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Famous CLEA Personnel

Whilst CLEA tries to keep the identities of its personnel secret for security reasons invariably the public has been made aware of certain groups or individuals via press or criminals trying to disrupt the organisation’s effectiveness. Occasionally such leaks have actually worked in favour of CLEA in the good publicity it provides as well as …

CLEA Watch List

The CLEA watch list is the files on all known threats to ordinary citizens. Most of the time these are people under investigation, and hence the original name of the Watch List was “Persons of Interest”. However with the discovery of hostile aliens races and animal hybrids the name was something of a misnomer so …


The people below are known to CLEA to operate as vigilantes either singly or as part of a team/group. The general public tends to refer to these people as “heroes” or in the case of Alphas, “Alpha Heroes” (a term originally coined by the press). Despite generalised opinion not all vigilantes as in fact Alphas. …