Steve Coops

Stop Motion



  • Elizabeth MacAuley

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Gives her bursts of hyperspeed that last no more than a few seconds during which she can cover substantial ground. During her speed burst (estimated at over Mach 10+) her body behaves differently to normal physics meaning that she only retains her original forward momentum that she had before triggering the burst and any additional hyperspeed is cancelled out by her equally rapid deceleration.
  • Using her abilities like a teleporter she can attack opponents trigger a hyperspeed burst during which she alters her position and angle of attack and then attack again after deceleration.
  • Has knowledge of protocols for almost every law enforcement agency.


  • Repeated use of her Alpha ability drains her physically to the point her body instinctively stops her using it.
  • In she strikes another object whilst travelling at hyperspeed the shock wave can shatter her bones. Hitting an opponent would be like punching a brick wall and running into a locked door would kill her. Any slight mistake when making directional change such as going from level ground and climbing a ladder is also potentially lethal.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Theft
  • Espionage
  • Infiltration


A one time White Guardian, Elizabeth turned against the agency when she received intelligence that the Protectorate was after her. Since she had mentioned that when she used her Alpha abilities eveything around her seemed to stop breifly the Protectorate believed she was able to manipulate time. She was therefore deemed too dangerous to remain “uncontrolled”. As the word regarding the Protectorate came from one of her reliable street sources she passed on what she had learned to her superiors.

When an Alpha Superior joined the White Guardians they were promised that no harm would come to their family or friends, a stipulation brought in during the Black Shadow “purge” so she assumed that having been a loyal CLEA officer the service would protect her.

However she was in for a shock for her superiors started quoting budget restrictions and felt unable to spare the staff to protect her. In truth on a leaked memo the general consensus was that an Alpha Superiors could look after themselves. This was in a time where the Protectorate were barely on CLEA’s radar and so her superiors downgraded the threat to her and in a further show of complete incompetence they did not organise the promised protection for her family.

Consequently Orion ambushed her one night at the family home and whilst she escaped her parents were not so lucky. Whilst naturally wanting revenge on Orion and the Protectorate, Elizabeth was even angrier at the pen pushers she had been loyal to that had done nothing. Her superiors did send her an official apology but she took that as an insult. Having worked for a system that she felt had betrayed her Elizabeth decided that perhaps it was time to teach them about loyalty and so left.

Whilst she considered joining the Night Shadow group that went after enemies of Alphas, she was so badly changed after losing everything that she decided to turn criminal. To Elizabeth since CLEA decided to save money on her then she was going to make everyone pay for their mistake. During her illegal activities she finally discovered that she was not stopping time but instead moving in hyperspeed bursts, giving the appearance of everything stopping briefly.

Offering her services out to those that wanted her unique talents had a further bonus for she knew all of CLEA’s protocols and more importantly those of other law enforcement agencies. Though she had turned criminal some of her old personality did remain so she would not take on work that would result in people knowingly getting seriously hurt or killed.

An Alpha with an incredible gift means that Elizabeth has evaded capture and proved an embarrassment for CLEA. When Chief Naylor heard about the events leading to her going rogue she immediately brought in new measures and a few department heads found themselves of the wrong side of her wrath. Consequently with new measures in place the likelihood of another White Guardian turning rogue was significantly reduced.