Steve Coops

The MacKenna Twins/Power of Two


Lee MacKenna (left) and Callum MacKenna (right)

The MacKenna twins as Alpha Superiors are most unusual in that they are the only known Alphas able to combine their physical bodies into a gestalt form. Unfortunately for the authorities they make use of this additional power to capitalise on their life of crime.


Partnership Identities:

  • Callum MacKenna
  • Lee MacKenn

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior (C. MacKenna)
  • Alpha Superior (L. MacKenna)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha Ability (Callum) – can teleport to each Lee’s position.
  • Alpha Ability (Lee) – can teleport to each Callum’s position.
  • Alpha Ability (Together) – can merge together to become the giant four armed entity knows as “Power of Two.”
  • Power of Two – Has twice the speed, stamina, resilience and strength of an average adult male. Also has four arms and is around two-three foot taller than an average human male.
  • Power of Two – Though not a skilful fighter, more of a brawler for the extra strength and arms make Power of Two extremely difficult to fight at close range.
  • Tactical thinking (Separately and combined)- As skilled fighters will combine and separate at random to keep opponents off guard.


  • Multiple teleports/combining fatigues them resulting in them unable to access their Alpha abilities.
  • Both are overly cocky leading to tactical errors.
  • If the pair are separated but close to each other teleporting to safety does little in practical terms and they can be easily captured.
  • Attacking from range nullifies most of Power of Two’s advantages

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Muscle for hire
  • Assault and battery


For most of their lives the MacKenna twins were never far from trouble. Once they gained infamy with the Atlantica Police Department, officers would joke they were reserving a cell for the twins because at any given time one or the other or even both of them would find themselves behind bars for a whole variety of misdemeanours varying from theft to assault.

The source of their rebellious nature could not even be attributed to a tough upbringing for the twins had parents that adored them. Many believed it was perhaps because their parents doted on them a let them get away with too much was the reason why they became so out of control. Whatever the reason, when the seeds of crime were sown into the minds of pair during their teenage years there was nothing anyone could do or say to them to make take a different path through life.

Consequently when they discovered they were Alpha Superiors it was no surprise to anyone that they chose to use their special gifts for committing more crimes. Normally Alphas with the same parents normally acquire similar gifts but twins are even more special in that they often acquire the same abilities. In the case of Callum and Lee they thought they had the gift of teleportation albeit it was somewhat limited in that they could only teleport to each other’s location.
Using this ability the pair became quite adept at robbery because they had a perfect getaway system. Before committing a robbery one of them would hide in a safe location whilst the other would commit the crime after which that twin would teleport to his brother. For months the pair baffled police by vanishing into thin air after committing a crime. An Alpha ability was suspected but never proven so the APD did not bother making a report to CLEA.

Happy with their unusual gift the pair would eventually learn they had a secondary ability and this realisation came about during another robbery.  On this occasion Lee had elected to rob the shop so it was Callum’s “job” to wait at a safe location. Since they had no idea what “range” they could teleport to they had always chosen to stay within a two block radius. The last thing either of them wanted was to suddenly find they were stranded with a load of stolen goods.
Callum therefore found a “safe location” a couple of streets away outside what he thought was an abandoned storage facility. As they had done many times before, all he had to do was sit and wait until his brother “appeared” and then they would share the proceeds of their crime. Having become so used to relying on their Alpha abilities both twins had a distinct lack of fear so Callum had not bothered to scout the area properly to make sure it was as deserted as he thought it was.
In fact the storage unit was only tatty due to a downturn in business but it was still in use and it still had a security guard. The instant the guard saw Callum “lurking” outside he became suspicious. Since the business had been robbed on more than one occasion he decided to take no chances and called the local police station.

When the patrol car eventually turned up the police officers took one look and recognised Callum. Though he was not guilty of any crime (as far as they knew) they thought they would like a word with the young man.
Thinking the police was there about Lee’s robbery attempt Callum panicked and teleported himself to his brother. However the robbery had gone perfectly and what Callum was unaware of was that when he teleported to Lee, his brother was making his escape by teleporting to Callum.
The pair met, literally halfway between their start locations but instead of colliding in mid-air their bodies merged into a four armed large male human. Callum having initiated teleporting first seem to take charge of his new body. Lee could see, hear and talk to Callum via his thoughts but had no control and was very much a passenger.

Not sure what happened Callum tried walking and stubbed his toe on a trash can. It hurt like hell so he kicked the can and it flew through the air like a missile. This indicated to him he had increased strength so he tried pulling at a lamp post and tore it down. All the destruction and the fact quite a few people had seen a “four armed man materialise” in mid-air brought a large contingent of police to them (some of whom were already in the area looking for Callum). Though the entity they saw looked a bit like Callum they could not be sure. Either way the “man-monster” was causing too much trouble and had to be contained for the safety of the public but when the police officers approached, Callum beat them back. With four arms the officers could do nothing at close range.
The police captain therefore gave permission to use lethal force but the bullets simply bounced of the “creature.”
Eventually bored with being shot at, Callum decided to make a run for it and found he was twice as fast due to the great strides he could take. All throughout the incident he could hear Lee talking in his mind so once clear of the pursuing police officers they tried to teleport again and found themselves into their own “smaller” bodies.

After a lot of experimentation the twins learned if they “combined” then whomever initiated the teleport first would be the one in charge and the other would be a passenger. Significantly in their combined form the singular humanoid was twice as fast, twice as strong, had twice the stamina, twice the resilience and of course had twice as many arms. They called their combined “body”, “Power of Two”.

Since CLEA were considered experts in Alphas they eventually learned of the twins and their remarkable talents. Agents that had tried to apprehend them have noticed that often the pair will still fight side by side and use the teleport abilities to get each other to safety when challenged but when backed into a corner they will combine for extra fire power. In fight situations it has been noted that the pair like to combine and separate in rapid succession as this allows them to attack from different directions and keep their enemies off balance.