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Left to Right: Event Horizon, Duplicate, White Mage, Wind Shear

Left to Right: Event Horizon, Duplicate, White Mage, Wind Shear

Team Platinum is the first and only all White Guardian unit CLEA established. They are generally called upon to deal with other Alphas.


Primary Role:

  • Alpha Superior Strike

Mission Types:

  • Support (for CLEA agents/assets)
  • Containment and capture (organised crime/Alpha criminals)
  • Pre-emptive strike  (against criminal targets)
  • Counter attack (against Alpha Criminals)

Team Identities:

  • Duplicate – Danica Novak
  • Event Horizon – Ralph Banks
  • White Mage – Iolia Martin
  • Wind Shear – Keenan Griffith

CLEA Classification:

  • White Guardian (entire team)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Novak, can produce an autonomous copies of herself including equipment and thus fight opponents from multiple directions. Injury to herself or her copy can be healed by merging but an injury to both leaves her in need of medical treatment.
  • Alpha ability – Banks, body becomes living portal that he can used to transport people and objects. Whilst his physical body always becomes an anchor for the subspace transit “tunnel” he can move the other end at will. When using his Alpha ability, outsiders see the effect as instant teleportation but technically he is moving objects into and out of subspace. Since he can control the speed of an object travelling through is portal he can eject them with considerable force. Unlike Abyss Ralph cannot contain any person or object inside his own body.
  • Alpha ability – Martin, can shut down the ability of any Alpha by touch alone. Her ability is similar to Neutraliser only whilst his gift works as an area effect hers is more localised. Also when an Alpha who moves out of range of Neutraliser they can regain their abilities, one touch from Iolia can disable an Alpha for days or weeks at a time.
  • Alpha ability – Griffith, can control and create localised wind conditions.

Tactical Weakness(s):

  • None of them have Alpha abilities that allow them to fly or give them greater strength than normal so are vulnerable to enemies with those attributes.


When Alphas first began appearing CLEA had many ideas on how they might use such individuals to accomplish their goals. Then when certain Alphas began to perform criminal activites, CLEA saw the potential to use Alphas to redress the balance of power as well as special agents. They began a recruitment drive but the responce from Alphas was not great. Some did not trust the organisation whilst others did want to fight criminals but not be bound by rules. If things were not bad enough for the recruiters then everythign went worse when Black Shadow began systematically eliminating all Alphas. Those that escaped and were aware they were Alphas went into hiding. About the only upside of not being able to obtain Alphas was the fact the Alpha criminals had also vanished.

Black Shadow was eventually crippled and Alphas began appearing again. For the first time CLEA was able to add them to their ranks but they were never available in any great numbers and being such a rare commodity CLEA top brass decided such assets should be protected so they were generally not given tasks that would put them in danger.

Team Platinum, a contradiction to this rule came about after an escape from a Fortress facility by a rogue CLEA agent. The public soon learned the rogue was an Alpha and there was a huge amount of negative publicity. Some even called for expelling of all Alphas from the organisation as “dangerous inidividuals could not be trusted.” Cheif Shaw though felt otherwise. He had noted how fellow Chief Naylor had great success working with Alphas (Team Zodiac) and was not prepared to accept the media’s knee jerk reactions. To repair the damage and possibly recruit Alphas to CLEA he proposed an additional “metal” team, one comprised of all Alphas. Though it meant putting valuable assets on the front line, Shaw felt the ends justified the means. The other Chiefs felt this too and so he was given the go ahead.

Team Platinum, (or simply Platinum) was formed from personnel within CLEA. Each member was carefully vetted for their “combat” skills to ensure they could cope when encountering powerful enemies. Since the team was going to be in the public eye they were given their own distinctive uniform in order to stand out. The ploy worked for once Platinum began to achieve successes the team began appearing in the media alongside “amateur heroes”. Having restored public faith in both White Guardians and CLEA the team continued with their duties albeit the publicity eventually dropped off.
Interestingly CLEA planned on using the same uniforms on other White Guardians working in the field (or variations of it) but this never became the norm as several operatives found the clothing gave them very little protection and rather than forcing them to wear the uniforms CLEA gave White Guardians the option of wearing standard protective gear or the “triangle chest outfit”. The members of Platinum, proud of what they had accomplished, elected to continue using their distinctive white uniforms despite the protective short comings whilst other White Guardians who use the design switched to camouflaged variants.