Steve Coops

The Wreckers


Left to Right: Piledriver, Tempest and Stomp



Team Identities:

  • Stomp – Jumi Crocker
  • Tempest – Yasmin Malar
  • Piledriver – Natsuki Sato (pseudonym given by nurses – real name unknown)

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior – Stomp and Piledriver
  • Tech Augmented – Tempest

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Stomp has the means to generate devastating seismic waves with her feet, that can form massive ground tremors. This can be regulated by a special pair of boots designed by the Knight’s Forge. The also created a pair of energy focus gauntlets that allow her to channel the energy forwards from her hands with greater accuracy.
  • Piledriver can create shockwaves from her hands when she slams them into the ground. After being “converted” by Zorn, she was given a large wearable pair of arm extenders/gloves which increase the contact area, without which her bones would shatter on impact.  A similar enlarged pair of boots houses forcefield boosters that enable her to jump vertically. The added vertical height increases the power of the shockwaves.
  • Tempest has been cyber enhanced by the alien known as Qex. This enables her to process data and move her body far quicker than a normal person. Her healing speed is also increased. Cyber enhancements has “trained” her to be an incredible warrior with swords.


Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The Wreckers are a team of individuals that all have one thing in common, they were all at one time earlier in their lives turned into victims due to their “potential”.

Jumi’s Story

Jumi was the first of the group to suffer. She was an Alpha Superior with the means to create seismic waves by stamping her feet on the ground. With the potential to generate localised tremors, she was aware of the dangers her ability created. When her powers first activated she nearly ended up burying her family by accidentally collapsing their Europa town house.

The police investigation concluded that the building had been brought down by an Earth tremor but did not know Jumi was the source. Though the insurance paid for what was lost, and she had a supportive family, the incident scared her. She therefore decided to move out in order to keep everyone safe.

Over a period of a few years she drifted around. Though she had great academic potential, she chose to work on farms as a labourer. Never having full control over her destructive ability, every time she lost control she did not really cause any real harm and by never working at one location for too long, she had the option of moving on without anybody really noticing.

All she wanted was a normal life, so she had no ambitions of becoming an Alpha hero. By keeping a low profile Jumi hoped to avoid any unwanted attention. What she was not aware of was that the Protectorate had started tracking the strange tremors which had been deemed as unnatural. They eventually tracked the source to her. Though she had removed herself from built up areas to avoid causing collateral damage the Protectorate feared she might one day return to the city or choose to use her destructive abilities to harm others.

Orion was dispatched to “collect” Jumi. Unlike normal their work was far easier. Since she had chosen the life of a loner and drifted from job to job, that enabled them to snatch her without needing to cover her tracks. When she failed to show for work the next day the farm supervisor just assumed she had moved on. The only people who did in fact miss her where her family as they no longer received any letters. The family contacted the police but with no suspicious activity in the area she was last seen they just put Jumi on the missing persons file.

Once moved to the island where the Protectorate kept its “guests”, Jumi actually felt relieved. Like the other inhabitants she was fitted with an Alpha dampening collar and had free run of the island. For a long time she was happy, but then she started to miss her freedom. To this end she asked staff why she could not simply wear the collar and return home as she no longer presented a threat. They however made it clear that they could not trust her or anyone else to do that.

Escape was out of the question, as there were many stories of what happened to those that had tried and failed. They were “frozen” like the “dangerous” inmates. Eventually her chance for freedom though came when the group later known as the Night Rangers raided the facility and freed many people. Despite knowing what would happen it it all went wrong she chose to leave with them on the boat that Banish managed to teleport.

Offered a position with the group, she and several others turned them down and chose to simply vanish from view and hoped Orion would not find her again. This time she stayed in the city, believing she would be harder to track. Despite avoiding using her powers and never wanting to be a hero fate would later intervene when terrorist threatened to bomb the building she was working in. The blast radius of such a device would have taken out a huge area of the neighbourhood and killed many innocent lives so she used her “gift” to bring down the actual building and bury the bomb.

Having exposed her gift hiding in the shadows became tricky. Embracing the life of a hero was also tricky since she had little control over the strength of her abilities. Sometimes she was seen having to hold back putting herself in danger rather than risk unleashing her full potential and injuring civilians.

This limitation was identified by the Knight’s Forge. After making contact with her Jumi agreed to allow them to test her abilities. This took about a week at one of their secret locations and once they had the results the Forge were able to build her a pair of special boots that would allow her to regulate the strength of her seismic waves. Later on they would supply her with a pair of gauntlets that allowed her to project the seismic waves from her hands in a tightly focused beam.

Natsuki’s Story

Natsuki has no memory of her early life. The only memories she had started when she was found wandering the streets of New Tokyo wearing a special “suit” and having Alpha abilities. Taken to hospital with suspected amnesia she was “given” her name by the nurses who wanted to give her some sort of identity. Frightened as to what was happening to her, one night she slipped past her police guard collected her outfit and went out in the world to try and solve the mystery of who she was.

Along the way she started using her Alpha abilities as a hero and it was when the media gained her publicity that she attracted Union who had some answers about her past The pair met after she had interfered in a fight between both members of Cyberus. He had seen her in action and arrived just in time to stop her getting cleaved in two.

Though she did not recognise him, he recognised her and told Natsuki that two years earlier she had tried to kill him but he had no idea why. Like her, he had lost his memories but did recall then when they had fought she had left him for dead. Since it was apparent she was no longer that person, after defeating Cyberus, Union suggested they should perhaps stay together for a short time in order to try and find out how they were linked in the hope that they would recalled their pasts.

The mystery was partly solved with the combined efforts of the Phoenix Alliance and Brainbox. Able to probe both hers and Union’s minds, Bainbox was able to ascertain that she had been one of the alien Zorn’s attempts to create Alpha humans. Though he often “marketed” his work via the Broker to get an unlimited supply of test subjects and resource, like Union, Natsuki had simply been grabbed from the street. That was just a guess though since Brainbox noted her memories had been blocked but surmised that if she was “created” for someone then there was no indication of that.

Brainbox concluded that as with Union, Zorn had chosen to keep Natsuki around to serve as an added security measure against any threats to him. Her only memories he could access were from that point onwards. He noted that at some time Union had broken his conditioning and fled and she had been dispatched to deal with him and make sure nobody knew of Zorn. This was then she had left him for dead. After that Brainbox could see that Natsuki had remained loyal due to her altered memories but when sent to deal with another escapee in New Tokyo had been subjected to a massive electrical discharge. This, Brainbox believed had removed Zorn’s conditioning and also her memories up until that point. Unlike Union who Brainbox considered would never retrieve his memories, he believed that in time Natsuki would find hers and know her real name but he could not guarantee that.

Until that day came she chose to use her abilities to continue fighting crime which eventually brought her into contact with Stomp and Tempest.

Yasmin’s Story

Yasmin had a very similar story to Natsuki in that she was a victim of an alien experiment. Up until Qex kidnapped her she had a relatively normal life as a security guard. In her spare time she took up the hobby of Kendo and at reached the national finals. Though not a huge sporting event there was media coverage,

The alien Qex saw this media and at the time was looking for someone to “employ” as a bodyguard. Her experiments back home were important to her people and though she had an organic drone army at her disposal, she like them could not breathe the Earth’s atmosphere. Heroes had exploited this weakness in the past which is why she created a back up security force of humans. Normally Qex would have preferred high powered humans such as Alphas but she saw definite skill in Yasmin.

Whilst Natsuki was very good, Qex noticed that she was not the best. This suited her plans because if she became champion in the competition then it would be far harder to grab her and get away with it. Less than perfect was also better as it allowed room for improvement and training to bring her in line with what Qex needed as a bodyguard.

Once the competition was over, and the outcome happened as predicted Qex had here drones track Yasmin. Unlike before when she simply abducted people Qex decided to actually make a personal plea for help. Having been on Earth for a while she had a grasp of human languages. Willing “help” was always better for Qex since brain washing often resulted in the end product losing part of their edge.

Snatched in the middle of the night by drones, Yasmin was brought to Qex. Sufficed to say, seeing an alien for the first time came as quite a shock. Qex, having learned that most humans were unaware of the existence of extra terrestrials was not entirely surprised at the reaction. Yasmin’s first instinct was to run but surrounded by drones, she kept a cool head. Though she had no idea where she had been brought she knew she had to get out. Using her training, she kept a cool head and when the opportune moment came she made a break for it. The plan failed.

The next memory Yasmin had was when members of Menagerie were dragging her from a burning facility. Having just tried to escape an alien, seeing another bunch of strange creatures did not help. A human, Optic, amongst them spoke to her and warned her not to try anything funny. Yasmin thought the order was odd and did not like the fact they restrained her. It was only then that she noticed her clothing had gone, replaced by some strange body armour.

After being take to a CLEA facility, she was left, still restrained in what was obviously some sort of observation room. Yasmin demanded to know what was going on and what they had done with her clothing. She had to wait a while before a CLEA officer showed up to interview her. He asked her all sorts of strange questions relating to an alien name Qex. She remembered that name and meeting the alien, but all the remaining questions made no sense.

The officer left her and then came back about ten minutes later. She was then escorted to a medical wing and had all manner of tests performed on her. Only then was she released from her restraints. Yasmin was then told that she had an implant fitted to the base of her skull which was damaged and had been the source of her lack of memory. They then dropped the bomb shell that she had been missing for four years, during which she had willingly served Qex as a bodyguard. Having been equipped with alien cyber enhancements she had acquired superhuman reflexes and above average strength. This has made her the ultimate protector for her “employer”, for few had got past her sword skills.

During the Menagerie raid she had got caught in an explosion and the CLEA scientists had concluded that in a million to one chance shrapnel had damaged the neural implant. Somehow this had eliminated her memories from working for Qex. Since they could not remove the damaged device CLEA thought that she could present a valid security threat if released in the community and so told Yasmin that she would need to remain with them.

Guilty of crimes she never remembered committing and now being imprisoned by CLEA, the supposed good guys, Yasmin just wanted her life back. She also wanted revenge for what had been taken from her so after a month of being under CLEA supervision an opportunity presented itself which allowed her to get free of her guards. She then collected her equipment or rather the equipment that she arrived in. Though she did not recognise it as actually belonging to her when she put it on it felt “familiar”. Even the swords which should have felt alien in her hands felt like they belonged.

As she made her escape CLEA warned her that she would be hunted like a criminal, but Yasmin felt like she was being treated as one for something she had no control over so she chose to ignore the warning. Making her way out the building she did her best to limit collateral damage of CLEA guards that tried to intercept her. One thing she discovered was that the armour that Qex had built for her might have been thin but it was bullet proof, which she could only conclude was down to alien technology. Whilst engaged in CLEA security forces sent to intercept her, Yasmin also realised she was instinctively employing skills that were not her own. Though she remembered her Kendo training, her fighting prowess was far more superior than that. As well as the outfit and swords, Yasmin could only speculate that the implants fitted elsewhere on her body by Qex somehow gave her an instinctive response to danger which still worked even without her memories. Eventually she made it out of the building and found herself on the outskirts of New Tokyo.

For several weeks she kept having to avoid CLEA looking for her. After they seemed to have given in on her she finally decided to try and return to her old life. The problem was though her family and friends were grateful of her being returned, they had moved on. Yasmin also had to come to terms with the fact that whilst she remained in familial surrounding and familial people, CLEA would easily find her.

To avoid being caught Yasmin opted to lay low. She obtained false ID’s and even managed to find a job. Though she wanted revenge on Qex she knew the chances of finding the alien was pretty remote. Every time though she saw the equipment hanging up in her apartment she was tempted to use it to do some good. The temptation got to much one day and she found herself dealing with armed robbers at a bank. In getting caught on camera she was hailed a hero but at the same time Yasmin knew she was back on CLEA’s radar. However they never came. What she did not realise was CLEA top brass felt it would be bad PR if they arrested a “hero” and so chose to simply monitor her activities. and only take action if she looked like she was aligning with Qex.

As a hero she adopted the name Tempest.

Forming the Team

Unlike other teams which are “created” the trio took quite a long time to get together. Their formation was mainly brought about between random encounters dealing with criminals. As some point each of them met the other but never all three at the same time.

Eventually Natsuki chose to make contact with both Jumi and Yasmin. Having partnered Union for a short while she had seen the benefits of teaming up rather than being a solo hero. As they had all been struggling as loners, the other two agreed. In working together and learning that they had all been made victims in the past, the common link gave them a deep bond, that was so strong that in time they were inseparable and would do anything for each other.

As a team they chose the name “The Wreckers” as that was how the general public often perceived Jumi and Natsuki’s abilities.

Enhancements from the Knight’ Forge

The one problem that Natsuki and Yasmin had was that their “abilities” relied upon alien tech that was not replaceable. The Knight’s Forge were already aware of Jumi so after the group became a trio she tried to get them to help. Natsuki had tech supplied by Zorn to control her shockwaves and it had shown some signs of failure. The Forge were lucky enough to have suitable alternatives for the damaged components and thus convert it to Earth based technology.

The same could not be said for Yasmin’s bulletproof armour which had been practically destroyed from damaged sustained over time. The Forge had nothing similar to the super strong alien material and so were unable to repair it. Instead they proposed replacing it with technology they did have access to. Though not as thin as Qex’s outfit it was at least a suitable, and had the benefit it could be repaired or replaced. Since they were creating an outfit for Yasmin they took the opportunity to create another pair so that as a team Natsuki and Yumi would look like they belonged. The addition of some lightweight helmets with communications built in also got around the problem that when battle commenced with villains, Natsuki and Jumi could not hear each other or Yasmin due to the noise generated by their abilities. This prevented making coordinated attacks.