Steve Coops

Witches Coalition


Group Identities:

  • Seductress – Alisa Lupei
  • Sanguine Witch – Rihhilt Eckstein
  • Ember Mage – Esther Cheboi
  • Venom Enchantress – Xifeng Hung
  • Death Dealer – Magalie Damis

CLEA Classification:

  • Magic Wielders

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Dark Magic Wielders


  • Can be affected by powerful users of Light Magic

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


During the early eighteenth century, at the height of persecution of Magic Wielders, to combat the threat Witches and Warlocks decided it was in their best interest to get organised, not only to deal with dangers presented by “normal” mortals but also from Witches who sided with them. To this end the Warlock Council was created. Since Warlocks considered themselves superior the five most powerful from their ranks were chosen to lead the community of Dark Magic wielders.

After over a century had past, Witches soon grew tired of being under the thumb of their male counterparts who ignored they voice and so they broke away and formed a separate governing body of their own which they named the Witches Coalition. Though the Coalition would work with the Council for the greater good their members would never be controlled by it and so in the interests of avoiding unnecessary conflict all Witches would follow the guidance of the Coalition and all Warlocks would come under the control of the Council.

As with the Council, the Witches Coalition also chose to be lead by five of their most powerful members. Ironically whether magic wielders were Witches of Warlocks those that use Dark Magic also had the same flaws which meant just as the Council leaders had to deal with usurpers by making themselves stronger, the Coalition leaders had to do the same. This meant that they, to ended up trying to acquire Magical Artefacts and Totems to boost their power, and again, like the Warlocks the most sought after of these are Avatar Totems.

Currently the Witches Coalition is governed by The Seductress, Sanguine Witch, Ember Mage, Venom Echantress and the Death Dealer.

Whilst four members of the Council are relatively new in terms of the Coalition’s lifetime, the Sanguine Witch has sat on it since the beginning. Extremely powerful, she found a way of replenishing her strength and youth though stealing souls of others. However a White Witch managed to curse he so that now the only way she can retain her immortality is through the drinking of blood, hence her name.

The Seductress, Alisa Lupei got her name after having a relationship with a Demon. Already a powerful witch in her own right, she wanted more power and so killed him and drank his essence and gained his abilities to seduce mortals and get them to do anything she wanted.

The Ember Mage, Esther Cheboi is an African witch who specialises in death and destruction normally through fire. In reducing living beings to ash she can extract their essence and transform it into Dark Magic

The Venom Enchantress has a similar specialist ability to the Seductress, only as well as magic she uses exotic poisons to get people to do her bidding, after which they generally die. Though less powerful than the others she is extremely skilled in mixing combinations of ingredients so what she lacks in outright power, she makes up with by creating spells.

The Death Dealer, Magalie Damis is supremely skilled in Death Magic. As well as being able to kill mortals by simply ripping their souls from their bodies she can also reanimate dead bodies, albeit they lack any will power or intelligence other than what she gives them.

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