention to the Church. This is when it was decided to select only female victims.

Having drunk the blood and no longer resisting, the new Soul Hunter is presented with a magic totem, a creation of Tazael and infused with Dark Magic. The Totem protects the wearer from harm by increasing her strength and agility as well as rapidly healing injuries. For centuries these Totems took the form of face masks. Soul Hunters then wore “normal” clothing.

In less than a decade, as more and more heroes decided to fight Soul Hunters the clothing they wore quickly advanced in protection, albeit the Totem was still only a mask. The current generation of Soul Hunters now were advanced armour and instead of a mask the entire armour has become the Totem.

Once released from the Church, the Soul Hunters head out into the world to do Tazael’s work. To avoid risking the wrath of the Angels, the people they hunt cannot be classed as “innocent” which is why less savoury types are often chosen as targets.

After a target has been chosen, the Soul Hunter will attempt to disable the victim first before killing. Whilst in his or her weakened state, the Soul Hunter will cut their own flesh, placing some of their blood in the open wound of the victim. This effectively places Tazael’s blood in the victims body. When they are finally killed and the victim’s soul enters the spirit realm the Gatekeeper will “see” that soul as having Tazael’s blood. He or she would be considered corrupted by Dark Magic and sent to the Dark Realm where Tazael can claim her prize. This also means that the innocent victims that Soul Hunters are created from can expect the same fate.

Despite their Dark Magic enhancements, Soul Hunters can be foiled by well disciplined individuals who can fight them on more or less equal terms. This is why over the centuries the Totems worn by Soul Hunters were designed to scare or intimidate potential prey. Frightened people are rarely able to put up a descent fight.

Until recently the Totems given to Soul Hunters were like other magic Totem in that they were hard to destroy. However after the first male Soul Hunter in 500 years was created and escaped control and managed to free another, things changed. Once more males were never to be chosen and since the freed Soul Hunters were now using totems of their own to hurt the Church, the Demoness Tazael chose to alter her own Totems. This means that now if a  Soul Hunter now finds a way to purify her soul then the Totem belonging to her will simply turn to dust, thus preventing Tazael’s own magic being used against her.