Steve Coops

Kacela and Barkley



Partnership Identities:

  • Kacela (CLEA codename – real name unknown)
  • Barkley

CLEA Classification:

  • Kacela – Species Beta hybrid
  • Barkley – Species Beta

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Kacela seems has the means to turn her skin into something akin to a poison tree frog. The poison an be deadly upon contact. She seems to be able to spit the poison as well.
  • Barkley appears to be a tree with the capability of moving around. Strong and powerful and able to regrow.
  • As a partnership they compliment each other well and are a very strong fighting unit.


  • Barkley is vulnerable to fire. He is also slow moving.
  • Though Kacela appears human she responds to situations more like an animal, lashing out or tacking flight. Tactical thinking can be used to an opponents advantage.
  • More easily dealt with separately.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Assault
  • Manslaughter
  • Attempter manslaughter


These two were first sighted in a South American rainforest. Disturbed they attacked a party of tourists. Where they had come from is something of a mystery. Clearly Barkley is a Species Beta which would indicate that he was “removed” from Terror Island. Since Kacela appears to be with him and they do not have a specific symbiotic relationship CLEA scientists assume that the pair were being used in illegal experiments and somehow escaped. Since many species Beta hybrid can wear a human guise but then adopt an animal form with different “shape” and Kacela cannot change her form, only her skin, this might indicate that she is some sort victim. Though she has no human behavioural traits this might indicate she is species beta that has been “modified” to appear human. However CLEA scientists have not ruled out the idea that Kacela might be a human and “changed” into a species beta, the process having rewritten her human reasoning.

Though technically neither of these two are “criminal” they appear on the watch list as they are highly dangerous and if they feel threatened they will attack without provocation, potentially harming civilians. Twice the Menagerie has been tasked with capturing the pair with a view of perhaps returning them to Terror Island but on both occasions the pair escaped into the forest.