Steve Coops




Race Identity:

  • Vreen Consortium


  • Purple Skinned
  • Bald
  • Human like in appearance but taller and slim build


Interaction with Humans and Other Races:



The Vreen are an alien race from outside the local cluster. Without the protection of the Eopua they suffered at the hands of their aggressive neighbours the Y’Traal. Over the course of several centuries the Y’Traal expanded their territory and destroyed any Vreen colonies that got in the way.

Since the Y’Traal were not prepared to open a dialogue with the Y’Traal, the Vreen were forced to dispatch military forces to stop the aggressors. Despite dedicated most of the their efforts into warfare the Vreen were permanently stuck in a losing battle. Finally the Y’Traal arrived in the system where the Vreen home world was located. Calling on every resource the Vreen succeeded for the first time and destroyed almost all of the Y’Traal fleet.

Military advisors suggested that since the Y’Traal were practically defenceless they should claim back the lost colonies. However the Y’Traal were not about to allow that to happen and so they released a biological weapon before retreating.

The bioagent spread rapidly and had devastating consequences on the civilian population.  Despite the technology the Vreen possessed there was little they could not stop wave of death creeping over their planet. Scientists working on a way to counteract the plague managed to slow it down, and later find a means to control it but never eradicate it. By the time they discovered those medical breakthroughs, over 75% of the population were gone and of the survivors, even with treatment the average life expectancy had gone from 130 Earth years to 80 Earth years.

From then on many Vreen dedicated their lives to finding a cure. Instead of the military dictating government policy, power shifted to the Medical Council. They came up with many new treatments but after a 100 years a cure still eluded them.

During that time they also created a organic robot drone. The idea had been to make a partial Vreen clone in order to perform medical testing without having to risk trial on the precious life of a citizen. The “units” were just supposed to living respiratory systems with no proper functionality. Neural functions were therefore minimal but scientist soon discovered that the “simple” brain could understand basic commands.

Though some of the units were used for the medical experiments as intended, the Government found they could also use the drones to carry out the important work needed to maintain the decimated Vreen population. Since the plague had killed many there were simply not enough manual labourers available to do the work once done by people. With the drones all that changed and the Vreen could actually start trying to rebuild. Some drones were made more intelligent and pressed into military service. This the Government felt was needed for the Vreen had been left almost completely defenceless since the Y’Traal had deployed their weapon.

Eventually the Medical Council would receive word of an “experiment” being conducted by the Eopua. They only had the basic intel and so knew the Eopua had modified the bio makeup in a race known as humans.That gave them the idea that a cure might be found in another race. Though they knew they had not the means to deal with angering the race that protected the peoples beyond their own border, they knew it was worth trying to mount an expedition to study the humans.

As each Vreen life was “precious” the Medical Council did not want to send any more people into danger than was necessary and so devised a plan that would require a single scientist to run the expedition with additional help being supplied in the from of drones.

A prominent scientist Qex volunteered for the expedition and she was given an advanced ship which would have all the equipment she needed. Though CLEA has never encountered Qex they know of her from her victims. Since she is a lone individual CLEA has chosen to not regard the Vreen as a hostile alien race.