Steve Coops

Furverkissmar and Essmessell


Race Identity:

  • Furverkissmar
  • Essmessell



  • Human like in appearance. Males generally appear to be rotund
  • Tend to wear warm clothing, red often being the choice of colour


  • Smaller than humans in size but have the same general features apart from pointed ears
  • Tend to wear less “heavy” clothing than the Furverkissmars but still have bright clothing



  • Long lived – average of 400-500 human years
  • Technologically advanced
  • Able to produce a physical manifestation of emotions which in turn can induce emotions in others.
    Positive emotions produce gold coloured dust
    Negative emotions produce black dust or hard coal like substance.
  • Can empathically absorb emotions from other sentient beings
  • Too much negative emotional build up results in a physical transformation to a demon like creature.
  • Pacifists
  • Respect life – cannot willingly take the life of another.


  • Average lifespan 90-150 human years
  • Physically strong for their size
  • Respect life but will defend themselves

Interaction with Humans and Other Races:

  • Most Furverkissmar generally never leave their home world but a small group have become great explorers. To avoid the use of violence they are accompanied by Essmessell who provide security.
  • They have a strict policy of non-interference of other sentient races


  • Furverkissmars and Essmessells tend to live in their own social groups. Despite being highly advanced most of their world does not have any large cities as both races tend to embrace a more simpler life style. To retain the beauty of they snowy world all industrial facilities are built below the surface.
  • After their


The Furverkissmars and Essmessells live on a planet known as Hphldz far beyond our galaxy. They share their homeworld and generally stay in their own societies. However though they live apart both races work together for the greater common good of all and by doing this they succeeded in developing perhaps the most advanced technology known.

The Fuverkissmars have one unusual ability that sets them apart from the Essmessells and that is they can create physical manifestations of emotions. Over time a built up of positive or negative emotions will appear like a “dust” which can be ejected from their hands not unlike the spores of a fungi. Positive emotions will produce a gold like dust whilst negative emotions will produce a black dust and in worse case will actually form into a solid coal like substance. Significantly as the process requires a finite time to build up a Fuverkissmar cannot simultaneously create both at the same time.

The one problem with their race is that they are also empathic and so can be influenced by the environment. When they are in a positive mood and have built up positive emotions, being surrounded by other positive emotions simply results in more positive “dust”. However if the same Furverkissmar is surrounded by negative emotions they that will “eat” into their build up.

No matter how strong their own positive mood is the external influence has the means over time to override their own thoughts and shift them from a positive to a negative mood. If allowed to continue then they will start to build up negative emotions and produce black dust. Dips in emotions though are easily recoverable which why a Furverkissmar who has a brief moment of anger will not instantly produce black dust. A secondary aspect of staying in a negative status actually transforms the body of a Furverkissmar into a hideous demon like creature. Again this can be reversed if exposed to positive energy.

It was this external absorption what was behind the planets dark past. Negative emotions are always stronger and a group of Furverkissmars decided to experiment with them. Between them they produced masses of black dust and the planet fell into chaos. Like a wave this dark energy spread across the planet and the Furverkissmars on the whole became a violent nasty race which enslave the Essmessells.

The dark period though came to an end when a single Furverkissmars, Kris Ingle decided to break the cycle before all was lost. He secretly rounded up many Essmessells and got them to a safe location. Though it was difficult at first he got them to try and find some positive thoughts. This enabled him to build up a massive level of gold dust which over time he used on fellow members of his race. They in turn followed his teachings and banished the darkness and that in turn led to the Essmessells being free again.

Following that time, it was decreed law that no Furverkissmar would ever experiment with negative emotions. To prevent being unduly affected by their own negative thoughts the Furverkissmars decided to become pacifists and renounce violence, the one negative emotion that could lead to the creation of black dust without the need for external influence. As part of their new begining the Furverkissmar adopted a respect for life which meant they could not willingly harm another and taking a life was the worse sin one of them could do.

Though they now avoided as much negativity as possible, there was still a danger that the Essmessells could still effect them but this was cured with the advent of the EFT or Emotional Filter Technology which prevented them absorbing negativity from the Essmessell race.

As technology further increased the Fuverkissmars decided to explore the universe. They created an unusual method of FTL travel, the TWWJD or Targetted Walnut Whirl Jump Drive which would allow a small sled type vehicle to jump massive interstellar distances in one go. Now pacifists and knowing that some places could be dangerous a Fuverkissmar would usually be accompanied by Essmessell trained in combat skills to protect them.

The one rule which Furverkissmar abided by was that they would never interfere with the development and culture of another race. Unfortunately this happened in sector 333 333 35123 and a Fuverkissmar and his assistant Essmessell ended visiting 19th Century Earth and got stranded for a time which led to the creation of the Santa Claus mythos. Him being left there was the result of a problem that had never been encountered before namely the portal would only connect to the destination once a year for a three day period.

Another good reason not to visit the planet was that prolonged exposure to Earth altered the bodies of the people from Hphldz as the cellular level. This was only learned when the sled returned and the occupants disintegrated upon arrived due to loss of cell cohesion.

To avoid this ever happening again the destination address was removed from the database. All references of the expedition was then removed from the historial records and a lockout was put on the transit portal. Burying the past though would come back to haunt them as a people for a computer overhaul ended up wiping part of the sub-routines.

Without a lockout, the explorer Krampus and his assistant Robin Mistletoe ended up coming across the same address and travelling to Earth. His outward travel triggered the remnants of the old lockout routine which shut down the portal altogether. By the time scientists worked out what had happened and got the portal working Krampus did not return as expected. A rescue team went in to find him but discovered his abandoned sled and he was not around.

By now the travel window was closing so the rescue team returned home. It also meant that a year would pass before any further action could take place. This in turn meant that if Krampus did return he would die.It was therefore decided to leave him behind. The great explorer Santa Claus VII, father of Krampus would not abandon his son and so went to Earth.

When Santa found Krampus though he discovered his son had become corrupted by he negativity of the planet and transformed into a demonic type entity who was spreading black dust wherever he went.This was down to the fact that the EFT that all Furverkissmar wear protected them from negative emotions of Essmessell but it did not work against human emotions.

Santa could not bring his son home but could not leave him to terrorise the people of Earth either. He therefore found the only solution was to keep going back every time the window opened and use the small time available to spread positive energies undoing the harm “evil” Krampus had done and then use the same gold dust on his son to return him to normal.

Unfortunately Santa’s ability to recharge Krampus with positive energy cannot last an entire year so each time he returns the problem has been reset. Until technology is found that will enable Santa to bring his son home he will do what is necessary to both keep him alive and to protect the people of our world.