Steve Coops

The Aviator and Scialot


Team Identities:

  • Duncan Sullivan
  • Sicalot
  • Terra

CLEA Classification:

  • Human/Alien hybrid  – Sullivan
  • Alien – Scialot
  • Cyborg Servant – Terra

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alien Tech – Sullivan can access a “stored” library of WW2 aircraft
  • Pilot – Sullivan is a highly skilled combat pilot
  • Alien Tech – Scialot’s ship is far in advance of any Earth based aircraft


  • Sullivan’s aircraft could be considered outmoded.
  • Outside of their aircraft the entire team are as vulnerable to weapons as any “normal” person.
  • Terra and alien tech vulnerable to EM attack

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Scialot and the Aviator are perhaps one of the most unusual partnerships known to CLEA.

Scialot, an alien of the Kradelf race had a passion for science and discovery. At eight nine (Earth years) she was a relative youngster in terms of the average life span of her people, and during those early years she had visited a great many world and seen and catalogued a great many things. The one place that eluded her and she desired the most was a small blue-green planet in the sol system.

The Eopua who protected all peoples in the local galactic cluster forbade anyone from visiting the planet without their express permission. The Kradelf, like many others thus abided by the edicts set out by the Eopua as they seemed to have everyone’s interest in mind.

Though the various leaders of the races agreed to the rules the same could not be said for every individual. Being told never to visit a particular planet made Scialot want to visit it all the more. She and a few other like minded Kradelf therefore decided to plan an illegal expedition to discover what was so important on the planet in the sol system.

On the journey though the Eopua succeeded in intercepting the small one man craft and turning them around, all except one, belonging to Scialot and her Datax servant, Terra, which managed to slip through the barricade.

Unfortunately for her, she arrived on Earth early in 1942. As her ship entered the atmosphere it collided with a fighter aircraft belonging to Duncan Sullivan who was engaged in a dog fight. Both her ship and the fighter were severely damaged. Sullivan partially recovered his aircraft but had no time to bail out before burying itself into pacific island jungle. Scialot’s ship also came down close by but in a near vertical drop.

Despite the advanced tech which enabled her ship to survive the impact physics meant that the she was not so lucky. Severely wounded from the crash, and the ship unable to fly Terra feared for her mistress’s life. The stasis systems were operational so Terra opted to put Scialot in suspended animation and hope the ship would repair the damage over time.

However, Terra did not know if Scialot’s weakened body could keep the life core operational. The rear of the unit had been damaged so she could not connect it to the emergency power supply. The core, and implant located in the base of the neck recorded every memory of a Kradelf citizen. They were extremely important to the race so Terra knew she had to try and save that as well as her mistress.

For the time being Terra left the core in Scialot whilst she was sleeping in stasis and hoped it would not degrade to much until she found a means to repair the rear power connection.  The small drone set out to find a means to do that and came across the wreckage of Sullivan’s aircraft. He was unconscious but alive. Bioscans revealed human physiology was not greatly different to Pure Kradelf. Terra saw the pilot as a possible means to preserve Scialot’s life core by using another living host.

Returning to the ship, Terra removed the life core from Scialot and then walked back to the other crash site and implanted it in Sullivan. Terra had no idea what would happen as the life core from one person had never been put in another, let alone another species.

What happened next was therefore both a shock and a surprise for Terra for the “human vessel” opened his eyes, but began to talk like Scialot. Quickly the Datax worked out that the life core implant was somehow allowing her mistress, or rather an artificial construct of her memories, to take control of a new host body. She could tell it was Scialot for the voice was angry and complaining as usual. Scialot’s biggest annoyance was that not only was she in the body of a male of a human but also was inhabiting a “lesser” species.

Terra suggested that though the outcome was not perfect it was the only logical way of preserving the life core and since her own body would need a long time for the stasis field to repair it, inhabiting the body of a ‘native’ was perhaps the ideal means in which to get answers regarding why the Eopua were so protective of the primitive species.

Though angry, Scialot saw some logic in the idea. Being one of them meant there would be no need for any stealth whilst conducting her studies.  She also figured she could experience everything like a “normal” inhabitant of the planet in case that was a valuable clue to what the Eopua were up to. When she returned home Scialot imagined she would be praised for finding answers regarding the great secret every race was forbidden from knowing and she liked the idea of that.

However before the conversation went any further, Terra noticed that Scialot’s voice changed to something different. The body’s original owner now seemed to be in charge.

He seemed surprised at the sight of Terra, which was no surprise from a primitive race. The biped seemed to think he was imagining things after the crash impact and so carried on as normal, simply thinking she was some strange hallucination.

With his aircraft down, all Sullivan could do now was wait for rescue. Over the course of the next few days he started to converse with Terra, again thinking her his imaginary “friend”.  At night, whilst he slept, Scialot seemed to be able to take control of his body and she went back to the ship with Terra to see if it could be repaired. It was a little disconcerting for Scialot to see herself sleeping but she had to get over that in order to address the work that needed to be done.  That meant repairing the ships systems, but she was not an engineer and neither was Terra.

After a few more days past without rescue, strange things started to happen to Sullivan. He began to ‘see’ strange visions of a tall woman with strange features, and no matter how hard he tried he could not make the hallucination of Terra go away.

At night Scialot too had problems for memories that were not hers had begun to invade her thoughts. It was now clear to her that her life core and the host’s mind were somehow merging.

Another couple of days passed and Sullivan began to see full images of Scialot which he put down to more hallucinations. She in turn could see and hear him albeit she was in the wraith like form he could see. Eventually tired of the limited an incessant talking by Sullivan she tried to communicate directly.

At first, he did not believe she was real, even when she directed him to the implant in the back of his head. He simply thought that was damage from his head injury. She eventually got him to follow her ghostly appearance to her ship where her own body was ‘sleeping’ and then Sullivan started to realise he was not imagining everything.

Though shocked and surprised he wanted answers so forced Scialot to explain what was happening. She told Sullivan she was an explorer from the stars and had come to his world to study but had crash landed. She then explained that her life core, the one now inside his body was of great importance and needed to be preserved whilst her body healed.

Though he understood how she wanted to save the life core, Sullivan told her that he simply could not wait around for her body to take, especially when Scialot admitted she had no idea how long that would be. He had a war to get back. The pair reached a compromise whereby Sullivan would return to his unit and after the war he would go back to the island and repatriate the core with her body.

What he did not realise was that, Scialot, ever the adventurer, had seen a way in which she could make the situation work to her advantage by following Terra’s suggestion of using a human skin to do her studies covertly.

She asked Sullivan to take the ‘amulet’ from her body and wear it wherever he went, explaining that it was a form of recording device that could fulfill her goal of studying humans. What he was unaware was that the object did more than simply record date. The Kradelf knew it as an Artifact Storage Device and it was capable of breaking down the mass of non organic objects and send them to a sub space library. Essentially it allowed Kradelf scientists to collect objects without the need for any bulky physical storage or transport.

After three weeks, a passing marine patrol picked Sullivan up. Since he could never explain Terra, she was left to continue repairs to Scialot’s ship. Returning to the war, Sullivan actually found it quite comforting to have someone to talk to when he needed. She in turn became something of an asset to him because she gave him another set of eyes. In the cockpit of a fighter she was able to look for danger whilst he concentrated on other immediate problems. They became something of a team.

At night when she could take charge of his body, Scialot began ‘borrowing’ samples of Earth technology. Though she knew Sullivan might not have taken the amulet had he known what she was going to use it for, she felt finding answers to be more important than telling the truth.  Not knowing what the Eopua’s wanted from humans, Scialot had considered that perhaps they saw something in the primitive technology if it was not the people themselves. That meant she had to ‘acquire’ some for her fellow Kradelf scientists to study was the device was returned home along with her life core. She thought what she was doing would lead to the greatest finds in xenology history.

Scialot though was unaware how much Sullivan’s emotional drives and experiences were affecting her when she was in control of his body. He had an overwhelming passion for flying and this inadvertently led to her “stealing” aircraft. Though she could have stored any Earth tech she became obsessed with aircraft due to his influence. The USAF never did figure out how aircraft vanished at bases Sullivan visited but as there was a war on it was easy for her to steal machines and get away with due to all the confusion.

The war in the Pacific came to an end with the dropping of nuclear weapons on Japan and that same incident was to have repercussions for Sullivan and Scialot because the detonations, despite the vast distance from where he was stationed messed with the Kradelf tech.

Scialot quickly discovered that her ASD device refused to accept new data. She knew its mapping memory was not full so that meant that the unit was somehow  ‘locked’. This was not so much a problem since, as promised, with the end of the war, Sullivan had promised to return her life core to her body and then she could be on her way home. However that was not working correctly either. Her means to borrow his body when he slept seemed to be limited and her means to “appear” before him was also reduced to brief periods and only after he had formed a mental link by “summoning” her. She could still hear and see everything he did but the full time partnership seemed to be at an end.

Eventually Sullivan made his way back to the island. Terra was waiting for his return. Despite her best efforts the ship was no longer flyable so after many failed attempts she had temporarily shut down until he came back. She had got other systems online but there was no suitable technology, or technology on the island to enable her to complete the work. Though Scialot’s body had not yet fully healed in the stasis field, Terra believed it was capable of accepting the life core. However when it came to removing the implant, Sullivan and Terra discovered it had become grafted and could not be removed without killing him.

Terra suggested that as she had got the emergency beacon repaired then the only solution was to get Kradelf medical people to come to them. This meant triggering the beacon and Sullivan going into  stasis until help arrived. Terra could not offer any idea how long, if at all the Kradelf might take to arrive, so left the choice to Sullivan. That was actually easier for him to deal with because having lost much during the war he felt he did not have anything to stay around for.

Two centuries later, Sullivan was woken by Terra. The small drone had detected approaching people and had taken action since bioscanners revealed they did not Kradelf. Scialot has also been brought out of stasis and for the first time she and Sullivan saw each other with their own eyes.

They barely got into hiding before men dressed in a military type outfits arrived and took the ship away. Once more he appeared to be stranded on the island although this time he at least had company. It was then that Scialot revealed that there perhaps was a means to escape. She then told him about the ‘amulet’ he had been carrying for so long. Since the device linked to the Life Core and the user ‘saw’ the stored objects in their mind only he could use it.

At first he was  angry at Scialot’s duplicity, the fact she had been using his body to ‘steal’ artifacts but he at long last had answers as to why he had awoken in strange places, when he’d not been drinking. That had puzzled him throughout the war.

To use the ASD required a lot of mental ‘dexterity’ and Scialot realised that whilst Sullivan was ’emotional’ he stood no chance of accessing the device’s ‘library’.  She apologised for abusing his trust but it took some time for him to get his thoughts in check and prepare himself. Using his mind’s eye to see the ‘artifacts’ Scialot had collected  was hard  at first because the only mental image he got  was a strange fog, from the images injected into his head from the Life Core. Under her guidance she taught him how to lift the fog and ‘see’, at which point he started to receive images of the first air base he had been stationed after leaving the island the first time.

The more he cleared his mind the more he saw until the airbase started to become populated with different aircraft. He assumed the dreamscape he was witnessing was how Kradelf stored items, by using a pictorial depiction of a place or similar. Using an airbase to ‘store’ the aircraft seemed a logical choice.

Scialot next suggested that he ‘touched’ an aircraft that could get them off the island.   In his mind he walked around the airbase. As soon as he touched it, as instructed, he was thrown out of the dreamscape and felt his eyes open. At the very same time the amulet started to glow and then a blinding beam of light shot out. When his eyes recovered he saw what had previously been inside his head, sat in front of him, in the flesh. Now they had the means to get off the island.

Working with Terra and Scialot he began practising and getting better at using the ASD, both to send out objects and to return them to the library. The unit though had been damaged and though capable of rebuilding objects it had stored once they were sent back to the library the device took its time to remove something else from storage. Whatever appeared also seemed to only remain out of the library for several hours before getting “sucked” back in. Inevitable whilst practicing there were a couple of accidents and it was then he learned that the unit glitches ensured now matter how badly an object was damaged before being returned to the library, whenever it was taken out again it would be restored to its original condition. Scialot had never seen an ASD act so oddly and guessed that perhaps some of its internal circuitry was damaged.

Returning the mainland America, Sullivan found a whole new world to discover. He was also left somewhat stuck as to what he should do since he was a man out of time. Money was still needed so for the first few months he slept on the streets, all the while hiding Scialot and Terra since he did not think people were ready for the existence of an alien.

Eventually he found a career that he was perfectly capable of performing, that of a mid-twentieth historian. That provided him with an apartment for the trio. Quickly he realised that he was different to other people and not just because he had alien tech in his brain. The DNA present from Scialot that had remained on the Life Core when Terra had installed into him had, over time altered his own DNA slightly. As well as being able to heal quickly he had also started to age less slowly than normal people.

Still possessing the ASD he wondered if there was a way of using it for some greater purpose, despite the fact it only had 1940’s aircraft stored within and technology had moved on so that seemed practically useless. Scialot was also getting frustrated at being ‘kept’ out of sight. As an adventurer and scientist, hiding was not in her nature.

Then one day his city came under attack from what he could only describe as a giant red robot, (later known as the Cosmic Knight). Whilst still having a lot of catch up learning he had barely scratched the surface in regards to all the “superheroes” and “villains” that now occupied the planet. He watched on TV as various heroes tried to engage the monster and realised they lacked one vital element, aerial support.

Despite the fact the ASD held out of date technology Sullivan felt he could still do something since the red monster was creating havoc and innocent lives were in the balance. Selecting a Warhawk from the library, Sullivan entered the fray and the Aviator was born. Sufficed to say the primitive weapons managed to bypass the defensive energy shields that protected the machine and inflicted damage. After seeing this, ground forces switched to projectile weapons and the tide of battle turned. The machine fled.

From then on Sullivan decided to engage in more heroic activities. Scialot was fascinated with the whole ‘hero-villain’ concept so on she demanded to be part of what he was doing. Since she could not go home she wanted to at least do something with meaning.

With Scialot, and sometimes Terra, by his side (sometimes begrudgingly) he started to make appearances all over the world. Sometimes they rescued people by transporting them out of danger. At other times they fought evil from the air. Since they can hide his aircraft in an instant by sending it to the library, individuals who tried to track whichever plane he is flying have met with the same problem, the plane inexplicably vanishes without a trace.

On the odd occasion he has worked alone when a situation calls for a loner but most times he is not without the others. As the world had come to witness oddities such as the animal hybrids and Bacteria Z mutants people were less shocked at the sight of Scialot than either she or Sullivan could have imagined

One of the first hero groups the trio crossed paths with was the Night Rangers. They were looking to damage more of the Protectorate’s operation whilst he and the others were trying to find who had taken Scialot’s ship since it still offered the best chance at getting her and Terra home. Despite working together briefly after Banish had been out of commission and they needed transport neither them or the Night Rangers  leads went anywhere.

Before parting company Architect gave them a gift. With help from the Knights Forge they were able to duplicate the life core to a fashion so Scialot could keep her Kradelf traditions and were able to transfer most of the data. After that was completed Sullivan could no longer see a virtual as well as a real version of her. However since the implant installed in Scialot was of Earth design she was still not able to access the ASD. Though a compromise, it worked for both Sullivan and Scialot since he was the only one that could fly the antiquated technology.

Moving forwards, they would find other heroes to assist and even make a few enemies along the way. Eventually it was learned that Citadel were the ones who took Scialot’s ship and the trio performed a daring raid. The attack took Citadel’s security forces by complete surprise and Scialot managed to steal back her own ship. However Citadel had stripped it of vital components meaning it no longer possessed faster than light capabilities, so she was still stuck on Earth.

By now though she had become accustomed to life on our planet and had accepted it as a second home. With her ship, she could now fly with Sullivan on her own terms making them a formidable team.

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