Steve Coops



Group Identities:

  • Joe Sinclair – Abyss
  • Hao Meng – Mist
  • Mathew Newman – Zero
  • Jessica Ryan – Pitbull
  • Tawni Glover – Thunderchild
  • Pertra Korhonen – Monarch

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha humans (entire group except Thunderchild)
  • Tech Augmented human (Thunderchild)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Sinclair (Abyss) has the means to open a subspace pocket inside his own body. This can be used to store people and objects on a temporary basis. Anything “organic” entering the pocket is kept in a form of suspended animation.
  • Alpha ability – Meng (Mist) can change his body into a gaseous form and pass through narrow gaps. Allows him to become practically invulnerable in combat situations.
  • Alpha ability – Newman (Zero) can generate ice from his hands which he can use this to freeze objects and people.
    Alpha ability – Ryan (Pitbull) increases her strength and resilience increases whenever she experiences negative emotions particularly anger, pain or fear. Her ability almost instantly kicks in as a threat responce only instead of fleeing she attacks
  • Glover (Thunderchild) designed and built an experimental armoured flight suit. As well as allowing her to fly it greatly enhances her strength and resilience and protects her from projectile weapons of medium calibre and below. Estimated top speed of Mach 0.85
  • Alpha ability – Korhonen (Monarch) can emit a psychic mind “blast” that causes those hit to imprint themselves upon her. They instinctively see her as a leader/mother/matriarch and become her willing servants. Whilst victims retain some of their existing personality and emotional responses the mental imprinting causes them to lose their existing motivations, loyalties and some of their inhibitions. Those hit by the psychic blast at range are only temporarily affected lasting anything from a few minutes to a few hours but for those targeted with a sustained blast at point blank range the effect is permanent.  Her victims actually see the psychic blast as a visible white beam of light emitted from Petra’s head or hands when in actual fact there is no discern able energy actually present.


  • Sinclair’s mind is so badly warped by the “voices” inside he is completely unstable and irrational. He is unable to think tactically,
  • Korhonen’s main weakness is down to the fact she cannot attack more than two minds at the same time and if her blast successfully connects for brief instant psychic energy flows in both directions so victims can see into her mind albeit it would not change the inevitable outcome. Also for the imprinting to work her victims must have a partly open mind at the instant when she performs an attack. Alpha’s with psychic abilities or people with strong mental disciplines can survive her attacks providing they concentrate on keeping mental barriers in place so over time Petra has learned to counteract this defence by distracting her opponents and breaking their concentration.
  • Ryan can easily defeated by psychic Alphas who can flood her mind with positive emotions.
  • The rest of the team is only held together via Korhonen’s influence at Sinclairs command

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


If all the law enforcement agencies in the world and all the “heroes” are considered to be bringing order to society by providing justice and thus building a better future then this group of individuals could be considered the polar opposite.
Led by one of the most powerful Alpha humans, Abyss, the aptly named Chaos group’s apparent purpose only seems to be to destroy. Its warped goal is to eradicate the evil in society the only way possible, by tearing it down so that it can be replaced with a new enlightened order.
Ironically its original members were all considered heroes until they encountered the Alpha Criminal Monarch who forever altered them.