Steve Coops




  • Tatsuo Mori

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha Ability – Tatsuo has the means to establish a psychic link to anyone close by (including groups of people) and through that link he “feeds” on positive emotions. This in return gives him above average strength and speed but also, significantly he has the means to rejuvenate his stamina and heal quicker.
  • Tatsuo is also trained in several disciplines of martial arts.


  • He avoids drawing on the energy of people if it puts them at risk and so has forfeited battles when he could have saved himself but did not want to chance abusing his Alpha ability.
  • If he is surrounded by a crowd of people with negative emotions his Alpha ability does not function and if he tries to use it the negative energies have an adverse affect on him.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The first real memory Tatsuo had as a toddler was then he was adopted from an orphanage in New Tokyo by Yu Jianjun (Oracle). At the time he did not know the elderly man was a renowned martial arts master and he did not learn for years that his adopted father had only visited the orphanage by chance. Jianjun had been passing by one day and had felt drawn to the building. Having missed the closeness of having a family he felt perhaps that is why he felt the need to become a father once more. With the means to look inside a person’s mind and “see” the truth, Jianjun realised the boy was an Alpha inferior and more importantly he “saw” the ability that he would gain if he ever became an Alpha Superior. That gave him pause for thought since Tatsuo’s gift was similar to that of his daughter and he was well aware of what had happened when she turned bad. Then he considered that perhaps his experience might make him ideally qualified to prevent the past being repeated.

Tatsuo would be first child he had adopted in nearly a century and unlike in the past Jianjun’s only purpose for wanting a son was to distract him from his near immortal existence whilst at the same time be there should Tatsuo become an Alpha Superior. In the past Jianjun had adopted other children for the purpose of training them to become warriors. The reason he did this was because he needed to guard against the threat his children Liu Fang (daughter/Judgement) and Zhang Jie (son/Lock Box) posed should they manage to escape their incarceration. As their father he had never felt able to kill them despite it being the logical solution to the problem so instead after imprisoning them he trained warriors to do what he could not if they got free. Such warriors had been made aware of the truth and hid in plain sight, ready to go into action as soon as they received word from their master.

Over the centuries he trained many generations of warriors but the threat never materialised so by the time a new age of Alpha humans started Jianjun made the decision to abandon training warriors when it became apparent that some Alpha Superiors had elected to become costumed crime fighters. For the first time he felt these new “heroes” would be able to deal with his children without him needing to take an active role. However without a purpose Jianjun quickly found himself growing bored so ironically he started training people again. This time he chose to do it for something other than defeating his children. He trained people for sport which is how he got a name as a world famous martial arts master. Others he trained when he felt he could offer them the means to fulfil their goals such as wannabe heroes and that was particularly rewarding when he heard on the news how one of his “students” had foiled a crime.

All the while he was doing this Tatsuo was growing up. The two grew close to each other and Tatsuo took an interest in his adoptive father’s “work” so it was only natural that Jianjun decided to teach him how to fight. The daily sessions strengthened their bond so whilst originally Jianjun had chosen not to tell Tatsuo about his brother and sister, he felt it was not right to hide secrets from his “son.” Therefore when he felt Tatsuo was old enough to understand Jianjun revealed everything about his past and at the same time told him that he was an Alpha inferior.

Surprisingly for someone just fourteen years of age Tatsuo took the revelation remarkably well and agreed to keep what he knew a secret from the outside world. Having made awate that most Alpha Inferiors never became Alpha Superiors, Tatsuo put the idea out of his mind but two years later he received a reminder when he began to experience the signs of changing to an Alpha Superior. Since he knew what was happening he was not afraid and unlike most Alpha Superiors he did not need to “discover” what gift he had received. Jianjun already knew.

Almost as soon as Tatsuo’s abilties had been triggered for the first time, Jianjun was there for him and explained to Tatsuo that he had been given the means to channel the “Chi” energy of others. He had seen a similar ability in Liu Fang but she stole the same energy to restore her youth at the same time as rapidly aging her victims. Scientists of course did not believe in “Chi” and would always debate about the mechanisms of Tatsuo’s ability but all would agree that he had some sort of psychic ability that absorbs the positive emotions of others which has the effect of improving his strength, speed and stamina as well as increasing his means to heal.

Having lost Liu Fang to her “madness” centuries earlier Jianjun was aware that Tatsuo had the potential to cause great harm. Rather than allow that to happen he offered to train Tatsuo in learning how to master his new found gift and used the opportunity to give his adopted son a sense of responsibility. Aware of how Jianjun felt in regards to Liu Fang, Tatsuo trained hard and was determined he would never use his great gift to hurt anyone.
That however was easier said than done for Jianjun set up a fight to test Tatsuo and during the fight he uses his Alpha abilities to pull energy from the audience. Tatuso defeated his opponent but three of the audience had collapsed after they felt “their strength drain from them.” They would recover from what had happened but Jianjun had made his point and Tatsuo had learned his lesson, he could inadvertently hurt people if he maintained the link between him and them for too long.

Once Jianjun decided that Tatsuo had been trained he expected his son to stay with him. However the old man had not counted on the fact he had done his work a little too well. Tatsuo wanted now to use his gift to travel the world and help people by righting wrongs and fighting the evil that lurked on every dark city corner. He therefore left New Tokyo and began travelling the world.

Eventually he found trouble and so began using his fighting skills and his Alpha ability which got him recognised as a costumed adventurer and when the press realised that he drew on energies from crowds of onlookers they dubbed him “Lifeforce”. Believing he had to travel his path alone meant he did not ally himself with other heroes despite being offered a place with the Phoenix Alliance. He soon ended up tackling trouble that was beyond him and that led to several hospitalisations. The fourth time this happened he was in Europa and Jianjun got to hear of it.
The old man flew out from New Tokyo and went to his adopted son’s bedside. Jianjun then gave him another life lesson pointing out then when surrounded by enemies it was better to have friends that to simply have nothing. Taking his advice Tatsuo took up the Phoenix Alliance’s offer and became a reserve member.

He was working for the Alliance when he heard that Liu Fang and Zhang Jie had escaped their prison. He contacted Jianjun and told him he was coming back to New Tokyo. Jianjun though made it clear that he had no idea where exactly the pair were so there was little point in returning home. The old man also suggested that working with the Phoenix Alliance might actually be one sound way of defeating the pair if their paths crossed.

Ironically it was during a period away from the Alliance that Tatsuo would get to meet one of his siblings and equally ironic it was on one of the occasions he had gone to visit Jianjun. Liu Fang had chosen to pay a visit and was upset that her father had “replaced” them with Tatsuo. She was not interested in explanations and flew into an attack. However as she started to steal Tatsuo’s energy to regenerate herself he began absorbing hers. The clash of powers literally blew them apart and it was the first time she experienced defeat and ended up retreating. Tatsuo in return learned he was immune to her whilst Jianjun realised that perhaps his adopted son might be the key to stopping her reign of terror permanently.