Steve Coops



Race Identity:

  • Roachann


  • Humanoid
  • Females have a face that seems to resemble a human.
  • Males are blind and have an elongated skill with dome like front
  • Males are taller than females
  • Both males and females had bone like extensions on the back of the torso.
  • Tough armour plated skin


  • Stronger than humans
  • Males have an advanced form of echo location that allows them to “see” their surroundings

Interaction with Humans and Other Races:

  • Females will stowaway on vessels and hibernate until they land planetside.
    Upon landing they will try to form a new colony.
  • Though they are predatory they do not necessary target a dominant race. However the imbalance they cause to an ecosystem can create huge problems. Colonies can grow quickly since the Roachann can mature from children to adults in less than a year.
  • If attacked they will fight back and this has brought them into conflict with many other races who consider them dangerous and need destroying.


  • They seem to act like a hive. The females tend give birth and tend to the young whilst the males hunt and protect the colony.


According to Reuvant the Roachann are a curious race. Both predatory and intelligent, they move from world to world establishing colonies. However they are not so driven by the need to hunt that they will eradicate the competition on a world unlike other alien species. Instead they will actually try to avoid conflict unless challenged.

However in creating a colony and the following expansion the Roachann will eradicate many local species for food and this can lead to ecological disasters. This has led to other races considering the Roachann to be little more than pests that need eradicating.

Earth has bore witness to several attempts by Roachann to form a colony and has seen first hand the result. The most famous of these was believed to have come from a female that escaped a Citadel lab in South America. Within a year she had established a colony of over one hundred and thirty individuals and between them they managed to destroy half a rain forest by killing off all the prey species.