Steve Coops

The Balance


Group Identities:

  • Alke – Courtney Dubois
  • Eris – Minsun Khang
  • Pallas – Pavel Sokolov
  • Deimos – Kyle Tyson

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Enhanced humans

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • All are combat trained so have skills in hand to hand combat as well as being weapons qualified.


  • EM pulses can damage or disable there tech enhancements.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Suspected of murder and attempted murder
  • Collateral damage.
  • Damage to property


The Balance was formed from four people who had all been members of armed services around the world. Meeting across cyberspace they all had one thing in common. Each one of them had received life changing injuries when their respective units were brought in to deal with clashes between super humans. Though the likes of CLEA had come to recognise the use of some of these amateur heroes, each member of the Balance thought that the law in general had become too reliant on outside help.

Each of them was in agreement that things needed to change and “normal” people needed to take back control. the imbalance needed to be redressed, hence they called themselves “The Balance”. As the general public had low opinions of the likes of Alpha criminals already, the Balance decided that they needed to change the public perception of “heroes” and expose them for the frauds they were.

Since each one of the group had some form of disability they could not go toe-to-toe with any of the recognised “heroes”. Even the ones that were “normal” humans posed a challenge despite their combat training. They needed to find a way to level the playing field. Kyle knew of a secret U.S. army storage facility where experimental weapons and equipment were stored and since he knew their procedures the group decided they would raid the facility and take what they needed to be able to take the fight to the vigilantes.

It was during the planning of the raid that the group met each other in person for the first time. Having a like minded goal meant they had already formed a camaraderie. They knew this was essential in a combat situation as they had to have each other’s backs.

The raid was a success. By using knockout gas and tasers they well able to limit the collateral damage to the guards and avoided killing anyone. The took as much as the could load in the truck before making a getaway. Once they were sure they were back at their “safehouse” the learning could begin. As all the items were prototypes there was no instruction manuals so some they figured out very quickly whilst others were completely useless to them. Six months it took for them to be ready and all the while they had to keep moving to avoid the military police and other law enforcement agencies. Jumping to other countries proved fruitless as CLEA had been notified and were trying to track them.

Now that they were ready, they started their campaign. Their goal was to force vigilantes “out of business” and they set about doing this in two different ways. The first was the direct method, to disable an individual or group by any means necessary. Killing had to be avoided for in doing that they would become the ones the general public would regard as a menace. The other option was to simply discredit the “hero” they were targetting. This was far more trickier since it was very much a long game and involved a lot more planning.

Early on they had a few successes with the latter but it was not long before the hero community knew there were new players on the field and what they were attempting to do. Despite theirs and CLEA’s efforts to locate and capture the Balance they remain at large.

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