Steve Coops

The Justiciars

Left-Right: Parasite, Outbreak, Alphaman, Trojan, Technoform and Miss C

Left-Right: Parasite, Outbreak, Alphaman, Trojan, Technoform and Miss C

The Justiciars are an unusual criminal group in that their outward goal is not for money. Each of them is classed as an Alpha+ because they each have a means to “control” ordinary people. Though they are recognised as a group the Justiciars rarely team up which was why it took CLEA a long time to realise the members were all linked.


Group Identities:

  • Jada Butler – Parasite
  • Christian Ward – Outbreak
  • Brandon Freeman – Alphaman
  • Amy Schneider – Trojan
  • Gethin Pritchard – Technoform
  • Catalina Sievers –  Miss C

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha+ Superior (Entire Group)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Butler (Parasite) can produce worm like creatures inside her body which when regurgitated have the means to latch on to any person linking the host to her mind. She wears a mask to prevent accidental “discharge”.
  • Alpha abiltiy – Ward’s (Outbreak) skin produces various toxins that he can vary according to his will. He can even replicate airborne viruses that he has come in contact with some of which are lethal although it appears he chooses to “create” less harmful bye-products and CLEA believes he is the “source” for the recreational drug “Marathon”, a substance which gives the user a sustained burst of adrenalin.
  • Alpha ability – Freeman (Alphaman) has the means to duplicate and use the power of any other Alpha he comes in contact with. CLEA is unsure of his limits but believes he can simultaneously control and mimic the abilities of ten or more Alphas at any given time.
  • Alpha ability – Schneider (Trojan) has the means to interact directly with computer systems. Using her new powers she can send out an electrical charge and reprogram a person’s mind at will. The effect is not usually permanent but she can “top up” her control. Her mutated Alpha ability can target groups of people at a time making her extremely dangerous.
  • Alpha ability – Pritchard (Technoform) is not an android but can change his skin to a technorganic form making his appear as a cyborg. Using his abilities he can change other organic matter in this way, essentially turning animals into robots. If such creatures were to “bite” a human they cannot transform that person into a machine like entity but can act as an interface and link them to the “network” controlled by Technoform. In this respect he has similar “control” means to Parasite and Trojan. In most cases a person that has become part of the “network” is unaware they are serving as Technoform’s eyes and ears even when he remotely takes charge of their bodies.
  • Alpha ability – Seivers (Miss C) can affect people senses specifically pain receptors. If she sees you with her own eyes she can cause a massive burst of pain so excruciating her victims wish they were dead which is precisely what happens if anyone actually touches her. CLEA is unsure exactly how her powers are transmitted in the visual spectrum and whilst they operate line-of-sight their range can be extended with visual aids. She wears a special visor which prevents her abilities from working via series of filters. These can instantly be switched out to “reveal” her eyes. It is also believed the visor contains a wide angle lens which when locked in place turns her into a an area effect weapon.
    Recent intel has revealed she can “absorb” the pain of another person and she uses this to torture her victims by removing their pain and punishing their bodies brutally before allowing them to feel pain which is far more devastating than her simply making them feel pain in the first place


  • Bulter cannot stop producing her “worms” as long as her body breathes air “normally”. The more worms she produces in quick succession the weaker she becomes physically.
  • The strain placed upon Freeman’s body in using and processing the Alpha abilities of others is so great he has to wear a special suit at all times to stop it literally being torn apart by internal forces.
  • Pritchard has one weakness and that is if he is worn down and unable to sustain his Alpha ability he reverts to his human form and the “network” collapses and those linked to him are free.
  • The group rarely work together as they believe that if they stayed in one location they could be defeated in one go. Though alone they are more vulnerable CLEA agents are advised to NEVER tackle one of these individuals alone.
  • They consider anyone not willing to join their cause an enemy. This includes Alphas who attack other Alphas and the Justiciars will punish such individuals as they see fit. These actions have seen the group gain many enemies from vigilante and criminal circles.
  • Instead of “punishing” an Alpha “traitor” the Justiciars have been known to coerce such people into doing their own dirty work for them when it suits their convenience. Again this has led rise to them creating more friends than enemies.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Terrorism
  • Aggravated assault
  • Attempted homicide
  • Homicide (suspected)
  • Hostage taking
  • Kidnapping
  • Wilful destruction of property


How these individuals actually started wroking together is open to debate since most of them dropped of the grid for a long time before the Justiciars appeared and during that time most of the group eradicated any links they had with their past lives. Records have revealed that most of the group have little or no family which seems to be to big a coincidence to ignore. CLEA analyists speculate that there is an as of yet unknown party who links the Justiciars and that same person probably assembled the team from individuals that could not be subjected to leverage by family members.

The first known appearance of the Justiciars appeared in an anonymous press release. The group then made it clear that they were setting about ensuring Alphas everywhere that had been subjected to persecution or abuse would be duly compensated. The group refer to themselves as Justiciars as they believe they are providing justice for their own kind.

Often when it comes to attacking those with political power the Justiciars do not go for a direct attack on their intended target but attack civilians instead (who they consider as non Alphas and therefore expendable) and use the resulting confusion and negative reactions from the people to do the work for them. A known example of this happening was when Outbreak first “appeared” and he wanted the local Atlantica government to pay substantial funds into an account to be used to give compensation to Alphas and their families who had been affected by Black Shadow in the past. The mayor’s office refused denying so Outbreak began distributing “Marathon” to drug users in Atlantica. This led to a rise in civil unrest which cost more in police time and effort than the original ransom demand.

Other known targets for the Justiciars that have received direct action have been businesses and organisations that the group believe had profited one way or another from the suffering of Alphas.

After some of the other Justiciars had made themselves known around the world they then chose to attack CLEA. At first the attacks were believed to have been a simple act of terrorism since the Justiciars believed the agency had failed Alphas in their opinion but after a few more attacks CLEA high command realised that they were after one of their own, Amy Schneider.

Schneider was originally a White Guardian and when her base came under a cyber attack she interfaced with the mainframe to stop the virus which affected her. She became the living manifestation of the virus and started replicating and deploying it at will. She was stopped and placed in a special cell and CLEA believed even after she had “recovered” she was too dangerous to be released due to her mutated powers.

The Justiciars though felt she had been unfairly imprisoned and so had formed a plan to keep CLEA off-guard long enough for them to attack the facility she was being held. Once freed she joined their ranks and was the last known person to have become a member of the group.