Steve Coops

The Road Warriors


Team Identities:

  • Dave Lynn – Tinker
  • Simon Gray (originally) – Spectre
  • Jenny MacClare – Mackie
  • Spirit

CLEA Classification:

  • Specialist Engineer (Tinker)
  • Vehicular Lifeform (Spectre and Spirit)
  • Specialist Combatant (MacClare)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Lynn acts as the team’s mechanic is fully trained to deal with the unique oddities presented by Spectre and Spirit. Though regarded as a civilian Lynn is known to take direct action in the team’s “missions” by driving his own vehicle and placing himself in harms way.
  • MacClare is an ex police officer. During her time with the EPD she received unarmed combat and firearms training. She originally “piloted” Spectre’s car before gaining her own vehicle so that she could act as another mobile unit for the team.
  • Spectre and Spirit are classed as vehicular lifeforms (the classification was originally created to describe Spectre). Since they combine elements of “human” within the systems of a car they have a capacity to heal wounds by absorbing power from nearby sources (via EM fields). The pair can also hack into communication systems the same way. Since the pair are actual cars and not people every part component that is connected to them they can control (in much the same way a human can control their arms and legs etc.) They can thus drive anywhere and frequently do so at the alarm of people who do not know what the are and see driverless cars. For this reason they will often generate a hologram of themselves in the drivers seat (see below).
  • Spectre and Spirit can also emit a fully formed hologram of themselves (but must be within twenty feet of the vehicle). When using internal power the “hologram” has no substance and appears ghost like. However if they can feed off a power source, the boosted power allows them to become “solid” but though they look like “humans” they do not feel human to third parties who describe being close to either one being similar to standing next to a CR tube.


  • Lynn has received no armed/unarmed training so is weak against a skilled fighter.
  • Though Spirit and Spectre can repair a lot of damage by absorbing power they cannot repair everything which included natural wear and tear. They therefore rely on Lynn to fix any of the systems they cannot.
  • As soon as Spirit and Spectre take on their hologram form outside the confines of their vehicles they cannot self repair until they return to inside of the their vehicles and abandon using their alternate form.
  • Spectre and Spirit are vulnerable to EM based weapons.
  • The Renaissance Mob has singled the Road Warriors as their “enemies.”

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Double homicide (MacClare – charges later dropped when it was discovered she had been framed by the true murderers, corrupt officers in the EPD)


In the beginning the Road Warriors consisted of just two members. Dave Lynn had become disillusioned with working for the Renaissance Mob since he noticed them becoming more violent and was not at ease with the fact they had begun to expand their business operations into kidnapping women to use as prostitutes.
He had been forced to leave their “employment” after freeing an assassin named “Rose” that had been captured trying to kill the mobs leader, Big Ron.

Rose had been betrayed by another member of the organisation she worked for ‘Twelve’. Like many of the female captives the Mob intended to use her as a sex slave. Unlike the other woman, she was treated differently. instead of being taken to ‘clients’, as punishment for attempting to kill Big Ron, her sole purpose was as a play thing for other members of the cartel. Though they were forbidden from killing her, Big Ron allowed any manner of cruelty to be visited on Rose so as well as sex she was subjected to frequent abuse and beatings. Big Ron intended her to suffer for as long as possible , and in the times she was not being used as a toy, she was chained up like an animal.

Unable to bear seeing any woman being tortured in this way, Dave Lynn decided to free Rose. For that act he was thrown out of the Renaissance Mob. Anyone else would have been killed but his brother, Adam known as ‘Atlas’ was Big Ron’s right hand man and persuaded his boss to show mercy.  Dave therefore was able to settle down in a small outback town of Irwin’s Crossing and work as the local mechanic.

The town itself was close to Big Ron’s ranch and headquarters but fell under the control of  the Green Dragons, a rival gang. The corrupt sheriff and most of his men were loyal to Big Ron, and had supplied most of the girls for the illegal sex trade. Being a small town the police could identify travellers and strangers and so it was easy to arrest lone women passing through and then hand them over to Big Ron’s people. Since the Green Dragons had no interest in the sex trade they permitted the ‘business’ providing the Renaissance Mob did not interfere in their operations.

As Rose had failed to eliminate her target she knew the Twelve would consider her a failure, despite the fact she had been betrayed. Getting captured had exposed the “The Twelve” who preferred to remain as ghosts. That was not permitted so she was now a target for the other assassins who worked for the Twelve. It also meant she was without a purpose and so chose to stay with Dave in Irwin’s Crossing.

In time the Green Dragons reached a power sharing agreement with Renaissance Mob and handed Big Ron, leases to farmland they owned so that he might begin growing his own drugs crops. The Dragons also pulled their people out of the town since it was not ‘profitable’ for them. Very quickly Dave found some familiar faces in the area. Though the mob enforcers recognised Dave, they ignored him since he was not a threat to them. Since the thugs were not high up the ranks they did not recognise Rose so she was relatively safe from the Mob, although Dave viewed that as a blessing for he had no doubt she could easily take care of any mob enforcers. Since he had abandoned his old violent life he persuaded Rose to simply let things be, but she found that difficult when the rest of the town were growing tired of being coerced into growing illegal crops and performing menial tasks for the mob.

As the townsfolk began to suffer, the mob found its members under attack at night by a masked vigilante. Rose figured since the local police had been paid off she had to restore justice. The people saw the vigilante as a hero despite the fact the mob started to punish the people of Irwin’s Crossing in retaliation. Dave guessed the vigilante was Rose as he had caught her sneaking out at night on a number of occasions. She promised him she would stop once the mob gave up the town and then the situation got worse when Elsa showed up.

She wanted revenge on the mob after they had kidnapped her and place her into a life of prostitution. After escaping she had trained to become a mercenary and once she had the skills had returned to Irwin’s Crossing for some payback. Rose saw a kindred spirit in Elsa, now operating as ‘Emerald’  and suggested they work together to destroy the mob’s presence in the area. Elsa did not need much persuading and the Road Warriors were born. Using their skills to their best advantage the two women succeeded in breaking the Renaissance Mob’s strangle hold on the town but not the area.

That was when Spectre and MacClare appeared in Irwin’s Crossing. The pair had heard about some trouble in the outback and had set off to help. Upon arriving in the town, the pair were tricked by Atlas and told that the two women on bikes were the source of problems in the town. Since he was such an eloquent speaker, he convinced the pair with his lies and they set off for Dave’s Garage. Atlas thought that in sending MacClare and Spectre after Elsa and Rose, both groups would take each other out and thus the town would be eradicated of heroes.

That plan though did not came to a fruition because the battle between the four ended in stalemate and nearly brought about Spectre’s demise. However both groups survived and once MacClare and Spectre learned the truth they sided with Elsa and Rose, doubling the team. Together they made the town a no go area for the Renaissance Mob but the crime gang was not yet finished.

Nearly a year later the Mob returned with a plan to eliminate the strongest member of the group, Spectre. In a deliberate method to provoke the Road Warriors the mob drove a van into the town and roughed up a few folk before tearing off. Spectre (with MacClare) gave chase but once they got behind the van, the doors flew open to reveal an experimental EM cannon. Firing the weapon at Spectre was supposed to shut down all the electric in the vehicle which would effectively kill him. However instead the pulse split off part of his “psyche” and merged it with part of MacClare’s psyche. The upshot of this was the creation of another entity similar to Spectre, but female in appearance.

As both vied for control of the vehicle, it was realised by MacClare and Dave that both “entities” could not co-exist within the same car. The new being though could not be simply killed either since is was technically alive. Dave instead proposed the try to transfer the entity to another vehicle, namely his. Though there was a risk they could “kill” Spectre, the team agreed it was the only option they had. Since nobody had every moved a living consciousness before it was a small miracle that the transfer worked on once inside Tinker’s car the new entity took the name “Spirit”.

Very quickly it became apparent that Spirit was prone to making mistakes. Though she was part Spectre and part Mackie she had none of their experience. In fact she was making the errors of a child due to a lack of guidance. Accepting she had been “created” from them, Spectre and MacClare made a decision that if Spirit was a “child” then she was their child and therefore it was their responsibility to teach her and raised her as “parents”, albeit they were far from a typical family!

Spirit learned at a greatly accelerated rate once given the correct tutelage and it was not long before the Road Warriors gained another new member. With the new warrior as part of the team, the Renaissance Mob finally withdrew from the town. Things quietened down and Elsa and Rose decided to head out together to find somewhere they could use their warriors skills for helping others and they became the “Wheels of Fury”.

The others elected to remain at Irwin’s Crossing in case the mob returned but it was nearly eighteen months before that scenario presented itself. During this last final push by the mob to defeat the Road Warriors they captured and used Spirit to create a team of vehicular lifeforms, Carnage. The Road Warrior were vastly outclassed and so the Wheels of Fury returned temporarily to assist. Though Carnage was not defeated the Renaissance Mob lost control of their “team” when their host personalities grew used to the power and decided they should work for themselves and left Irwin’s Crossing to reap mayhem elsewhere.

With that final defeat the Wheels of Fury left the Road Warriors to continue their “work” and since the town was now “free” from the Mob, Dave, Mackie, Spectre and Spirit chose to follow Elsa and Rose’s lead by using their unique gifts in the service of others.

(Also see Wheels of Fury)