Steve Coops


Atlantica 2200 is an original series of works and stories in the superhero genre created and developed by Steve Coops. Though set in the future on an alternative Earth due to the premise, mankind’s development was almost stationary for nearly two centuries hence the setting has a contemporary feel with just a few sci-fi twists.

Most of the heroes and their villainous counterparts come from an offshoot of the human race referred to collectively as Alpha Humans or simply Alphas. However they are not alone for there are other human technolgical developments which have resulted in the creation cyborgs and robots as well as tampering with genetics to produce hybrid humans.

Lastly there is another type of hybrid that exists “created” from Bacteria Z, the alien bacteria responsible for causing the genetic anomaly resulting in Alpha humans. Bacteria Z is found predominantly in what was left of the Japan now a world quarantine zone known unofficially as “Terror Islands” for the bacteria has mutated a whole host of animals which are known collectively as Species Beta.

In the grand scheme of things though all such powerful humans and creatures though are still something of a rarity but it is there rarity and power that gets them noticed in the media.

Politically things remain relatively similar to our world. The biggest changes being that many countries have formed political alliances with each other especially in Africa where they work together as the United African States. Japan having been destroyed has seen its people scatter and the biggest concentration of them lies in New Tokyo, a vast mega city built on the west coast of Australia.

Its is the mega cities from where the series takes its name. Atlantica was the first where present day New York is, and the others being Pacifica where San Francisco once stood and Europa where Paris once was, making New Tokyo the only one that was not built on the ruins of another.

In this new world the countries still police themselves, countries still go to war with each other and the United Nations still exists. As well as this there is a new Law Enforcement Agency developed from what was once known as Interpol. Known as the “Combined Law Enforcement Agency” or CLEA it’s purpose is to fight serious crime especially when the subjects are known to border hop to escape justice. About the only thing CLEA is not permitted to deal with is political wars, religious conflicts or political wrangling. Unlike Interpol the agency has some autonomy in the 85% of world that allows it to operate so its agents can make arrests. However most of the work involves working with the local authorities.

And that is Atlantica 2200,

I hope you enjoy the world I created and it brings you as much pleasure in reading it as it did me in creating it,
Regards, Steve C aka Scoopey

Special Credits


  • Pael Spelle
  • Rosetta Yorke

Story Development

  • Quin Benson
  • Lisa Stapleton
  • S D Naylor

Additional Artwork

  • Quin Benson